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Dear Mary Ellen, BR> Thank you for posting the following story I received in my E-mail.

By posting stories like the following you have tapped into a hungry niche we Americans are craving. Keep up the great work!

Gail S

My name is Lillian and I love your newsletter very much. I am 77 yds old and this is a great way to start my day. I got this p.c. from my children for my birthday and it keeps me busy .

I am an asst. minister at our Unity Church in Clinton, Ohio...and I have frequently shared little stories from your column from the pulpit you credit each time, of course.
Thanks! Linda usual, I have enjoyed your newsletter, and am thankful to be receiving them... the story of Sarah especially touched me! It has given me even more faith than I already have~ My heart goes out to her brave mother, and am so thankful she has shared the story with all of us. I too, have been near death a few times..and although I didn't see angels, I knew where I was going was beautiful, and peaceful. I know Sarah is with her Angels now, surrounded by love and peace. Susan

A very special new friend told me about this site and let me say it is wonderful. I have 2 chronically ill little boys and have tremendous financial problems and just knowing there is truly an angel out there it makes me feel hopeful one will come and guide my family. Thank the lord for your vision of Angelscribe.
God Bless Kimberly

I have really been enjoying the messages you send, and find them very helpful in main-taining a positive attitude when problems arise - having recently lost two very dear friends on the same day, I needed your thoughts and messages. You are doing an excellent job in reaching out to evryone. Thanks. Mary

DearestMary Ellen,
I had the most incredible experience yesterday. I am 15 and have been on the newsletter for 2 years now. I was making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not Only was it for a very good cause but I had a blast and met some extremly nice people. It was deeply rewarding. I would like to thank you because it is in part do to the influence your wonderful newletters have had on me that the desire in me to reach out to t o others became strong enough that I could not but act on them. I just wanted you to know that you have shaped a young life. I'll never forget what you've done for me! Thank you, Mary Ellen!

As always I love to receive your divine newsletter. It gives me a sense of peace every time I read it. Your last piece, Your Special Touch really moved me. Can I reprint it in The Messengers Newsletter? Love and blessings, Melissa

Mary Ellen, I want you to know that I so appreciate your kindness & care, I value your messages more than I can express. Your thoughts begin my day in the way in which I seek, need & want... You are to me, "Many things wonderful" Thank You my friend...Tory

Hi Mary Ellen,

I started subscribing to your newsletter last year and enjoy it so much, thank you for your hard work and joy. Your newsletters have meant a great deal to me.

I am Dean at the School of Angel Studies at the College of Metaphysical Studies in Clearwater, FL. We are a new division of the college and classes began in January of this year. I am teaching classes, writing curriculum and am involved with angel research. I am an Angelologist, I study angels. What a great job huh? Angels are incredible to work with and fill the school and my work with love and joy.

My dissertation was in two parts regarding Angels. Part one was prior to the 19th Century and the second part was on the increase of angel activity and what we know in this 20th Century. I think I have read most books on the market in my research. But I am always looking for new information and insight into the angelic realm.

I am versed in the Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon as well as the Urantia Book, and other contemporary sacred texts.

I myself have also seen angels in the clouds. After a tiring day and asking God if I was really in the right field, I went outside to get a breath of fresh air. I looked up into the sky and saw the clouds form the most beautiful angel. I received my answer. Then with a tear in my eye, I went inside again and continued my day knowing that I was indeed on the right path.

Thanks again for your great work!
Kermie Wohlenhaus, Ph.D., D.D.

Dear Mary Angel,

Thank you for uplifting my day. You must have known from someone "special" that I needed a tug at the heart strings and incentive to pull up the boot straps today. Your newsletter of shared experiences did just that.

I have this tacked on my fridge to read every morning. Maybe it will help and cheer someone else.


Love Shirley

I wish one day I will have such a great heart as to give priceless love & joy to someone who just needs it..

Maybe I should try from now on with all my heart..

I usually do not read all your messages.. I am just starting to now.. maybe am I finally starting to grow...

Mary Ellen:

I decided to subscibe, a part-time minister suggested I purchase a study bible and in Genesis there was a note that God really loves and cares about everyone and that God wants us to love and care about others as much as we can and and I think IT MEANS MEN TOO!!!! ANGELSCRIBE is really getting the love and care out to the world. THANKS AGAIN!!!! Larry Bone

Dear Mary Ellen,

I have been so busy. I work with the mentally challenged 40 hours a week and do respite(take the same population out into the community who might not otherwise have a chance to do teh fun things some people take for granted) and this weekend I am taking one of my clients in for the whole weekend.

I must say that your web page is just what I need after a grueling day or night. I found your web page when someone mentioned it...talking about the Angels in the clouds.

I am so glad that there is your page to relax with...your hard work is much appreciated.

Hi, Thank you for puting the Angel cloud pictures on the web site. I love the one you took. I printed the picture and took it up to the hospital where I do volunteer work, and they are in awe! They just love it!

So many patients, long term, never get out much so they were thrilled to see the Angel cloud pictures, all of them,

Keep up the good work, hugs, your friend, Anne in New Jersey,

Dear Angel Scribe,

Your newsletters are such an inspiration to me and all that I forward them to many of my friends and family.

Unfortunately most of the people I send them to have no computer at home but I forward them to their jobs.

My daughter tells me she makes copies and passes them around. Other employees have since joined the "ANGELSCRIBE NETWORK OF BEAUTIFUL NEWSLETTERS.

My daughter had gotten off track with GOD for a while and has been having a hard time, since your newsletters (and my many conversations with her on the power of healing) the almighty has shown her He never left her side. She just forgot how to ask for His help. I am also happy to announce she has found her voice again and learned how to once again ask for help. Thanks again and have a blessed day

Sandi from Lake Elsinore

Dear Mary Ellen,

I am president of an advertising and marketing firm responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of successful new product launches.

Sometimes the pressures from my duties at work, combined with those of trying to be a good father and husband, helping out at my church in numerous ways, and offering moral and sometimes material support to those God sends my way... well, sometimes it just gets to be more than I can handle. So, each morning I come in at 7:30 and check my e-mail, looking for your newsletter.

Reading these touching stories encourages me to Stop Listen to my own Angels. Sometimes I do this mentally. Sometimes by just writing my questions out in my journal and listening for the guidance to come.

At those moments of stillness I can feel Gods presence so clearly. Lately I have been hearing Him say "I have not given you exactly what you asked for, in exactly the way you asked for it. Rather, I am giving you what you need to advance." What a blessing.

Thank you for helping to do His work.

Thank you 50,000 times.


Hi Mary Ellen:

I looked up the photo in the Children's section (which is really for all of us - it is great), and your study and Einstein and Gizmo exactly as I pictured them to look.

Once I asked my angels to wake me up at 5:00 a.m. to do some chores before the day starts and I actually heard a little inner alarm. This morning I did also. How nice, thank you dear Angels, our heavenly cousins. I am in your web site and enjoying it. What a great way to start the day.

I read in one newsletter about the Whole Life Expo and went. My life is fuller, more spiritual, more angel awareness. But you were the one who started it for me. Lovely, to put it in one word. Thanks again, Marilyn

Dear Angel Scribe:

I wanted to let you know that I forwarded your newsletter to a friend/classmate whose wife teaches Catholic CCD and she liked it so much that her husband Sam shares the newsletter with the CCD children that she teaches on Guam. Your newsletter is always spiritually uplifting , and wonders never cease!

You are indeed an angel to all of us who receive this newsletter. I also print a copy and send it to my family and they enjoy reading the miracles and wonders, stories that you share with one and all. Keep up the good work. God blesses you each and every day, and Thank you once again.


Dear Angel Scribe,

I thoroughly enjoyed this newsletter. So many times I have been touched by what I have read here. So many times what others have shared has been a catalyst for my own healing in one area or another. If ever I can be of service to you in some way through reading, research or writing, please let me know.

Thank you so much. I so look forward to the moments when our souls touch and I am reminded that my Angels are ever present. Namaste, Kathy

Dear Angel Scribe,

I visit AngelScribe websights several times a week.

Being here gives me a feeling of comming home after being out abroad in the world. Finding out what is new on your web pages is like catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. It is a haven for me, where I can rest, knowing I am safe.

The network of people, the acts of kindness, the love shared, the presents of God and Angels, the human touch, are all the eliments that have turned one lady's love for the human race (Your love), into a strong community of people, a strong force, to move forth together spreading into the world what is so badly needed.

I love comming home to my Angelscribe, and the family that has opened it's arms to me. A family that I am proud to be a part of and to help pass on the love and kindness with. And I love to share this family with those who are alone and hurting so they too can have the same love and suport. Thank you for all your do and all you are- Love Tobi

I share love and inspiration with all my friends, when I find something like your beautiful web site I want to tell the whole world, and do try!!! Believe me!!

I have to share with you what I have been doing with your News Letters.

I work for a 911 Dispatch center and we deal with many crisis' all day long.

I started to notice that some of my co-workers were starting to signs of stress at times so I started bringing in your News Letters and putting them on our post it board.

Miracles have happened.

I have seen my fellow workers showing more compassion, listening more to those mundane calls and I have seen the Angels at work when a mother calls in and her child is injured, not breathing or someone in the family is in dire medical need, the co-workers are doing and saying things that they have been trained to do but with a different kind of care and understanding.

They have even started to follow up on calls days later by calling the people back to see how everyone is doing.

I know it is due to your News Letters because everyone keeps asking when the next one is coming.

I told them I would continue bringing them in but they had to make copies and give one to someone they knew everyone time a new letter was posted.

Needless to say the rush to the copy machine is a miracle in itself. Thank You and maybe if others who receive your News Letters would do the same, we could spread Gods Love and the Angels we have around us could start working their miracles where most needed.

Thank You for sharing with so many of us and now you know that you are reaching others through us.

God Speed and always look over your shoulder, The ANGELS are with us all!!! Love, Geri

Mary Ellen, Although we have never met face to face, I have such a love for you and your beautiful giving spirit. I read these this morning, and am still frozen with "angel bumps". You give so much. You will never fully know how these stories touch and change hearts. I thank God for you, for your (spirit) work, and send you oceans full of love and light!

From my heart to yours, and all the hearts in between, Much love and blessings, Claudette

Dear MaryEllen,

So glad to hear Bunny Einstein is up and hopping. Your house certainly sounds like a lively one. I think I'd like it there! Parsley is supposed to be good for your breath, too, so the other bunnies should like kissing Einstein (and you, too, since you are eating it! big grin).

I don't think I have sent any e-mail to you, although, I have written a bit with Judy when I joined the prayer team. I want you to know that you website is simply awesome. Before Christmas, I printed out your newsletter stories and angel stories and about every word you have on the site to give to my mom. She doesn't have a computer but I knew she would love reading the stories. We share subscriptions to Guideposts and Angels on Earth magazines and Touched By An Angel is a favorite TV show for both of us. (although, for her Lawrence Welk runs a close second, I think - smile). The pictures of the angel clouds are unbelievable. I can't wait until someday I may get to see one, too.

I wanted to mention that my life-long friend, Julie, and I are going to start making long scarves to give to the missions and such for wrapping around the neck and head in cold weather. She said she has some pattern for making it fit like a hood and then around the neck. I don't have any talent in that way, but I can do a straight crochet, so I will do the easy part and she (who can do anything with "needles") will figure out the tricky part. I had mentioned to her a couple of weeks ago about your sewing gloves and stuff and we set about thinking of something we could do that would be easy enough for me to tackle. Last night she called me with the idea. I am excited to begin!

Well, just felt moved to send you a letter and tell you to keep up the good work and tell you how much I appreciate having a place like your website to visit and newsletters like yours to look forward to.

Hugs and Blessings, Lois McK

Your story that Bunny Einstein made it thrilled me to pieces! Glad to know of miracles our furry and feathered friends worlds, too.

Dear Mary Ellen,

I want to think you...for all you do for us. You are truely an angel here to guide us all. I have been getting your newsletters for almost 2 years now, and they have helped so many. I pray that you will continue with the love you give out each day to all of us you have never met. One of your greatest fans ...Joyce

I've just received a forwarded copy of one of your newsletters with the web site address. I have spent the last hour reading different articles. How wonderful, inspiring and uplifting these stories are! Please add me to your mailing/subscription list. Namaste' Barbara

Hey, Angel Lady;

This newsletter deserves another Golden (Angel) Star pasted on the end of your nose. I need to rethink this award because they are beginning to stack up on the end of your nose and people will mistake you for Pinnochio! I have thought about pasting them on your face, but you would soon look like a college football player's helmet. I have considered giving tiny bells to hang on your wings, but then you would 'tinkle' all the time. hehehe

The magic in your writing is that you create a first person image in the minds of others -- they not only see you, in an act of kindness, but they can also visualize themselves in it as well. All things must be mentally accomplished before they can be physically accomplished. The image, you implant in the minds of others, serves as a blueprint for them to follow. One cannot build a house without a blueprint. The imaged guidelines you install, gives others the blueprint, as well as the tools to build their own "House of Kindness."

It is an honor to know you,

I thought I saw angel wings this morning, but it turned out to be cobwebs hanging from my eyelashes. hehehe

Faithful reader, Bob

I just love your newsletter and these inspirational, motivational letters of random acts of kindness. keep those stories coming. thank you and have a great day! Elisa snowed in, in erie, pa.

Mary Ellen - I was very moved by the Prison Pet Program - I work for a health and nutritional company that distributes a very healing Pet Food - maybe this program could benefit from it.

Thanks for all you do for all of us - I send your messages out to so many people and they help ease so much suffering - Much love - Johanna Antar

Mary Ellen - Sometimes the messages are so expansive that I share it with my personal email group from my company - about 80 people, all with very strong heart connections - some are already on AngelScribe - plus my cousin who's wife is permanently in the hospital after being wheelchair bound for the last 25 year, plus my sister in Japan, plus a couple of my special girlfriends all with pressing needs in their lives and should always be reminded that God and the angels are there for them -

It seems that information always comes to me first because the Universe knows I'll share it just at the right time to just the right people - I always get told that my information comes in the nick of time - I guess it's my special skill in this world - Love to you - thanks for everything - Blessings and more - Johanna

I'm finally getting around to responding to the 141 messages that I received after being off line for 6 weeks! I really felt overwhelmed when I saw them all.

Now I'm gonna treat myself to reading the 24 ANGELscrib messages! Much love, Cynthia

Hello, Mary Ellen~

Each time I read of such beautiful people, and from All of our friends , I feel we are very lucky to have been "introduced" to your special Newsletter.. It has always touched me,,from the first time , to now... as I am sure it has been touched by many others~ . Love, Susan the way, I love reading the stories sent in about that number 111

Hello Mary Ellen, I feel so blessed that thru my business I have made contact with you and your incredible news letter. I look forward to reading your wonderfully inspiring messages everytime I check my e-mail.

Subj: Re: ^I^ New Beginnings ...... 1-11-99
Date: 1/11/99 4:43:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

AMAZING!!! As I was reading your 11/11 email I glanced at the time at the top of my screen and it said 11:11 AM

I am back on line after so many months, (since July). I've moved from Kodiak to Petersburg and then my computer went down. Can't tell you how empty my days have been without your letters and the Prayer chain. I've missed them so much. Much love and light to you! Pat

This newsletter was an absolutely WONDERFUL gift. Your inspiring words were just what I needed to hear. Thank you so very much! By the way...I read this out loud to my son, and he loved it too. He has been very sad about his father's choice to live in Mexico.. .and had missed him very much. But your words of wisdom lifted his spirit, and caused him to feel more powerful. Just a wonderful experience for us both.

Dear Angels

I really enjoy reading your stories as I am an elderly widow and I was given this computer by my children and really like it . I have a friend who is a priest in a convalescent home and he wants to know if you could send him your letter. Thank you very much LILLIAN God bless you

Dear Partners in Prayer,

I had been experiencing severe back and sciatic pain for many months and kept hearing an inner voice say "you need prayer to blast it out". So, I reluctantly asked to be on the prayer list. What happened was amazing. The pain diminished markedly each day. But when it really went away all together was when I started to pray for OTHERS. I felt a rush of healing energy in my OWN body each time I prayed for one of you.

I became keenly aware of the cause and effect relationship and the spiriutal bond that we all share. I am experiencing healing on many levels. You have all inspired me, and your stories have allowed me to put my own pain in perspective. Love, SUZANNE

I want to thank you and your dedication to spreading the Angel News. Because of it my life has a special meaning everyday. I'm trying to love everyone as God wants it and the Angels make it so much easierto do. Bless you. Love,PaT

I want to share the information on the Prison Pet Program with my teaching colleagues and students. It was really very moving. Thanks again, Gary (Marilyn's husband)

You have your wings....Just open them and let God do the rest.... In humble gratitude for all the nurturing you've done for my inner child, :) Elana

may I add a comment to the list? well either way, here's what i have to say:

There is no way I can ever thank you enough for the kindness you have shown me and many others, except I suppose by keeping it alive by helping others. You know I am only 15 years old, but, thanks in part to you, I have a very mature and realistic, yet always optimistic outlook on life.

Your work has inspired me to be a better person, as well as significantly increasing and strengthing my faith in God. Know that you have touched a young life in a powerful and irrevocable way. I'm sure I'm not the first.

Yours Ever Gratefully,

Emily, of West Hartford, Connecticut

I am still reading your newsletter and after 3 years--it inspires me to be kinder than I would otherwise be to those around me. Lovingly, David

thanks so much for the newsletter. Like most people, we have many problems both our own and problems affiliated with relatives and friends and your newsletters are a constant reminder that everything is going to be alright. You don't know how much that means sometimes! The newsletters give me the strength and perserverance to move forward when I can't find that strength anywhere else. You are truly a blessing to all ... JO

I know now as I have been sent you! I will some day be able to do what I did before on the scale I did and know I have made a difference when I leave this earth. Again I cannot thank you enough for your true Divine Intervention as I have been lost for so long and I am working my way back I know and now it will be so much better. God Bless and Peace to you. Michele

Dear MaryEllen,
Guess What??? My husband had his transplant removed yesterday and all the prayers from around the world helped!!! He is back to normal!! he still has the rsds in his right extremity, he will have that for the rest of his life. But he is no longer a vegetable!! he can walk, talk, and go to the bathroom on his own.THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! Please let whoever know THANK YOU!!! Love and Light, Dawn

Your newsletters are a gift. And a continuing and gentle reminder of where to keep our focus and what is really important in life. Thank you for all you do. Can't wait to read your book....
With Love. Peggy in Honolulu

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