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Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Author: Two best selling books on Miracles
Columnist: Pet TIPS 'n' TALES



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Myster E., a 4 year old Silver Persian
Watches himself swim on U-tube

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Myster E,. curious, how he got on TV, errr IN the TV!
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Your Miracles and Angels stories are welcome.


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Los Angeles
Awareness Magazine Cover Story
on Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Cover Photo with Winged Cat

Who is Mary Ellen...story.

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There are two ways of spreading light:
To be the candle or
The mirror that reflects it.

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Expect Miracles
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Seventy Inspiring and Miraculous Stories
A heart warming book and the perfect gift
for every age, belief and gender.

As seen on PAX TV's "IT'S A MIRACLE"
"The Best Christmas Present" page 78 of Expect Miracles

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Mary Ellen writes about Miracles,
and lives in the
World of Angels and Miracles

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of "Expect Miracles"
& "A Christmas Filled with Miracles"
by Mary Ellen.

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Mary Ellen(red dress) on KHSL and KNVN TV
in Redding California

Stories of Mary Ellen's Personal Miracles:

purbull.gif (1k bytes) Angels Share Wisdom in a Dream

purbull.gif (1000 bytes) Christmas Morning Miracle Phone Call

purbull.gif (1000 bytes) How Miss Wings(the kitten) Earns her Wings

purbull.gif (1000 bytes) The Easter Sunday Hidden Miracle

purbull.gif (1k bytes) A Life of Miracles...

bluebull.gif (1000 bytes) Tea Stain Angel Appears on Mary Ellen's Stove

bluebull.gif (1000 bytes) A Miracle of Divine Timing Saved Tacoma's Zoo from Fire

bluebull.gif (1000 bytes) The Center Street Angel saves Mary Ellen and Ariel

bluebull.gif (1000 bytes) 17 of Mary Ellen's Personal Miracle True Stories

redbull.gif (1k bytes) Book Signing Saves Dan's Life

purbull.gif (1k bytes) Mary Ellen's Healing Dream 07-27-00

bluebull.gif (1000 bytes) Mary Ellen's 11 days of Miracles

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purbull.gif (1k bytes) Angel Cloud Sightings
This Angel cloud photograph will inspire and awe you!

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Who is Mary Ellen...story.

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