A note on the Angel Scribe Newsletters

Dearest Readers,

Many people have asked to sponsor the Angels and Miracles newsletter so they can share their businesses with my mail list. And I respectfully say "No" to each of them.

I wish to keep the newsletter pure and simple so that you know I share from the Angel's heart and mine. Know that whatever appears on my newsletters, no one has "paid" me to share these loving words. I Thank You with all my heart for supporting this effort.

I receive a few donations each month from you, the readers. The only reason I ask for support is to cover costs of the web pages, my phone line and Internet account ... and to keep my husband from objecting. Hehehe.

May you continue to enjoy the newsletter with the original intent it was created for:

- To show you that you are not alone, that there are many good people on earth, and to show them to you in action. Then, you can see aspects of yourself all over the world.

- To teach that there are loving folks in all nations, of all beliefs, with kind hearts.

- To renew your belief in all that is Divine, to teach that there is indeed GOOD NEWS, and there is too much of it. LOL That is why the newsletters have grown in length.... too much good news. The newspapers must have to concentrate on the bad news as there is less of it. That is how I have come to think. Hehehe

The newsletters were created to touch your heart, and to open it a little wider, and to teach us to see the miracles in our lives, and to teach LOVE on our path.

Love and Light

Mary Ellen ^I^ Angel Scribe

Editor of Angels and Miracles . . .Good-News-Letter

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