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"Miss Wings wearing her Angel Wings"
6 weeks old

Miss Wings and Bonnie's Miracle
Miss Wings and Bonnie
Have you ever had a dream? One you think will not happen? My dream was heralded in on the wings of a series of miracles leaving me in complete awe.

I am the author of two books on Miracles and "Expect Miracles" is more than the title of my first book--it is how I live my life. Every year miracles are presented to me as teaching tools to lift the hearts and spirits of others. I share these experiences with my six year old free online Angels and Miracles 50,000 readers to teach them to become miracle magnets in their lives too.

My first miracle of 2002 involves total strangers across America united in an amazing series of acts of kindness.

I had breast cancer two years ago The day before my diagnosis my only and younger sister, Jo, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Jo died six weeks later. Life takes a drastic shift in perspective once you live through a year like this so I decided not to wait for my dream of a Shaded Silver Persian kitten. How this kitten materializes is a miracle........

I inquired at veterinary clinics, searched Oregon and Washington State newspapers and local animal shelters. It is a shocking fact of shelter life that 30% of all animals are purebreds and if I was patient a silver Persian would soon appear, but a Shaded Silver Persian kitten appeared impossible to find.

I had a pet reading for one of my pound purries who was not feeling well by Agnes Thomas an incredible animal communicator. Agnes said I would be receiving the reencarnation of my Shaded Silver Persian, Camalot, in January or February of 2002 and he would be a female kitten this time. I was so excited and continued my search in the newspapers etc.

In late November I did a computer search from my home in Oregon and found Linda LeColst in Boston, who has been breeding Shaded Silver Persians for 15 years.

Without a doubt Linda has the prettiest kittens; but on the other side of the country -- and Linda posted in BIG LETTER on her website that she does NOT ship her kittens!

I learned two things from Linda's website; first I could not afford the beautiful purebreds and second it was impossible to have one delivered.

I sent Linda a brief E-mail telling her how beautiful her kittens were and how I honored the fact that she did not disfigure her Persians by breeding their faces into handicaps. Her kittens' faces were absolutely Gerber baby-kitten purrfect. Linda signed up for my Angels and Miracles newsletters and my search continued.

On December 8th, the Blue Moon, a kitten was born to one of Linda's Persians, and it sustained a tail injury. It's tiny tail began to atrophy three days after birth.

Linda fretted daily about finding a loving home for her less than purrfect kitten.

On December 16th Linda drove two of her older kittens to the Lynn, Massachusetts camera club to be photographed.

When the photographers produced tiny Angel wings, as props for the pictures, an idea began formulating with Linda, that her special kitten might be Mary Ellen's, coinciding with her pen name of "Angel Scribe."

Christmas arrived and my daughter, Ariel, gave me a sweat shirt with a picture of a Persian kitten in a Christmas stocking.

The caption read, "Dear Santa, Please bring me a kitten."

I cried when I opened the gift. Its message was so clearly how I felt about a kitten. I knew the family had been searching for a Silver Persian, so had friends...everyone was trying to make my dream come true and a sweat shirt was as close as we had come to a live kitten.

Then at the end of December Linda, in Boston, wrote me in Oregon, and offered the gift of the tailless kitten

Linda had been consistently reading my free Internet "Angels and Miracles" newsletter so she knew the kitten would have a loving home. So at the end of December Linda emailed me asking if I would put the kitten on the Angels and Miracles prayer team for a good home, then she added, if I wanted it ....the kitten was mine. But, I would have to fly out and hand carry it home.

Wishing for a kitten and then one manifesting was a miracle. I cried reading her E-mail, then I phoned her. During our conversation the kitten's tail fell off ... a sign that the kitten somehow had found the purrrfect home.

I immediately named my miracle kitten "Miss Wings," because Linda posted a picture of the tailless kitten on the website, with a set of tiny angel wings on her back. Although the kitten has no tail, she has wings!

The name fit the kitten as Miss Wings is also the nickname Tess uses in the TV show "Touched by An Angel" when she lovingly calls Monica. Also, the kitten will be flying across America earning her wings. It was the purrfect name!

Finding a good home for her special kitten was a blessing for Linda -- the only problem remaining was how to transport the kitten to Oregon. I could not make the journey back East for several reasons, one being the cost.

One of my many volunteer jobs is to book client appointments for my best friend angelic mystic Atira. (I also was the volunteer co-host on Angel Waves radio show on Cincinnati's WSAI with Maureen McCullough for 1 years.)

Atira's clients often discover Atira on my website or hear her on the radio, and then contact me for an appointment. So we never know who anyone is, or where they are calling from.

Two days after being offered the kitten Cheri Seitz telephoned from Cincinnati for an appointment. When Cheri relayed her E-mail address as DELTA, I knew a 2nd miracle was about to manifest! I was so excited and said, "You mean like Delta Airlines?"

Cheri said yes so I told her the tale of the tailless kitten.

Cheri said, "Where is it? Where do you want it to go? I am a flight attendant and will fly her to you for free."

It did not faze Cheri for a minute that she had to fly back and forth across America on her act of kindness.

When asked why she would do such a thing for a total stranger Cheri sincerely and simply said, "Many others have done kind things for me and I want to do this for you."

I was reading, "Pay It Forward" the night before and the book encourages others to Pay Acts of Kindness Forward, but I never expected to be on the receiving end of an act of kindness this huge! I now had the blessing of a free pure bred Silver Persian kitten and a free delivery!

To save Cheri flying time from Cincinnati, to Boston, and then back to Cincinnati, then out to Portland, Oregon it seemed a good idea to ask my Angels and Miracles newsletter readers if anyone else could help.

Only one person answered the request, Annette Rozane Kryger out of 50,000 readers.

Annette has been reading the Angels and Miracles newsletters since its inception six years ago. She has not written once to me, she was content just reading and enjoying the inspirational newsletters.

When Annette read how the kitten needed help crossing America she immediately forwarded the newsletter to her flight attendant sister with US AIRWAYS, Vivian Rozane in Maryland, and a follow up note to me, "Thank you for letting me be part of this wonderful miracle. It is my joy and pleasure to bring you, Vivian and Miss Wings together! I never wrote to you before because a person learns to be quiet to live in the world where most people do not recognize, acknowledge and savor the miracles around them.

"I have had so many spiritual events happen to me and around me that I've had to keep them in the closet so to speak. I have to be careful who I tell what to.... most people either think I'm nuts, making it up, or the experience is so intensely personal that it has no real meaning to anyone else. Maybe that's what keeps me reading your newsletter... it is an affirmation that we do live in the world of spirit and love.

"I love your newsletter and website" and "thank you for lifting my heart".

Vivian promptly emailed me and offered to fly Miss Wings the entire way across America. She told me she loves cats, has three beautiful Himalayan Persians, and does animal rescue work in her area. Vivian also volunteered to dedicate her travel time and expenses for the journey.

In shock, I asked Vivian why she would do such a wonderful gesture for a complete stranger and she said, "I just melted when I saw Miss Wing's picture on the Internet and want to be part of her life if only for a few hours."

So I connected Vivian and Cheri via E-mail and they began working on the details to share the kitten and the flights when Miss Wings is old enough to make the journey. We agreed that the shortest travel time would be best for the kitten and we would go along with that flight plan.

Four strangers and a kitten connected in an ever growing miracle -- because of an ever increasing number of acts of kindness.

One of the next emails arrived was from Delta Pilot Warren Hendrickson, he also offered to be part of the kitten's air plans. Now Miss Wings had a flight to our new home...and her choice of airlines!

Over the next two months, as the plans were developing, and Miss Wings was growing, one more E-mail arrived from a kind soul, Dawn Leader, who has been reading the Angels and Miracles newsletters for years and she offered, "If the kitten can't fly, maybe she can drive. I'll volunteer to drive her from somewhere in Indiana to somewhere in Iowa, but as we know Angels are supposed to fly!"

What kindness! I did not personally know Dawn, she was just one of the 50,000 newsletter readers offering to Help. I sent an E-mail to Dawn thanking her and then another synchronicity happened which pointed once again to the magic miracles hold.

Dawn wrote, "I am the public relations director for The Joffrey Ballet, and also do work for the Trinity Irish Dance Company. I'd be glad to offer my services."

Dawn did not know Miss Wings mother's is Ballerina!

Then an email arrived from a newsletter reader I did not know. Debbie Comings wrote, "She is a true humanitarian, loving entity. Miss Wings is going to be vitally involved in the work you are doing." At that moment I knew this kitten would help to teach others that 30% of all homeless animals in the shelters are pure breds. A sad but true statistic...and one she could help teach the world. This kitten and I obviously have our work cut out for us.

Miss Wings story proves the existence of many good people from one end of the country to the other!

Miss Wings is a wonderful example of how we do not have to be purrfect to bring joy to others -- and that we have the power to bring strangers together with an act of kindness -- wrapped in a miracle.

It is my intent to share this miracle with the hopes that you too hold onto your dreams.

I wore my Christmas Sweatshirt to the Airport, "Dear Santa, Please bring me a Kitten." My daughter Ariel made a huge sign that read, "ITS A GIRL" and a picture of Miss Wings with her Angel Wings in the middle of it, and the sign was covered with pink balloons. My best friend Rebekah-mae, the National Guardswoman stationed at the Eugene Airport escorted us and Betty Kaiser, journalist for the Cottage Grove Sentinel chauffeured us all to the airport.

Miss Wings and Vivian flew into the Eugene Airport, with the KVAL TV station camera rolling and her story airing on KPNW radio.

Vivian tilted the small blue pet travel case and Miss Wing's sparkly-big-blue eyes peered up lovingly. I melted. My heart grew two sizes in an instant. I lifted her gently from the travel case, with tears in my eyes, and noticed she was the size of my heart. Miss Wings captivated everyone in the airport and none of us even noticed the lack of a tail.

Miss Wings personality is sweet, gentle, kind, loving...she is pretty to look at and has the spirit to match. Imagine a fluffy tennis ball running across your floor or putting your hand into a bowl of dandelion fluff and feathers, that is Miss Wings.

Vivian and I became instant best friends--another blessing. It was not until an hour later that someone spilled the beans on Vivian. Her boyfriend, Jerry, gave her $400 to do something nice for herself. Instead she "decided to do something for someone else."

Vivian did not fly US Airways, she paid for a ticket on UNITED Airlines so the kitten would have a flight with less airtime. When United heard of the act of kindness/miracle kitten they waived the $75 pet travel fee and put "special Bag" on her travel case.

The last crew of their journey gave them a bottle of champagne and honored Vivian's kind gesture over the loud speaker at the end of her journey of being a Flight-nanny to Miss Wings. This miracle of ours was uplifting and touching everyone.

It is beyond a doubt that this kitten showing up is miraculous because the connections where made over the Christmas holidays and my second book is called, "A Christmas Filled With Miracles" and my life truly is....may your life also be filled with miracles and warm fuzzy kitten kisses.

Picture History of "Miss Wings"
Miss Wings

Miss Wings and Bonnie's Miracle
Miss Wings and Bonnie

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

The injured kitten's story teaches us three things,

1 We do not have to be purrrfect to be lovable
2 There are good and kind folks coast to coast in America
3 Hold onto your dreams

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