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Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"
and Nymbus, Wish You, and Your
Loved Ones a Healthy Holiday Season.

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Your Divine Assignment
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" & her Angels

Has an Angel appeared
in a vision,
in a dream,
in person
and asked you
to accomplish something?

Something kind,
and uplifting, for humanity?

And after this Angel left
did you carry forth with its request?

Or were you too busy?
Lacking confidence?

Why do you think the Angel chose you?
Why do you think the assignment
can only be handled by you?

Do you,
not see as clearly,
as we do?

You are Divinely assigned,
and have all the celestial help
you will require at your finger tips.

Pick up a pen,
a phone,
your step...
and step towards
what others know you are capable of.

It does no moral good to say, "No"
when your skills and strengths shine
through the ethers to Heaven,
and we see your capacity
to accomplish
even that,
that you doubt about yourself.

What if the Biblical characters
had responded, "NO" when asked?

What if your inventors,
and famous musicians,
and artists
had said, "NOT NOW GOD,
I am feeling a touch inferior today,
and don't feel up to it!"

What will be your excuse?

What will be your action?

What will be your result?

You will never know
unless you pick up the paper,
the phone book,
the pen,
and turn on the computer
and try.....

Blessings for a successful journey.


Angelic Messages
to Lift Your Heart

20 of the 1,000 on file
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Imagine a publisher finding this treasure!

Dearest Readers,
For the last few weeks, daily, Nymbus and I drive into the countryside, to see Tim and his family.
I  volunteer to massage, with love, our Firefighter and friend, Tim, who has A.L.S.
(His daughters love to see the kitty, and the kitty loves the drive.)
The two hours with Tim, gives him great comfort, and companionship.
It is an honor to gift Tim these moments.
Imagine, lying helplessly, like Tim...unable to look at your own life, and see how rich, and blessed you are.
Is there someone in your life, that you can make their life more comfortable?  It enriches your spirit and theirs.
Blessings to you and your Loved ones,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Good News
Our Angels and Miracles Global Prayer team, was asked to pray for a wild white cat, seen in a Californian Rescue Center.
The white cat's life has dramatically transformed!
It was rescued, first from the alleys of California, the rescue society, AND flown to Paris, France!

The kitty went from alley cat status, to a pampered French villa!
A holiday rags to riches story!

May you have such miracles in your life!

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

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