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There are two
Ways of spreading light:
To be the candle or
The mirror that reflects it.

~ Edith Wharton ~

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Tea Stain Angel

Dearest Readers,

Life has many interesting twists and turns!

Remember my miracle while writing, EXPECT MIRACLES, about the Tea-Stain Angel?

While editing, the yet unnamed book, straight through for 17 hours, and at 11 PM, all blurry eyed, I needed to go to bed.

I wanted to drink the tea made at 7 PM, but had been too engrossed in editing to drink it.

So, standing at the stove, in the dark, without glasses on, I attempted to pour cold herbal tea into my cup, and royally spilled it all over the top of the stove.

I was too tired to wipe it up and went upstairs to bed.

When I came downstairs, at 7 AM to work on the book again, a Tea Stain Angel, 7 inches by 5 inches, was on the stove staring up at me.

Apparently, over night, the wet tea had evaporated...leaving an outline of an Angel!

How often do your household messes create miracles?

(It was obvious that "Expect Miracles" is a divinely guided book!)

The Tea Stain Angel had a halo, wings and her long hair flowed over her right shoulder.

She is pointing, with her right hand, to the book clasped in her left hand.

Her dress is complete with a frill at the bottom.

Pretty amazing, yet, the story does not end there, because miracles often build onto themselves.

My friend, Ardy, drove over to take a photo of the detailed Tea-StainedAngel..... and following is her story... just as amazing; just as miraculous!

The Wax-Candle Angel
Ardy of Port Orchard, Washington
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Candel Wax Angel

Two weeks after seeing Mary Ellen's Tea-Stain Angel, it occurred to me, while driving around town, how truly WEIRD it was that she even recognized the stain as a form!

My mind wandered in thought as I drove, "I would clean up whatever spilled before any thing could even BECOME recognizable."

I went on, "No, for me to see anything at all, it would have to be solid."

"In fact, I probably would never even see it."

Then I thought, "Bob, my husband, would see it!"

I came home, lit a scented candle, and resumed housekeeping.

Hours later, I discovered the huge triple-wick candle had leaked ... and wax was running all over my beautiful antique lace tablecloth.

My fifteen-year-old son walked by and stuck his fingers in the mess.

We looked at the melted wax, wondered what to do, and decided to let it harden before trying to clean it up.

After it hardened, I took an iron and some newspapers and heated the wax while pulling it away from the cloth.

When most of the wax was removed, I threw the biggest glob onto the kitchen counter top and went about trying to salvage the tablecloth.

Bob came home an hour later.

He picked up the glob of wax and laughing said, "Hey! What are you going to do with THIS??"

"It's going in my lingerie drawer. It's scented wax," I told him.

Still laughing, he asked me, "Did you LOOK at it?"

"It looks just like a kneeling, praying Angel!"

He was right. It does!

My Mom, a REAL skeptic, who wishes I would deal more on the level of "reality" -- stopped over the next day.

I showed Mom the wax Angel and she exclaimed, "Oh! She's beautiful!"

"Isn't she the most amazing thing!"

"LOOK at her beautiful little face."

And you know, I had not noticed the accidental-wax-sculpture even had a beautiful little profile.

Something solid, something "real" with a beautiful face, and my husband had to see it, just as I had been thinking only hours earlier in the car.

I guess Mary Ellen is not as weird as I had been thinking........

Ardy. In Port Orchard, Washington

Now for the spooky part.

At the time, we lived a 30 minute drive from each other, so Ardy brought her wax Angel over.

We took her Wax Angel and placed it over my stove Angel and they both were exactly 7 inches by 5 inches!

Both are facing the same direction!

Both have a ruffle on their skirts. THEY MATCH!

The odds of this happening, to both of us, are beyond amazing.

Some may even say MIRACULOUS.

Now, I ask you, "Do you believe in Angels and miracles?"

Ardy and I no longer question the presence of Angels in our lives.

We just say thank-you and look for the next miracle, as we know they exist.

Now for the next twist of fate!

It is eight years later and Ardy appears to be divinely led into business for herself...making healthy soya candles!!!

Ardy says, "Who knows, maybe we'll have another "divine spill!"

(Ardy Fowler continues to have
miracles and some of them are in
"Expect Miracles" and "A Christmas
Filled With Miracles.")

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