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What Color is Prayer?

An article by Atira describing how a prayer looks
when it is sent from our heart to anothers.
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The Prayer Team
Author Catherine Seiler
Volunteer prayer team member in Scotland

Far from being depressing, it is a wonderful dream,
To be part of such a loving and caring team.

For each e-mail and prayer that is sent out,
Is surely loving one another, as Jesus talked about.

Oh how special and what a beautiful gift,
To pray for others and see their spirits lift.

So many have been helped through difficult times,
Such trust they have in us, to share their deepest worries on-line.

The team knows that no prayer to Heaven goes unheard,
Though the results don't always come through the way desired.

Each day new requests are sent lovingly our way,
And for each individual and situation we willingly pray.

Every member of the team sends out so much love and light,
Even though their own situation is not perfect, in this they delight.

Often on the Internet, we hear about the bad things hitting the screen, but obviously they have not heard about our wonderful prayer team.

Catherine Seiler 30.11.1999 

Prayers are Powerful

"A prayer is like a single flower,
one would see after walking all day,
in a bleak desert.
It stands out in its uniqueness,
in its beauty,
and its gift of discovery."

  ~ Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" ~


This Global Prayer Team began with Divine Guidance.

In 1995 I began editing and emailing the weekly Angel Scribe newsletter as my intentional act of kindness to folks I met on the Internet.

The newsletters started with my Angel writings and my many personal miracles, before long people around the world began to send in their miracles.

Many readers are in need of prayer and because so many miracles come to me, and happen to me, they asked me to pray for them.

These hundreds of requests created the Angels and Miracles Global Prayer Team.

One day I was over whelmed with newsletter email and prayer requests...I thought some help would be wonderful...but who could I ask/trust to take on the volumn of email?

Judy in New Jersey sent an email that day that said, "When I read miracles, my skin feels too tight to hold in my spirit."

I knew at that moment, she was the perfect person. I asked and she accepted.

Newsletter members volunteer from around the world, sending prayers out in all beliefs to folks of all beliefs in need.

Several years later, after dedicated service to the team, Judy, our prayer team leader, entered a hospital for an extended stay.

I took over Judy's email for several weeks, but with the newsletters and her hundreds of incoming prayers, the work load became overwhelming.

I desperatley needed another volunteer to take over Judy's job.

One night, I asked Judy's husband to ask her who she trusted with the prayer team... to do a good job and to honor the ever growing list of volunteers.

Some of the prayer team members are famous and the list needed to be protected!

I finished all the email, late on Friday night, and all of a sudden decided to phone Cynthia.

I rarely personally contact anyone on the mailing list.

I phoned from Gig Harbor, Washington to Cynthia an hours drive away in Bellevue,Washington.

As Cynthia and I were chatting it came to me, very strongly and spontaneously, to ask her if she would like to do the prayer team while Judy was "resting" in the hospital. Cynthia said "Yes" just as spontaneously.

Now here is the divine connection. Cynthia was truly appointed by divine order.

Angels must have been whispering loudly to us all that night.

I called Judy at the hospital, early the next morning, to let her know she could rest and heal without worrying about the prayer team, because we now had the perfect person in her absence.

Judy nearly leaped through the phone at the news!

Judy exclaimed how she was lying in her hospital bed in New Jersey, all night thinking who she could suggest to take over her email duties of Love.

Cynthia came to mind... as one of the people out of the 10,000 email prayer requests who stood out.

Judy had lied awake most of the night trying to remember Cynthia's email address to relay to me.

What are the odds we would BOTH come up with the SAME person out of the 50,000 readers!

Or did we think of Cynthia? Obviously, Angels had their hand in this connection.

Dearest Readers,
Carolyn Myss, author of "ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT" and "WHY PEOPLE DON'T HEAL and How They Can" shares a story of a woman who relates her Near Death Experience.
This story teaches us how, in the future, we can view a car accident in a more powerful, positive and helpful way.
A woman had been in a car accident, and was out of her body.
She was looking down at her crushed body, as she floated above her own smashed vehicle.
It was rush hour. As passing vehicles came within earshot, she heard many negative mental comments...such as, "Just what I need at this time of night."
However, the woman then saw a ray of light coming from an auto, a few cars back, and she zeroed in on the thoughts of a woman approaching the accident, saying this prayer, "God, if you can, please help this woman."
At this moment, the woman, who was in the accident, felt herself being drawn back to her body, and heard "It is not your time..."
But, just before returning she took note of the license plate of the woman in prayer.
When the woman healed, she appeared at the praying woman's door with a bouquet of flowers, and said, "Thank you for your prayers, you saved my life!"

Dearest Readers,
This one story has changed the way I will forever view car accidents.
From this point forward saying a quick prayer, while sitting in the traffic, does more good than fretting and being angry.
Also a prayer for the Blessing of our family's safety would be a good addition too.
Now, as a volunteer photographer for the local fire department, I can say a prayer as our pagers sound out the alarm of those in need.
LOVE and LIGHT Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"

An Angel glides towards you,
as you sit at your computer,
she turns to you and says...

The Energy of Prayers
Author Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"
Dearest God, Dearest Creator/Holy Spirit/ Divine Essence, however you pray, to a male, to a female, or to an energy, the Love and thoughts of your prayers are the same world wide.
A prayer breaks through the restrictive bonds of a religious belief.
A prayer soars on the Winds of Heaven.
They fly along the Path of Light.
The energy of a prayer is sacred, so it has a different feel and look to any other thought that is sent out.
Most thoughts are heavy, critical, calculating, or angry. Listen to your thoughts, actually monitor your thoughts for one day and you will be amazed at what you are saying and what energy you are allowing to come from you ...and out into the world.
A prayer is the sweetest energy. It carries the form of Love, it holds the respect and trust you have in your God/Spirit/Universal Energy.
A prayer is an opal essence sparkle, of Light, of Love, it is a joy to see its energy stand out amongst all of the other earthly thoughts.
And after your prayer has left you and you feel a deep, deep, inner calm, and a sense of inner peace, and a soft smile in your heart,
you are feeling the connection to the Divine source, linked together with your soul and your prayer.
A prayer is like a single flower, one would see after walking all day, in a bleak desert. It stands out in its uniqueness, in its beauty, and its gift of discovery.
A single flower brings joy . . . a prayer is the joy that miracles are created from . . . it is generally the first ingredient in a miracle.
As you walk your path of Light, remember to pray and give Blessings and thanks so that you can learn to feel this wonderful connection and then in trying times you will feel freer to ask for assistance for the good of all.
You will understand that you are heard and that you are worthy to be heard.
Praying is similar to two way telepathic communications between our realms and yours.
Sometimes it takes practice and patience for you to hear us in your heart and to feel comforted.
Practicing on prayers of gratitude are a wonderful way to open and develop this communication. So that when you are in an anxiety state you feel more comfortable to communicate in a prayer form.
We pray you receive our message with the intent of Love that is was sent with. Love. Amen.

Angels and Miracles - Global Prayer Team
To volunteer for the prayer team, or for prayers
please contact Cynthia,
Currently over 200 wonderful folks, from all beliefs,
are participating in this Divine Team.
Dear Mary Ellen,

Have I told you how blessed I am to be leading the " Praying Team?"
I imagine most people who write in to you feel the results of being prayed for, by so many.

I know I did, when I was in the hospital.
What I have learned, by volunteering to be a "prayer" on your team, is that every time I sit here in front of the computer and pray, is that the 'peace of God' for which I pray resides in each individual asking for healing, comes back to me.
I find the words come from my heart, but the emotion of sending God's Love and Peace on to another fill me with awe, that I feel it is not coming from me but through me.
It is very humbling to pray for another and I often find tears in my eyes.
It is funny, I never could pray for myself before. Now I find that the prayers I send out for others' healing comes back 10 fold.
Each prayer I send out for others healing becomes one for my own spirit and body. It no longer matters if I "see" healing, I know that on some level that very healing IS occurring.
I tried to explain this to the ARE group. Sometimes it is not important to know the story of an individual, who requests prayers, but that they experience God's Love and Power filling the cells of their body and allowing His Peace to heal them.
So you see it is I who am blessed. It may seem at this point that it could not be so but I know that the more I pray the more the cells of my body "resonate" to those vibrations of love.
I also pray that this occur in the doctors I see and that their knowledge be acute and loving to help in Gods Work for their patients.
I realized how much I had learned, as I was telling my study group the value of praying for another.... by simply doing it with your list.
Love Judy

Dear Mary Ellen,
I've been a member of the "Angels and Miracles Prayer Team" for several years now, so I was thrilled to read your item about us in
The latest newsletter.
What you didn't talk about was just how many MIRACLES the team has experienced.
No one has kept count (that I'm aware of anyway), but practically every email I receive for the prayer team contains at least one true story of answered prayer, and often several.
I myself have experienced miracles in my life because of prayer requests I sent to the team, as have many other members of the prayer team.
Most of the prayer team members have never met, but we have become friends and get to know each other well, through praying together daily.
We have even weathered some challenging times and experiences together, just like any group of people must if they are to grow.
Many of the stories we hear from people who have requested prayer from the team concern complete healing from medical conditions, and miraculous interventions in tragic or troublesome situations.
However, not all of the things we have prayed for have that standard "happy ending" and we have all come to realize that the highest and best outcome for a situation may be different than what our limited human understandings can fathom.
The Angels and Miracles Prayer Team has a power and a magic that blesses the lives of everyone it touches, not least of which are the blessings the members of the prayer team have experienced... just being a part of this wonderful group of people, and hearing these miraculous true stories day after day.
My sense of wonder and joy, as well as my knowledge that God and the angels love and care for us, and want to help us in our lives, in every way, from the smallest detail to the biggest experiences of our lives has been reawakened and solidified. No small thing.
Thank you for your wonderful newsletter, and for the chance to be a part of the miraculous prayer team.
Sincerely, Terria in Oregon USA

Angel Scribe,
Please tell the prayer chain thank you so much for all their prayers.
I felt very special knowing that all these people who don't know me said such beautiful loving prayers for someone they don't know.
Love Cindy

You may only be one person to the world,
but you may also be the world to one person.
~ Anonymous ~

"Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead
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