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and Your Loved Ones, Blessings
for a Healthy Holiday Season. 

Miracle Books

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The Awakening
Authors: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" & her Angels

To awaken one day,
as Rip van Winkle,
and you see your life with new eyes;

- to see
- to know
- and feel
that God/Spirit and the Angels
are some how working through you,
or with you,
is a revelation.

And you ask,
"How can I create a better bridge,
a stronger bridge
for this Divine energy?"

And we say,
"Where you stand,
where you sit,
raise your hands
and arms
towards the heavens
and say,
"Dear Holy God,
dearest Angels of Light,
I raise my energy,
I open my hands, arms
and heart
to be an Earth Angel on earth.

I need not see you,
I need not hear you
to be guided
to do your will
and show your love on earth.

Guide me to be a vehicle
to answer others' prayers,
to show that God/Spirit and the Angels
really do hear."
Often a miracle takes place
when one person is in need
and a second party shows up
to complete their request.
"I raise my arms
and open my heart today,
in this moment,
to demonstrate to you
and to myself
that I am no longer sleep-walking in life,
that my intention is to be a vehicle
for your loving energy to open
and awaken
and touch gently
the hearts of others."

And as you lower your arms. 
And you smile from heart to soul....
knowing deep, deep within,
at a soul level....
that today
you are finally awake
and it is no longer an ordinary life,
but an extraordinary day
in the space of eternity."

Angelic Messages
to Lift Your Heart

20 of the 1,000 on file
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Imagine a publisher finding this treasure!

Banking on Prayers
 Randy in Aromas, California
I made the mistake of going to the bank, during lunch hour.

A long line of irritated customers, stood impatiently waiting, as the only available teller handled what was, of course, a long-winded, complicated transaction with one individual.

After what seemed like forever, another teller emerged from the back of the bank. 

She was a young woman, probably in her twenties. Her eyes looked dull and lifeless.

She looked incredibly sad, (or bored), as she said, "Next..." to each customer, never once looking up at anyone.

I wanted to do something to brighten her day.  So, I said a prayer and "sent" her love. 

Three or four people later, it was my turn.

I walked up to the teller, gave her a big, bright smile, and said, "Hi," in a friendly, upbeat voice. 

I was filled with life and energy, and that big smile..and flashed it all at her...for her. 

An amazing thing happened...she immediately looked up. 

Her whole face brightened. 

She smiled back, was very friendly and chatted...being human again.

As I left, she called out after me, "Have a GREAT day!" 

She was smiling, there was life in her eyes.

What had started out as a trip to the bank, became a lesson in the
power of loving and reaching out!

Betty Tisdale's Orphans
Dearest Readers,
Betty Tisdale, now 85 years of age, has spent her life time, helping the orphans of the world. 
Betty began her work of love and compassion, during the Vietnam War...and continues today.
Every penny sent to her, goes directly to the children.
If you can help Betty, in any way; mailing newsletters, computer help, ways to raise funds...she lives in Seattle and would appreciate your help.
For updates on her travels, this year, the blessings from you, that she took to the children, view photos and stories here;

Angelic Music
This week, my daughter and I were walking in a mall, and walked by a pianist. 
It is interesting, not all music is the same.  His music sounded like, in a mall.
We kept walking, rounded a corner and 200 feet in front of us, unseen, was another pianist.  Three musical notes floated in the air, and entered our heart centers.
My heart vibrated to the music, and tingled with Love.  It was the unmistakable music of David Nevue!
Fans of David Nevue, will be thrilled to learn, he has a new CD out, ADORATION.
Listen for him, at Valley River Mall, in Eugene, lifting holiday spirits...literally!

Angelic Messages
to Lift Your Heart

20 of the 1,000 on file
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Imagine a publisher finding this treasure!
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