Humble Beginnings.....
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Dearest Readers,

My Mission/Dream/Vision is to "Touch and Uplift Hearts Around the World Through Angelic Wisdom" so that all ages, genders, and beliefs benefit in wondrous ways.

I know this can be accomplished by sharing good, kind and Loving mail ... one person at a time.

Over the years since 1996, this newsletter has been read by 50,000 readers in 40 countries. All by word of mouth and friend to friend.

People have asked how the Angels and Miracles Good-News-Letter evolved. Have you ever helped some one? Inspired someone? And Loved how it made you feel?

Have you ever sat back and watched joy blossom on their face, as they realized their heart has been touched?

One of the greatest blessings of life is to touch the heart of someone and uplift them ... it is a gift to share in this manner.

And it is this gift that gives me the greatest joy.

In 1990 messages began to form in my heart.

The messages, once written down, were so loving and poetically beautiful that I started to share them. Handing the words of Love to friends, strangers, clerks in stores ... anyone who was standing beside me.

I had to swallow the "I look dumb feeling," and think about the magic in print and its potential to uplift others as I shared/handed out the messages.

The most amazing thing happened. Person after person said "This is just what I needed to hear." Person after person. And so I continued to share the writings.

Friends photo copied the writings and handed them to their friends. One woman mails them, in each bill, to uplift the person opening the mail.

When the Internet moved into our home in 1996 it was just a natural progression to share the writings with my new friends on the net.

And the magic continued again. The net buddies, forward the writings onto their friends, who then asked onto my mailing list.

Miracles are always happening to me. So, I typed them up and shared them with the mailing list... and folks would in turn mail their many miracles back to me.

The newsletter evolved from LOVE and Divine magic and word of mouth. The intention was pure. Volunteers now translate the newsletter into Dutch and Spanish. More volunteered to form a prayer team, and a few more to create a web site.

Three years later, a man E-mailed and asked if I was the one putting out the Angels and Miracles newsletter. He mentioned he could not find my web site.

I E-mailed him back, at that time, saying I did not have one. He said no person could create what I had on E-mail alone.

My response was "I EXPECT MIRACLES"

The creation of this web site is another one of those miracles.

Shortly after this man's comment, I met Michael, our volunteer webmaster, at an Angel convention in Seattle. Michael flew from Missouri to attend.

When Michael heard what I was doing with the newsletters, he wanted to be a part of the Angel's work. Michael voluntered hours and hours, and together with others helped create this beautiful website. And most difficult of all, he taught me how to enter the newsletters on the website for your enjoyment.

May MIRACLES become an every day occurence in your life.

LOVE and LIGHT Mary Ellen ^I^
Creator of Angel Scribe Newsletters

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