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Holiday Hug from Mom!
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photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Row River - Snow Scene in Cottage Grove, Oregon
This is a color photograph, but it appears black and white!
Diamonds, Unicorns & Butterflies
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels

Have you ever had a quiet moment and joy leapt into you? 
Have you ever turned your mind off, set it in neutral, and felt peace engulf you? 
Have you ever sat silently, and felt your physical body vibrating as a living unit . . . on the planet? 
Have you sensed the peace of this discussion and wish to explore it?

To meditate, to relax, to join your physical body, in a moment of relaxation, with your mind at ease, is to connect to the Divine being, that you are . . . and how else would one react than to have joy leap into you?

It is an amazing thing to us, to see you stomping, heavily through your life, like a plow horse, in the fields.  When the spirit within you, is as light as a butterfly, and desires the freedom of the air current . . .  to soar.

And we see your physical form, a creation of the Universe, unique just unto you, and we wonder, why others do not see this, honor this, and cherish it?

Your time of life is brief, in the scope of eternity.  Your body, the result of only one, out of a miracle of millions of sperm and one egg coming together.  Do you realize if your birth parents had conceived one month earlier you would not be here, someone else, of a different gender would have taken your place on earth.  And here you are today, now, here to read this, to have the luxury of a spiritual journey in this your miraculously created body?

And we say this to you.  You are as precious as any article that God created.  You have the same awesomeness as the tallest mountain on your earth.  You have as much value as the largest diamond unearthed.  You are as rare as a unicorn.
One day will be your last day, and nothing . . . nothing . . . could ever replace you!

Put this sheet of wisdom down, step over to the mirror . . . look into it, and peer at one of God's greatest accomplishments, for indeed, you are. 

photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Miss Wings, the snow bunny....
errrr snow cat stomping in deep snow!
(3 inches of snow is deep for her!)
Her tail was damaged at birth
creating this beautiful unique kitty
with a fawn-like tail...and a Miracle tale!
(another color photo that looks black and white!)
Read the Miracle of Miss Wings' birth
& see her cute kitten photos.

A Hug from Mom
by  Toni in Aurora, IL.

My Mother has Dementia and the onset of Alzheimers. Life is not easy for us, we now live together.

Just before Christmas, Mom burst a blood vessel in her eye and needed it checked out. We went to the optician, everything was fine, then we went to lunch.

Let me set this scene.  My mother's walker is decorated with a gold tinsel garland, a soft sculptured Santa head in the middle, and a velvet red poinsettia is wrapped around its side.

We hobble into a restaurant, where we are greeted by two ladies mopping the floor from the snow and cleaning tables. They both made a fuss on how cute mother's walker is.

After we were seated and I began ordering our food, one of the ladies approached us and said, "Your mother is so sweet, she reminds me of my mother who passed three years ago."

I expressed my sympathy and told her that Mom will be 92 in February. The lady exclaimed, "She doesn't look a day over 70!"
We sat enjoying our lunch, watching the snow gently fall.

As I was getting on my coat to leave, the same lady approached us again and wished us a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Mom said, "The same to you and a healthy one for sure."

I leaned over and told mom that she made the lady smile when she came in because she reminded her of her mom who was no longer alive.

The lady said, "Yes, Mom and I would often spend the afternoon together and go out to eat too. I really miss our time together, and my mother."

With that mom spread open her arms and said, "Come here and give your mom a hug!"
Startled, the lady looked at my mom, began to cry and reached over and hugged mom. Then my mother said, "Don't cry your mother is looking over you and she wouldn't want you to be sad at Christmas time.  So no more crying.  Be happy and know that  I know you work here, and I will come back more often to see you.

As we left the lady thanked us for making her day. I was so taken aback at what I had just witnessed.  Especially since, the past few months haven't been joyful. Here I was with an ANGEL on earth. I will never forget this Christmas season!  I had to share my story and wish your readers a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Mary Ellen, thank you for all the wonderful photo's and stories.
Toni, Aurora, Illinois
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
No one is a flagger because it is their hobby.
People need jobs, and in Colleen's case she showed up at work in freezing snow conditions to keep others safe.  Colleen is holding a cup of hot coffee that my daughter, Ariel, gifted both she and a fellow flagger.

We can all do something simple to put a smile on someone else's face and in their hearts. As Ariel handed Colleen the coffee, her face exploded into a warm smile, and she said, "Oh, you are an Angel!"  I am so proud of my daughter, she is the next generation of Earth Angel!


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Nymbus, the Silver Persain cat swimming
Miss Wings Swimming on Seattle TV 
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