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Dear Angel Scribe,
Today is my birthday, and what do you know? I received your newsletter today titled "Birthday Wishes and Angel Presents" Incidentally, my name is Angela.

I thought I'd let you know how often I've enjoyed and cried at some of the stories you've shared through your newsletter over the past two years.

In fact, I've been inspired by certain stories so much, they've propelled me to act in my own community. Last month I took up a collection of clothes and beauty products and brought them to the local women's shelter.

I've spoken up and told someone I loved their dress, or how pretty they look, and it has never failed to give them a lift.

I also recently bought the card entitled "Enfolded" from White Meadow (my last name is Meadows!) for my friend who lost her baby a day before she was to be born to give her some comfort.

My best friend was born on 1/11, an Angel number as we all know. The connections are endless!

So thank you thank you thank you for the inspiration and light you share through the Good News Newsletter...and Happy Birthday to your 3 year old newsletter!! Love, Angela Signorelli

Dear Angel Scribe Team,
I want to thank you...for all you do for us. You are truely an angel here to guide us all. I have been getting your newsletters for almost 2 years now, and they have helped so many of my friends and family. I pray that you will continue with the love you give out each day to all of us you have never met.
One of your greatest fans.

I would like to tell each of you, Just how wonderful you all are! You take your time and energy to help all of us, this is just a note to tell you some of what I have heard. I forward your letters to many others, these are things that have come back to me. I just want to tell you all Thank you! For giving me a chance to help others with your news letters. What a joy! Please know you are all loved from the bottom of my heart!

~ I needed that at this time in my life.

~ You know my guarding angel was with me last night, my car should have flipped.

~ I am going thru a hard time right now, and this letter gave me answers to what ~ I had been asking.

~ These News letters came just at the right time in my life.

~ How did you know I needed this?

~ I am thinking more positive now, what a difference this has made in my life.

These are just a few of the things, that I have heard. I wanted to Thank you all for allowing me to forward your mail. I wish I could be more helpful to others. With your letters I have found a way to do some good. Please remember in your prayers to ... Pray for all leaders of the world. Pray for love in their hearts for all people, That we may learn to love one another. So that we may have peace on earth again. Please ask blessings for your angels!

I really wish I could say more of how I feel in my heart when I read and pass your letters on. They are all so great. May God bless you!...oh I pray for that too!

Love you all.....Joyce

Thank you for your "angelscribe" ... I receive the daily newsletters both here at work and at home. I appreciate the uplift ... from the Angels, through you. My sister got me hooked on this wonderful daily time. I'm praying for more spiritual growth and continually look for the Angel clouds. Isn't life grand, isn't God's majesty simply mind-blowing! God Bless ... Missy Kull, Greenville IL

I love reading how people are noticing more the presence of Angels in their lives. But, I love the most stories of how people are BEING angels in other peoples lives. This makes me smile the most!!! Angels are not only there to help us but to inspire us to help others.

EX: I met a guy online thru a friend who has Cerebral Palsy and offered to give him a ride that day to vote. He appreciated it so much. Randy in Florida

Dear Angel on earth, You have given my spirit the things it has been craving. Thank you for the outstanding job you do by touching so many spirits. You really are an Angel amoung us!!! Love and Light Dody

I am reading your newsletter with a great deal of enthusiasm. Each story seems to show how the idea of human love and compassion is spreading and it must make you very happy to see the extent to which it is changing the world. It has been a very big faith building process for me.

Not many people can say that they did what you're doing. What is the best is that so many people can say that they helped you do what you're doing!! Thank you. Iain (in London, UK)

Hi. I have been very busy with amazing lectures lately. Learning some fantastic things in University. I just read part of William James' lectures on the religion of healthy-mindedness, and it's almost scary how relevant his studies are nearly 100 years later.

You, your newsletter and those that write in are living examples of what he spoke about in terms of love leading life. You really helped me understand his arguments and theories, and gave application to an ideology of immense radiance. Thank you, all love, -Danny

Your web site is fabulous!! Not only is it fabulous, but it's beautiful, inspiring, awsome,informative, loving, anything and everything an angel would do to spread the kindness and uplifting messages throughout the world! The feather pen moving across the paper is very clever...(can you tell I thinks it's grand?) :-)

I've hyperlinked your site to a number of friends...think you'll be gettingsome more subscribe letters !! Thank You again for all the warmth and love you share !! God Bless! Liz

You are a precious saint and I think your newsletter must be an encouragement to many people. I enjoy it.

The Bible is full of angel comments; as a Christian, my belief stresses that the only way to the Father is through the Son so I personally, don't pray to angels but I sometimes ask for His protective angels around the person (s) I'm praying for.

Mostly, I pray for God's perfect will and for wisdom and a pure heart. I'm thankful for the angels because I know God created them and has them there for a reason.

Sometimes, I think He uses you and me (or whoever He selects at a given time) to be an angel (Christ's arms outstretched) to someone at a particular time and after it happens, I'm kind of awe struck that God would use me and I know it wasn't "me" that had the grace to do that mission - it was Him.

Thanks for your mission and may God bless you richly. You are precious and you are loved. ~ Bren

One of my favorite ways to express my thoughts on religous teachings is that it may be an important tool for many to stick close to God, but I find it personaly confines my relationship with God. In short I find that religion confines me and the bible can blind me to the most wonderful love and kindness in my relationship with God.

I rather listen to the words he speaks to me now, than try to manipulate words he spoke to someone else thousands of years ago to fit my life today.

The Heavenly Father I know and love is not what is depicted in the bible. His kindness, his love, and gentleness has been lost in the translation. - Saddy

Loved your answer to the question on talking to angels.

"A little child shall lead them."

Congradulations!!!! Remember what I told about a year or so ago when you first started talking about a newspaper column?

I knew then, or should say "felt" then you were in for far more in the future than a syndicated newspaper column. You have a glorious future my dear. Keep up the good work. In the Light, Isis

I being raised Catholic have always prayed to my Angels and Jesus's mother Mary, the Saints, and of course God. My reasoning when asked why I do this is that I would like as many prayers going out as I can get. All of them go to God, but it's kind of like a prayer group or asking friends and family to pray for a cause.

The more LOVE that is circulated for the cause thru prayer the better the results. Don't know if this helps answer the question which has been brought up to me more than once. I for one can use all the help I can get. Asking my Angels to ask God to give me or my cause a blessing seems to be more like teamwork and I find myself giving more to those also in need. Love & Light, Gayle

Thank you for a beautiful explanation on the"talking to angels" vs talking to all celestials "thru" god.

I believe exactly as you do - that many of our supposed "faith manuals" were written by men and intrepreted by those same men with their own fear levels or superstitions. We are geared towards faith via fear - "you better believe or else youll burn" - how can this be condusive to love in your heart?

Every great spiritual leader has said that with faith comes love - this is what I believe in my heart. It is also what i've believed since i was a child.

My childlike faith has carried me thru eveyrthing where as my adult faith (or faith or else) has petrified me and lead me to fearing my death.

Thank you for your loving description and for your own intrepretations - and just in case you ever wondered - there are others who quite naturally believe as you do!!!! much love Trish

Congrats on your Radio appearance!! I really appreciate the way you responded to the person asking about talking (praying) to Angels. Your perspectives are closely aligned with mine on that issue. In fact, with your permission, I would like to reprint the question and your response for those we serve either in our newsletter - InSpiraling Times I really appreciate your newsletter and can easily feel the Love you have in sharing it. I am grateful to be a recipient of that Love, and gladly pass it on. Thanks and Blessings,Jaraan Onai

Tonight I got home at 2 AM and an email from my son said that I must visit this website if I haven't. So at this ungodly hour I visited it. And it was a God-sent!!

What a beautiful, wonderful surprise!! I really know that God is with us to have brought you all the people that are helping with these communications and it is evolving in such a beautiful way!! God Bless You! Naji

PS. My son is a doctor; he manages the Emergency Room of the Metropolitan Hospital of San Antonio, TX. He shares all we send him with the other four ER doctors. (The AngelScribe newsletters are getting to be very well known! : -)

On Wednesday I was having car trouble and knew that my car could stall out at any minuet.

I was 5 miles from my house and actually prayed to God to please get me home. I got to the street I lived on and thats when my car finally stalled out.

I told my friend that at least He got me close to my home. So, praying really does work.

I really do like your newsletter.It seems that I get one everyday. It's great when I've had a bad week like this one and your newsletters seem to bring me back down to firm ground, and make me feel better. Thanks for everything you do for us angels. God bless:) Kathleen

Good morning. Just wanted to tell you how seeing the website affected me.

The last few days life has been very stressfull knocking me out of my natural balance and into a foreign personal reality. Upon viewing the site I "felt the beginings of the returning to the peacefull and loving reality I normally enjoy " Just another example I am sure of the energy that you have created or rather helped to bring together.. Thank you. Have A Good Day ...Create Peace LOVE Dan

Congratulations! I am so excited about your new web page! I will be forwarding it on to all my friends! Love and light Cindee

Dear Mary Ellen, Thank you for this beautiful message. One time we heard Gary Zukov speak and he took a few minutes and looked at most of the several hundred people "Namasting" them, like one greets an old, cherished friend. It was the most incredible thing to see and it was kind of unusual that a speaker would do this. I read your article and it makes me think of this with the cherishing of ourselves and realization of who we really are.

You are doing a good service. Thank you for your work here. Thank you for you, Mary Ellen. With love, Grace

Whenever I am missing my dear husband I read all these stories about the angels and miracles and immediately get uplifted. It is wonderful to be able to have a place like this to go to for a loneliness beater. Thanks again, Myrna in Montana

My Aunt who lives in Los Altos Hills Ca. sent me my first newsletter...I try to keep up and don't let go of the letters til I read them..Well actually I have saved everyone..I can't seem to let them go to "deleteland"..after all your work and the sharing of others

Hello,I am a new member for about 2 weeks now. I am very satisfied with you're writings and look forward to checking my email for a new and positive message from Angelscrib.

May God continue to inspire you to persevere and encourage you. Its a great thing what God has blessed you to do.

Thank you again for the love and positivity that fills your soul.

God Bless You and know that you've got a faithful reader in this world. Sincerely, Rachel

Your lettters have really helped me during my surgeries. I am so glad that I found you and your newsletter while scanning the net. You will never know how much all of your mail has meant to me. Keep up the good work. You have a great friend to get this set up this way. Angel HUgs((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))) Love Peggy

Mary Ellen, congradulation on the sight. your letters have brought some peace to my heart and has help me find what really is important in my life, my kids and wife. we have sp. peace and love to you, yours and all. love ken

I have just discovered your location on the internet and am inspired and grateful.

With all the pressures of every day life, I turned suicidal not too long ago, and they've really helped me cope. it was like.... something to look forward too, every day. thank you so much for the time you spend on

I always think of you..... can't tell enough people about you... you feed me the spiritual food i need to do His work.

I find it amazing that after I emailed the wonderful prayer team you mentioned in one of your recent newsletters about finding your way to your right work in the world exactly what i asked for prayers for. Coincendences are God's way of remaining anonymous. Thanks for all your light in the world
Love and Light Madlyn

Dear Mary Ellen, Thank you so much for being who you are! May God Bless You Always! You are truly an inspiration and your words encourage my Spririts when I am feeling down.

Your wisdom has allowed me to reconnect with my spiritual center.You are truly one of the worlds greatest teachers!

Thank you for spreading Love and Faith throughout my world.
Your Friend, Paul

Reflections was my first newsletter. I found it on I have spent the last half an hour going back and reading past newsletters. They are so marvelous! have you thought about publishing a book?

I would like to subscribe to your neswletter,I just read the letter for today and it brought tears to my eyes! You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.Thank you very much! Natalie

I just about to give up on finding a job and then I read about being a vehicle for God's love and action so I'm gonna quit freakin' and start being THANK YOU for sendin' this newsletter even when my pc is down and mailbox help so many people, even more that you'll never know about...just so happens I'm extremely vocal and hafta tell ya!!!

For the best on the Net I recommend ANGELscrib. She produces an exceptionally fine and most informative weekly newsletter that keeps you at your computer waiting for the next issue.

In addition to sharing her readers stories and experiences she writesthought provoking articles on a variety of related subjects.

Her style is simple and down to earth.

Her writing reminds meof the farmer who said to the politician, "You sure put the fodder down where the calves can get at it."
Angelscrib has an uncanny knack for helping people by sharing her insights and understandings in a loving way.

Reading her Newsletter is always an uplifting experience. Need a lift? Accept her gift.

I consider her Newsletter to be gift for she does not charge. It is a gift of love to all who wish to receiveit. ANGELscrib is Truly an Earth Angel.
Dr. Bob Phd.

I was told by a friend at my doctors office about your site. May I please subscribe? I am a nurse.

I'd thought for months about helping in hospice since I read DannionBrinkley's experiences with hospice... and also the many letters sent out by you about helping others gave me that push.... love Sal

I have to respond to this wonderful newsletter.

Im single mother of three girls and lately I've just been emotionally and physicall drained, not knowing how much longer I can balance everything, job, children and bills. Its been six years like this, and sometimes rough. Especially since was out of job for a month.

Thankyou for teaching me to look for Miracles, because so many times I was unable to see no beauty just stress, Sincerely, L

Thank you so much for your ever inspiring newsletters...I look forward to them in my mailbox. I want you to know that your newletters always get me thinking and moving into action.

You have touched many peoples lives through me.

I also want to tell you that it has been years since I have actually looked into a mirror...I have looked into them..but never really really looked to see who was looking back at me...and I thank you for this valuable lesson. Love and light...Dale

Mary Ellen, You newsletter tonight gave me chills and I am feeling tears and forgiveness. I have been in college trying to screw up and not graduate for the SECOND time. I had allowed my old negative precepts about me to rule this time again.

I have virtually done everything in my power to mess this up for me. I have been thinking on this heavily, trying to find peace, stop the negative cycle... Well, this did it.I was reminded of Og Mandin's book that contains that message in the back called 'the God Memorandum', which I read several times a year for as many days as I can.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I have been truly blessed. Today is done, tomorrow is new and I have a million golden opportunities to do things differently. I also have to honor that part of me has been trying, really trying to take care of me, my ego. I have to say thank you, but it's time for another part to help.

I feel Angel wings, truly. A hand on my shoulder and magic and miracles being made now. I get to start new, no matter how things look at present. It's not too late. Truly not too late. Namaste, Katie
You were a breath of fresh air this morning. My world seems to be falling apart and low and behold, along came your wonderful words. They lifted my spirit and made me reflect on the good things and push aside some of the problems that seem to be invading my space these last few months. Thank you, Eve

I don't quite know how to put this, so bear with me please.......

My wife tried to commit suicide and has since left here, blaming me for many of her troubles. When I started out on this journey, I wanted to find out what exactly I did....

I kept asking for answers, but never "got the ones I wanted".

I kept reading the things you sent, and I would often cry at the beauty of what I read.

I thought I could never be involved in this kind of "stuff". Well, since this depressed person has left my life, and I have continued reading your messages, I have found that giving these very acts of kindness, without wanting something in return, has brought me great rewards.

It is very difficult for me, given my religious upbringing, and perhaps being a male, but, I must say, life is getting better every day. And, as for miracles!!!!!!!!!! They are becoming a common occurrence.

Accepting God's love and his unending forgiveness is truly what makes miracles happen.

Seeing this for myself and living it, along with all of those that you share with us Mary Ellen, really makes me grateful for your existence. I understand that you feel you are nothing more than anyone else. I am just glad that you, and many others out there, are here with me. Much love and light to you Mary Ellen!!!!! Randy

Mary Ellen,Thanks again for having the courage to be such a powerful force shaping how people feel about themselves and their lives. Yours with great admiration and love, Jas.

Your messages are SO inspiring; I have gotten a lot of hope from you. Jan

I pass your newsletters onto:
my daughter in Chicago
my friend at work in Cleveland
my niece in Indiana
my brother's first wife in Iowa
another co-worker, who happens to be a minister in Cleveland
a niece who goes to Loyola Univ. in New Orleans
and then sometimes another couple of co-workers, secretaries, in Cleveland
See how far and wide you travel with the angel wings,
Love, Marilyn

The stories you provide are truly inspirational, and I love to continue to receive them to share with my college friends here and back home.

It will be a great way for me to really connect with the people that I love 1300 miles from here...

Dear Angel! You are doing a fantastic job of lifting the consciousness of humanity, and I would really love it if you would put me on the mailing list for your newsletter, so I could share it with my friends! Thanks......In Love and Light, Penny

Dear Mary Ellen:You can't imagine how great I feel after receiving the newsletters that you send.

Please add me to the mailing list for the angel newsletter. It's about time someone put something positive on the web. thank you, God bless. Vicki

After reading the many beautiful stories of people seeing angels, I have a strong desire to see one. I've prayed before for a guardian angel to help me in my life but I don't know how to "tune them in" so to speak. Your pictures were beautiful. And your newletter has helped so many keep the faith. Thank you for the inspirational stories. God Bless! Pina


To see Angels, is very easy really, all you have to do is volunteer your time and love, and visit the terminally ill,. the aging, or shut ins.

After you have had your heart - connected into what I will call 'unconditional love', all you will need to do to see your very first Angel, will be to look into a mirror, and see who you really are.

By the way, I met 8 Angels at one time, when my dear friend passed over, - they came to take her with them, and it is an awe-inspiring event.
Yours in Love and Light Namaste Terry :o)

Mary Ellen: You are such a BREATH OF FRESH AIR, SO GLORIOUS, YOU ARE WALKING HAND AND HAND WITH GOD AND THE ANGELS. Thank you for making me feel and touch the magic. I so look forward to your newsletters and pass them on also. I like the "aspire to be more like the angels, then your vibrations will be closer to theirs. Love to you and all of our angels, You fan and friend, Marilyn
Jeff Hunt from Wisdom called me today and he said that they announced at the radio meeting today that the Wisdom website had 1,000 MORE hits than normal last Thursday setting an all time record. It was impressive on Friday as well! EVERYONE KNOWS WHY: Mary Ellen, of course!!!! You ARE the angel herself! Love, Jill

I had no idea you were so seem so, uh, well...too friendly to be so popular...

I think it is wonderful that you keep your head and don't allow the wonderful things you are doing to 'go to your head'....

I am very proud of you and wish you all the best on the show...

I just started college, and it has been difficult to find people who are uplifting and good influences. It's so nice to know when I come back to my dorm and check my mail, there is something there to keep me going and letting me know that I am still loved and still part of a generally GOOD human race! Mary Ellen, what you printed made me cry. My heart glows for the beautiful stories that you make possible for all of us. ^i^ are watching over you Mary Ellen. Love Joanie
With such negative news constantly surrounding us, I thank God that there are people such as yourself who give us positive news and information - stories of the positive relationship between mankind and God that are simple, real, and towering. God bless you Mary Ellen. Steve

Your newsletter is always the "highlight" of my e-mailbox ... and also a treasure in my day. Thanks to your hubbie for not objecting ... and thanks to you for having the inspiration and the love in your heart to touch other's lives - we appreciate it! God Bless .. and keep up the good work - it truly means a lot to a lot of folks! Jo

Mary Ellen:Thank you for not accepting sponsors. Knowing this comes from the heart with no financial influences is why I continue as a subscriber. Again. Thanks.
Yours is the blessing of stimulating others to "seek Go(o)d," for what they are seeking, through your gentle and persistent guidance, they are finding. In Light, Prudence

I saw your Angel Pages on the Love4oneAnother page and am enthralled.Please send me whatever newsletter, emails, anything you can. I'm thirsty for this stuff! It makes me cry from joy to read what you record. Thank you thank you thank you. Love Catherine

This newsletter has helped me a great deal. I can't pinpoint an exact momentous change that occured overnight. It helps me a lot to log on every day and read other people's experiences and miracles.

See, I grew up in an emotionally and mentally abusive household, and suffer from depression and anxiety attacks.

I take an antidepressant just so I can go about my business every day w/o being overcome with intense fear or terror.

Some nights, I just lie in my bed and cry b/c it seems that moving beyond the pain of my childhood is an insurmountable task.

I don't know how many times I've prayed to God and Goddess, to my guardian angels and my spirit guides to see me thru one more day.

To be honest, I don't think I'd be sitting here writing this letter if it hadn't been for their love and assistance. And logging on everyday to read about others' experiences with the Divine helps reinforce the belief that angelic beings are out there, providing assistance when they are needed.

It gives me hope that some day, I can truly move beyond my pain and truly live.


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