Mary Ellen's Personal Miracles

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The Word Miracle

The dictionary's definition:

Any extraordinary event
manifesting divine intervention
in human affairs
that are highly improbable
and extraordinary
and bring a very welcome consequences:

to let us know God/spirit is active in our lives.

Everyday miracles point the way....
here are some examples that have given
Mary Ellen the name Miracle Magnet.


Three months after my mother gave me this computer and I began mailing letters of inspiration to my freinds the charity website of THE ARTIST formerly known as Prince asked if they may post my inspirational newsletters on their website ( and then less than 2 weeks later NEW LINE CINEMA's charity website ( also asked to post my newsletters...was it a blessing? or Angels as agents?

I am a housewife in the sticks in Gig Harbor. I do not have University credits, I have never worked in the publishing industry.

The publishers of EXPECT MIRACLES came to me and asked to create the book.

A newsletter reader and attorney did all the legal negotiations for Expect Miracles for free. Another newsletter reader volunteered to create this beautiful website and maintain it and the mailing list.

A reader, an airline pilot, signed me up on his family pass to allow me to travel with more easy. Another reader's family gave me a brand new lap top computer for free so that you may receive the newsletters when I am on the road.

The world is full of kind and loving folks with the same vision.

The teastain angel displayed on the sight is another of the many miracles surrounding the creation of the book.

EXPECT MIRACLES is more than just a title of a book, it is a way of life for some of us.

Blessings Mary Ellen^I^

Mary Ellen's Miracles

( 1) The Phone Call from My Father
( 2) The Most Amazing True Christmas Story
( 3) An Angel Saves Mary Ellen and Her Daughter
( 4) Travelling Long Distance with Angels.....
Never Leave Home with out Them ^I^
( 5) Rain, Seattle and an Answer to a Stranger's Prayer
( 6) Asking to Be a Divine Vehicle and the Immediate Results
( 7) Peanut Butter, the Homeless and Angels
( 8) The Lost Cat and the Miraculous Way I Found it
( 9) My Daughter and an Angel Save a Child
10) A Dream Led Me to a Miracle Event
11) Walking on the Seawall with Angels???
12) The Voice of an Angel Saves Mary Ellen in Europe
13) Small Miracles Remind Us That Miracles Exist
14) The Two Wheel Divine Vehicle and the Car Accident
15) My Grandmother's Friend Keeps her Promise

The Phone Call from my Father
Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

When you share your everyday miracles true stories with your friends you are offering them a string of hope and inspiration from your heart to theirs.

One evening last December my brother called to say that our father was terminally ill.

Our father had divorced us along with our mother 30 years ago and he chose to limit contact with us.

Over the years my brother, sister and I tried over and over to strengthen our bonds with him.

Dad had telephoned me 8 times over the last 40 years.

I have great compassion for anyone who is suffering so when I heard how ill he was I E-mailed his and his wife's name to the Angels and Miracles prayer team, for love and support for the difficult road they were about to venture down.

Fifteen minutes later the phone rang. I was stunned - it was my father!

Dad started out the conversation by telling me he hoped to make it through his call without crying. He said that he was dying and had reflected on his life and he realized truly all he "had" was a wife and his children.

Dad spoke a bit more and then his voice choked, as he bravely said what I had waited my entire life to hear.

Dad said, "I LOVE YOU."

These 3 words are so healing, one can not ever say them too many times, to anyone in their life.

I know this was a miracle. To place Dad's name with the prayer team- and to have him call me so unexpectedly with in minutes.

Know that miracles come to us in many forms and give thanks when they manifest.... as this truly attracts more into your life.

The Most Amazing
True Christmas Story
Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

It was not going to be the usual Christmas that year. My mother's husband, Jim, had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

I was living on Vancouver Island, and had to make the lonesome ferry trip over the grey waters to Vancouver, B.C.

It was as gloomy inside the house when I arrived as the weather was outside.

My mother and Jim were both resting.

It seemed the spirit of Christmas had been left behind on the Island with the joyful voices of my friend.

So on Christmas morning I decide to call my friend, Rita.

I dialed phone number. And when she picked up the telephone and said hello in a weak-crackly voice, I thought "Oh no, what was wrong!"

I asked Rita if she was alright....and this total stranger says," Who is this?"

Here it was Christmas morning and I had just woken up someone. I apologized and she said it was OK as she had no reason to get up, and it was nice talk to someone. My heart went out to this 80 year old woman, whose name was Faith. She was obviously very alone and lonely.

I asked my mother if Faith could come and share Christmas diner with us and she said yes.

I want to share something miraculous with you, something so unexplainable that even to this day, I cannot fully understand the magic of it.

When Faith arrived my mother realized they had not shared last names.

They then did and had the shock of their lives. They had the same unusual last name, spelled the exact same way!

How was it possible to dial a long distant number, on Christmas morning, and get someone locally, who needed us...and we needed her... and to find she had the same family name?

It was a Christmas that I will never forget.

The biggest gift to us that day was the realization that miracles do indeed exist.

An Angel Saves Mary Ellen
and her Daughter
Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

As my daughter, Ariel and I were driving in the rain down a busy four-lane road I saw a turquoise car waiting at a side street.

The driver had been looking to the right, gauging her chance to cross the road, and had forgotten to look again to her left where we were.

When we were 3 car lengths from the waiting car, it jumped out into traffic and crossed all four lanes of traffic.

I slammed on the brakes and we hydro-planed on the wet road towards her car. There was no way possible to avoid impact.

When we were one and a half feet from impact Ariel and I knew we were going to collide.

She muttered a four letter word that did not rhyme with Angel as I yanked the steering wheel to the left.

As if by magic, we were literally moved in a parallel position to the left, missed the other car, and resumed our way down the road, completely unharmed.

As we drove away Ariel said she had seen an Angel, a white blur image to the right of our car.

Ariel said she saw the Angel push our car out of the way of the impending impact. It had to be the ONLY possible explanation of how we avoided the collision.

My daughter and I laughed thinking of the vehicles behind us who had witnessed this miracle. Our car bumper sticker says, "Miracles happen... Ask the Angels."

And if the motorists happened to glance at our personalized license plate..."ANGEL"... they must have thought it was truly driven by Angels... We knew it was.

Expect miracles.

Travelling Long Distance with Angels....
Never Leave Home without them!

Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

On a recent trip to Canada with my girlfriend, Atira, as we were pulling out of the Bergsma Art Gallery parking lot in Bellingham Washington.,

Atira told me her Angels told her to delay continuing our drive. She laughed and told me how frustrating it is to trust in Angels when you don't know their reasoning.

They would not tell her why she was to delay our drive north. So we sat in the parking lot discussing Angels, how they are wonderful guides and what a blessing they are to us in our lives.

We waited a few minutes before pulling out and continued heading up I-5.

As we drove north at 75 miles an hour, a rainbow appeared, and I slowed down a bit so we could see it.

Then to our amazement a second rainbow appeared -double rainbows, side by side! Neither of us had EVER seen a double rainbow in our life. We were awed by this magnificent sight.

The colors were amazing! The rainbows continued to intensify until the colors looked like neon.

Five minutes further down the freeway we came over a hill and knew instantly why the angels spoke to Atira and delayed us. We had been slowed and delayed just long enough to avoid a flash ice storm.

Just in front of us eight cars had spun out and were in ditches and on the side of the busy interstate highway.

Angels... Never leave home without them. Ask them to go on trips with never know how much of a Blessing they will be.

Rain, Seattle and an Answer
to a Stranger's Prayer

Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

One day, my best friend Atira, was driving in a part of Seattle that she was not familiar with. She had to buy some groceries and as she left the store it started to rain torrentially.

Atira saw an elderly woman walking in the downpour, carrying bags of groceries. At first she drove on by, then thought better of it, turned around, and went back to see if the woman would like a ride.

Atira leaned out the window and asked the wet stranger if she would like a lift and the older woman smiled and said, "Oh, thank-you my dear. I had just prayed for an Angel to help me!"

Atira knew this is what it felt like to be in the middle of a miracle.

The older woman loaded her grocery bags into the car and they drove to her home which was only 4 blocks away in the direction Atira was going!

Atira said that her act of kindness, coupled with the woman's prayer for her Angel's help, changed her whole day, and attitude.

Atira said that both the woman and she felt better for the experience. And said she will never forget the woman telling her that she had just prayed to Angels and then she drove up.......

Atira told me that she asks to be a part of miracle-making moments more often. Miracles are not a grocery list of outcomes we ask God for.

Miracles are most often put into action when we are a vehicle for God to work through in others lives.

Asking to be a Divine Vehicle
and the Immediate Results
Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

Each morning, upon awakening, I ask to be a Divine vehicle in others lives.

The first few times I did this, the most amazing things happened ... Some where, some I was placed in just the right spot to assist someone.

More times than I've been able to count, people have said, "I just prayed for an answer to that question and here you are telling me what I needed to hear." And "You are an Angel, you showed up just when I needed help." It's becoming commonplace and brings much joy.

It became such a great feeling to look for miracles, no, to expect miracles each and every day. Not just in my life, but to be a vehicle for miracles in others lives as well.

I've been teaching others to ask God to be a vehicle for miracles to work through and they are reporting results in their lives.

Judy, my close friend, told me that when she reads the Angel Scribe newsletters and their miracle stories her skin feels too tight to hold in her spirit. One day after reading about the technique to ask God to work through us, she prayed and asked to be a part of a miracle. Judy wanted God to know she was open to being a Divine vehicle for divine energy to work through her.

An hour later there was a knock at her door and Judy's 90 year old neighbor, Ruth, collapsed in her arms asking for help.

Judy's husband, Dan, called for an ambulance, and then they cared for Ruth's 93 yr. old husband for 3 days.

Judy's prayer had such immediate results that Dan has only one request: That Judy asks to be a Divine Vehicle less frequently than every day as the events wore him out.

Was it a coincidence that the prayer to be a Divine Vehicle happened so suddenly?

Not likely when you believe in miracles.

Peanut Butter,
the Homeless
and Angels

Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

Do you know how powerful you are?
Do you know how your actions may effect others?
Do you realize your acts of kindness can manifest as miracles in the lives of others?

Ariel, my daughter, and I decided to take groceries to a women's shelter. Before we left the house, we asked the neighbours for clothing to take with us and they brought us bags full.

We then drove to a drug store and asked if they would give us a discount on sanitary supplies and diapers for the shelter. They gave us a discount! - We just had to ask.

We then went to the "day old" bread outlet store. I thought nourishing foods that lasted a long time in the tummy, would be the wisest to buy.

One of the hardest parts of being homeless was being hungry all the time. So we were planning to buy breakfast oats. As I was reaching for the oats Ariel, said, "Take them bread."

I explained, in my Mummy way, that oatmeal for breakfast would be better. Ariel said the Angel's were whispering to take bread instead.

Who am I to argue with Angels? So we bought bags of wholesome wheat bread and drove over to the shelter.

When we walked into the shelter, there on the counter stood TWO OF THE HUGEST JARS OF PEANUT BUTTER WE HAD EVER SEEN.

The person before us had just delivered them and as you know peanut butter goes better on bread than on oatmeal!

Ask to be a vehicle for God to work miracles through you. You will LOVE the results.

The Lost Cat
and the Miraculous way I Found it

Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

Twenty years ago I knew of God but could not see or feel God ...

One summer my husband and I took our two Persian cats camping from Canada to camp at Lake Chelan in Washington State.

We safely tied Camelot in his harness-leash while at the campsite. The next thing we knew Camelot had wiggled free and was nowhere to be seen.

We spent the next three days, and nights, walking around the town calling for him.

We wandered the streets until 3 am, would nap, and then go to the radio station, newspapers, and schools searching for Camelot during the day.

The last morning of our "vacation," just as the sun was rising, as I stood in the small darkened town, I knew we had done every thing possible and that locating him was out of our hands.

Speaking from my heart and placing it into the hands of God and I said, "If you are really out there, if you really exist, please lead me to Camelot."

I slowly turned around in a circle, and "felt" the invisible hands of God or Angels on my shoulders. I was directed in the opposite direction from where we had been searching.

The invisible hands led me to walk down a different street.

Then the feeling lifted, the sun rose and I felt very confused.

I called "C-a-m-e-l-o-t" one last time, and from under a bush 20 feet in front of me, cat meowed.

Camelot stood there, looking at me and waiting for me to come and pick him up.

Is there a God out there? We all make that decision in our own way, in our own time. Taking the time to ask, seems to be the key.

I lost my cat and found a new sense of belief... I hope you find what you may be missing too.

My Daughter and an Angel
Save a Child

Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

Dannian Brinkley says, "'If God could not show up today and he sent you instead, what would you do?"

The summer my daughter Ariel was certified as a life guard she stopped by the pool just as the scheduled life guard failed to show.

The pool manager, Michelle, asked Ariel if she could work as they were expecting 50 new children to arrive from a summer camp.

The children arrived and were soon splashing, yelling, and taking swim tests.

Michelle has been working at this pool for 10 years and in that time she has done only 4 rescues.

The camp children were diving off the sides of the pool and swimming back to the pool's edge. Unbeknownst to the life guards and the camp supervisors, some of these 7 year olds had never had swim lessons. A couple of minutes later a child jumped in, and Ariel heard Michelle yell her name.

She looked over at Michelle and saw her point to a small child in trouble...they both hit the water together and brought the child to the water's edge.

Michelle said, I was surprised to see you Ariel.

And Ariel said, "Michelle heard you call my name." and Michelle said, "No I did not, there was no time, I saw the child in danger and jumped in."

Ariel replied, "I heard my name called and saw you point."

When Ariel arrived home she said she saw an Angel hovering by Michelle, and we wondered if it was the angel who had alerted her to the child in danger.

We discussed the miracle of her being on duty that day.

Miracles continue today in many ways for many people

Never underestimate Divine energy in your life....

A Dream led to a Miracle Event
Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

This story illustrates the mysterious connections to miracles that greets us in our lives.

Twenty years ago I had a dream that Della phoned me.

Della is a First Nations Indian. She was poor and had no phone or car. Because of the dream I drove over to her home to see if she needed anything.

Della greeted me with relief. She was upset as her minister, was in the hospital. So when she saw me on her porch she knew we were meant to go and see him.

We arrived at the crowed hospital room, not sure of what we would find . . . and it was definitely not what I had ever expected to happen!

Native Americans Indians were sending the dying man prayers in their many languages.

Della and I had taken a weekend course in reflexology and she felt the reflexology might help.

I started at his toes and she at his head

We knew the dying man was in a coma, and in reflexology the brain is connected to the big toe, so I pulled back the sheets and pressed my thumb hard into the brain point reflex point on his big toe three times.

What happened next caught me totally off guard! The man sprang to life! He sat straight up in bed. He was yelling, "HI HI HI" . . . Della said he was saying "STOP! STOP! STOP!" In his own language.

We soon left the hospital, and the man remained fully alert through the day and late into the night.

He told his son he loved him and apologized for not being there for him, and he told his wife he loved her . . . and he died in the morning. He had that last chance to say Good bye.

This miracle illustrates how Angels work through us when we listen.

Never underestimate Divine energy in your life....
Expect Miracles

Walking on the Seawall
with Angels???

Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

Do you wonder if God is active in your life?

Do you ever wonder how you would know?

I often think these thoughts when Divine Timing is placed in my life.

My heart tells me that no one else but God could have planned this next story.

While visiting my mother in Vancouver I decided to walk on the seawall.

My heart was wishing to walk and talk with someone who was spiritual in their heart.

The last time I had walked the seawall and had these thoughts, God/Spirit had provided a wonderful person, who just happened to walk by. But, I thought it could not happen twice.

So I boldly set forth, barefoot, marching to the tune of harps.

As I strode past a woman I said "This is such a gorgeous day" She replied, "Yes it is," and we began walking in step together.

Lucill said that she was not supposed to be out walking as she was care-taking her ill husband and decided to walk along the sea wall to pick her spirits up.

She shared some of her spiritual thoughts, and I said out loud, laughing, to the Angels as if they were walking with us, "Boy, you sure set up this walk."

Lucill then said, "It is funny that you should say that. I am an artist, and my daughter has asked me to paint an angel for her, not any angel, but her angel. I was walking deep in thought, feeling stuck and wondering how to do it, and at that moment you said, 'This is such a gorgeous day.'

"I left the drug store and the person ahead of me was buying clay angels and the lady behind me was buying an angel book. Then I meet you as I was walking & thinking about painting her angel."

This is an amazing example of two people on their path in life, led by the guidance of Angels right into each others company, in that instant in time.

Never underestimate Divine energy in your life....

The Voice of An Angel
Saves Mary Ellen in Europe

Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

In my early twenties I quit my job and hopped on an airplane to tour Europe all by myself.

The trip introduced me to guardian angels.

In Europe Hitchhiking was a popular mode of transportation and one day a U.S. solder picked me up in a truck. Apparently he had unethical plans as he started to attack me.

I was thinking as fast as I could to deter his advance. Just then an invisible, and very audible male voice said, "Tell him you will tell."

I thought that wouldn't work so I said, "How would you like your sister to come to Europe and make love to all the men she met?" Thinking he would see she would not do that and that he would understand I was not that kind of woman. He responded, "She probably would."

I thought "Oh, Oh." The invisible voice again repeated, "Tell him you will tell." I thought, that is nuts, it would not deter any attacker.

The funny part now is I never thought it odd to have heard the voice. Maybe if I had said, "Do you hear that little voice," he would have thought I was nuts and left me alone.

The soldier continued his unwelcomed advances.

The male voice outside my left ear said, "TELL HIM YOU WILL TELL." I had nothing left to say, so I said, "I will tell."

Well, this guy jumped back off of me. He said, "You wouldn't."

And my brain is thinking shesh, I am in a country where I don't speak the language and I don't even know where we were.

So I said, "Yes, I will tell." He acted as if in a trance, and backed away.

It is amazing how resistant we are to listen the voices of the angels as they protect, inform, and guide us and that we are often afraid to listen to their guidance.

By sharing we bring a normalcy to our experiences of Divine Guidance. May this knowledge impower us all.

Small Miracles remind us...
Miracles Exist

Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

Many people feel they must visit the sacred sites of the world to have miracles manifest in their life.

You do not have to leave home or spend money. The keys to God's/Spirit's kingdom are so simple that the magic of miracles is often over looked.

To be the vehicle, the vessel, to work with God's energy: enter the temple of your heart. Ask to be an instrument for God, in your life and for others.

When you ask you can also create blessings for others.

For example:
Our neighbor Jill and her family moved and I have not been in contact with them since the move.

One day as I was writing the Angels and Miracles Newsletter Jill's daughter went riding by on her biycle.

Seeing her I remembered Jill's mother lives only 2 blocks from my mother's home in Canada and I was going to visit my mum in a few more days.

I phoned Jill to ask if she had anything I could take to her mother.

And the reaction I got was a big gasp. Apparently Jill was planning on driving her daughter to Canada the same day I planned to drive. By taking the child it meant Jill would save 12 hours of driving time.

This may not seem like a miracle, but to Jill it was. She has a business to run and very little time to juggle, family, work and children.

Miracles occur every day, in many ways, when we transfer our focus and ask to be a vehicle for God's work.

Never underestimate Divine energy in your life...
Expect Miracles

The Two Wheel Divine Vehicle
and the Car Accident

Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

It was a warm summer day in Duncan and I decided to ride my bicycle to my friends home 5 miles away to enjoy the fragrant blooms in the air.

I had never ridden my bike to her home before and never did again. The fact that I did this day is the miracle. It illustrates Divine intervention in our lives.

As I headed down Tzouehalem (Zoo-hay-lem) road and rounded a curve there was a recent car accident. Two young men were sitting stunned on the curb and a third looked very injured and was sitting in the middle of a yard.

All the neighbors were looking from their front doors, but no one moved to help.

I believe that we are Divinely put in places for a reason. I dropped my bicycle and ran up to the first home and asked for a wet cold wash rag. I have no medical training, but I knew something could be done for the young man with blood running all down his face.

The young man was nearly hysterical. He could not see as the blood was beginning to congeal on his eyelashes and they were sealng his eyes shut.

He asked how bad he looked. I knew he was in a very fragile state, I was also looking at more blood than I had ever seen, so I said, "Oh it is not bad, most feel worse than it looks."

I talked gently to him for the 7 minutes that it took the ambulance to arrive. Then I picked up my bicycle and continued the journey to my friends.

The next day the Duncan newspaper read, "Thank-you to the angel who stopped and helped our son at the car accident. We don't know who you are, but we thank you and wanted you to know our son was not badly injured and we are all appreciative."

The miracle was the timing. I hope the young man realizes his guardian angels must have been the ones to encourage me to ride my bike that day.

My Grandmother's Friend
Keeps her Promise

Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Author of Expect Miracles

The first time I remember something spiritual existed in our lives was a true experience my grandmother told me.

My grandmother had taken care of Mrs. Carmichael for 40 years. Their friendship began casually as my grandmother walked to the trolley car in the morning on her way to work.

Mrs. Carmichael was tending her flowers in the garden and they would exchange greetings.

The flowers bloomed and so did their friendship . From these early contacts, to Mrs. C's husbands death, to her journey into blindness and then to a nursing home my grandmother was beside her the entire time.

Mrs. C and her husband never had any children so facing old age alone, blind, was frightening. My grandmother promised to be her sight and helper.

One day when Mrs. C was in her 90'S she said to my grandmother, "I wish I could be there for you when you were old as you have been here for me."

Several months later early in the morning my grandmother woke up to what sounded like scratching on her apartment window. My grandmother noticed the time, got up, went to check the window. No branches were close to the window, nothing. So my grandmother went back to bed thinking that was the oddest thing.

At 9 am the phone rang and the nursing home staff told my grandmother that Mrs. C had died in the middle of the night and they did not want to call and wake my grandmother. The time she died? Yes, the exact time the scratching on the window, like a goodbye from a dear friend.

My grandmother resumed her life with out Mrs. C and in her 70's my zzz received a call from the new managers of the apartment building she had lived in for 28 years. They told her she had to move apartments as they wanted her unit. My grandmother was startled. She did not have the energy to move and had no idea where to go.

So she phoned the new owners of the building and began, " Hello, this is Anne Woods in apt 2B. I will move but I need another month to locate a new apartment building."

The female voice of the new owner said,"Is this Annie?" Is this Mrs. Carmichael's Annie?"

My grandmother faltered, and then responded, "Yes."

The voice said, " Annie, this is Nurse Holden from the nursing facility where Mrs. Carmichael lived for 20 years. My husband and I just bought your apartment buidling and we hired a new manager. I am so sorry our new manager has asked you to move. Don't you worry, you stay there as long as you like. They can find another apartment to move into."

So in a very special way Mrs. Carmichael's wish for my grandmother came true...she did indeed help her out in her old age too.

We never know when an act of kindness will turn and become a blessing to us.

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