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Newspaper Interview


Mary Ellen (AngelScribe) said she spilled some herb tea one recent evening.

When she returned to the Kitchen, she said the spill had formed "the perfect little angel."

Mary Ellen, a published inspirational writer who often focuses on Angels and Miracles,
she said she was not surprised to see the likellinness of the Angel.

"When I saw it I just said, "Oh, my gosh it happened again!"

She said the Miracles and well-ending coincidences have happened throughout her life.

The Tea Stain is about 7 inches by 5 inches.

Mary Ellen claims it has wings, a face, and is gowned in a flowing robe.

Mary Ellen said that many of her camera weilding-neighbors were not shocked
at the image because of her strong belief and stories of Angelic proportions.

purbull.gif (1k bytes) Tea Stain Angel that appeared on the stove

Mary Ellen started out as a housewife, typing inspirational messages to her friends.

Over the next few weeks, she became Angel Scribe and miracles unfolded rapidly to support her efforts to uplift readers around the world.

Here is what transpired over the next few years:

Mary Ellen, is author of the best selling books, "Expect Miracles" and "A Christmas Filled With Miracles" (sold 40,000 world wide) and creator of the highly popular on-line Angels and Miracles Good-News-Letter with fifty thousand readers.(

Wisdom radio asked Mary Ellen to be a WHOLE NEWS segment commentator and the host of ANGEL WAVES radio show on Cincinnati’s WSAI asked her to co-host the show for 1 ˝ years.

Mary Ellen’s personal miracle stories are published in:
"Hot Chocolate for the Teen Age Soul" by Arielle Ford
"Hot Chocolate for the Lover's Soul" by Arielle Ford
“Magical Souvenirs” by Arielle Ford
"Healing with the Angels" by Dr. Doreen Virtue
"Angel Visions" by Dr. Doreen Virtue
"The Angelspeake Storybook" by Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswald
"Angels Everywhere" by Lynn Vallentine
"On the Wings of Heaven" G.W. Hardin mentions Mary Ellen on line work six times
"God's Messengers: What Animals Teach Us About the Divine" by Allen and Linda Anderson

AWARENESS MAGAZINE in Los Angeles featured Mary Ellen and her on the cover of their highly popular November-December 2003 Angel issue. (distribute 70,000+ magazines to LA county, Orange County, San Diego county, Riverside County, and now some in Taos, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Sedona.)

FIRST, For Women On the Go magazine, 1.4 million distributed monthly to Canada and USA, September 13th,2004 page 99, features Mary Ellen

New Line Cinema AND the musician Prince both posted and updated Mary Ellen’s inspirational miracles stories on their charity websites weekly for three years.

Radio and TV show guest in Canada and the U.S.A.

It is her dream to publish syndicated magazine and newspaper columns on miracles.

There is power to attract and hold readers to a miracle newspaper column... the readers will search for it as they do Ann give them hope and inspiration to carry on in today’s world.

Mary Ellen,


A few weeks back I was talking to Mary Ellen, who is know as the Angel Scribe.

She is part magic and part spirit. She is made of the kind of human fabric we should all possess. Her uncanny ability to look at life is inspiring and warm.

Her gentle strength and powerful energy comes in many different forms.

To know her is truly a remarkable thing. Please trust me on that.

She is an author, an educator, a guide, a radio show host, and a lightening rod, among the many other things she is.

If you check out her website, you'll understand her appeal.

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Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Photo by Heritage Studio Cottage Grove, Oregon

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