Christmas Eve Miracles
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Christmas Eve Miracle
Christmas Angel and Cat
Look who is decorating
Angel Scribe's Christmas tree!
A visiting Angel!

December 14, 2005
Angels - Miracles

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In This Edition
- Christmas Eve Miracle
- The Grinch
- Hot Miracle
- Unity Miracle

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Dearest Readers,
The little Angel above decorating our Christmas tree is a miracle in her own right.
Born three months premature, less than three pounds, spending months in an incubator, she survived to be a beautiful, healthy and intelligent child.
Despite her struggle to survive, her twin sister was unable to make it.
Their father has a photo of his wedding band, slipped up over her tiny hand, all the way to her forearm.
Yes, she is a tiny miracle to keep hope alive in us all.
Miracles surround us.
The coming holidays are about family, love, nurturing the spirit of joy and creating miracles in the lives of others.
Many of us are recreating our families by including others who are also in search of a family they can resonate with.
What is a miracle?
I know a man, who openly hated any human, not his own skin color.

Oh, he was hard to be around, hatred spilling from his mouth and the very pores of his body.

In his fifty plus years he had limited himself from knowing great, kind and loving people who could have enriched his life.
Just because, in his own mind, he thought they were different.
Then of course; his daughter marries a man who was the opposite skin color from her!
I thought the old geezer was going to split wide open, or foam was going to explode from the top of his head when he told me about his daughter's marriage.
He said he would NEVER accept any of her children into his home and life.
He broke off all communication; never looked at a baby photo, never answered her letters.
And his wife was heartbroken at the emotional distance between her loved ones.
Several years later, the daughter's marriage broke up, leaving her destitute with two very small children.
With no options left, she had to fly across the continent, to live with her parents.
I was concerned about how her father's reception would be and how he would treat her innocent children.
Well, when those two wide-eyed trusting cherubs toddled off the airplane holding their mother's hands, her father transformed like the Grinch who gave Christmas back to Who-Ville.
Her father was a goner!
Lost in LOVE...LOVE...LOVE with the gifts she brought home in those two precious children.
Instantaneously, all the prejudice bones in his body melted.
His heart grew three sizes standing there in the airport lobby, as he looked at his complete family.

A minute in a life can make a BIG difference!

What size and shape is a miracle?

A change of a hardened heart, the elimination of prejudice is one of the greatest miracles we can witness.
May you experience miracles this Holiday season.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Christmas Eve Miracle
Story by Angel Summer in Oregon
Reprinted from A Christmas Filled With Miracles
by Author Mary Ellen
Yesterday was the day of Angels in our lives.
First, I gave my Reiki teacher an Angel gift...she absolutely loved it!
Secondly, it was my son's third Christmas.
In his three short years, we have lost my grandfather, "Opa Ted," and our very loyal Shetland Sheepdog, Duchess.
We consider them as having moved on to another place and becoming our Guardian Angels.
We have no doubt that our Angels were with us this Christmas.
Before putting my son to bed, we once again took in the beauty of our live and majestic eight-foot Grand Noble tree - each ornament holding special memories of years past.
It was topped with an Angel given as a wedding present twelve years before.
It is a pretty Angel top with Christmas lights.
She has sat upon and protected our tree for 13 years.
After tucking in my own little cherub, I came down the stairs and noticed the tree beginning to tilt.
This didn't make sense, since no one was near it, and it was securely screwed into the tree stand.
Before I could reach the tree, it crashed to the ground.
My first reaction was anger and disappointment.
Ornaments appeared broken and water was emptying all over the carpet.
The first words out of my mouth, did not rhyme with Angel!
Little did I know, the words should have been, "Thank you, my dear Guardian Angels."
Many of the ornaments were expensive Belleek and extremely fragile.
To my surprise only one ornament broke.
As I reached to replace the treetop Angel, I noticed the first five inches of the tree's top was brown and charred.
Apparently the wiring to the light was faulty and had begun to burn our tree.
When my son came down to see what happened, he simply and matter-of-factly said, "I think Opa Ted and Duchess knocked it down."
We would not have noticed that our tree was burning until it was too late.
We believe that our Guardian Angels toppled our tree and saved our lives on Christmas Eve.
Post Note:
I have such fond memories of the holidays.
First, an Angel saved my son's and my life that year.
Second, on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve TV show, three years ago,
I accepted Steve's proposal, a man who I feel God created just for me
I was a regular dancer on American Bandstand in the 80's and Dick's wife liked the idea of an on air proposal.
My "Angels" were Dick and Kari Clark that year!
Angel Summer- Goulet

If you are strong enough
and bold enough
to follow your dreams,
then you will be led
in the best path for you...
~ Oprah ~

Hot Miracle
Laura in Glacier Washington
I have to tell you what happened to us yesterday!
My husband, the handy man, said, "This is the second cold shower I have had. I'd better check the hot water heater. "
As a good wife, with not a single handy-bone in my body, I mumbled something like, "That might be a good idea," and continued doing my kitchen duties.
Well, he came up from the basement with the bad news that we need a new hot water heater.

With Christmas coming, the money for Christmas gifts and our Christmas dinner would now have to go for a hot water heater.

My husband returned home from the store with a miracle.
While he stood looking at all the hot water heaters, this nice lady came up to him and started a conversation about her husband changing their whole hot water system to a gas on demand system.
She mentioned that they now had no use for their electric, perfectly good, 50 gallon hot water heater.
She gave my husband her phone number and said to ask for her husband and talk to him about it.
He called the number and the nice man said the hot water tank was ours for the picking up and hauling it away!
I've been praying for a miracle and here it is!
Merry Christmas!
Laura in Glacier Washington

Sky Light?
Laura's story inspired me to ask,
do you have an extra sky light
that needs a home?
Our home needs more Light!
And if you have an extra dish washer
machine in your garage,
please let me know.
My husband does not look good
with dishpan hands!

Angel Scribe
Screen Savers
It makes my heart giggle when reader's
email that they have our cat's photos
on their computer screen savers.
It is an honor that our furry family
makes your hearts smile!
I tell our cats, that making
folks smile is their job!
And for those that
missed the information
on how to help a family
whose pet is urinating
inappropriately in the home
Pet Help
Pet Tips

Unity in Miracles
111=a sign that the Angels are with us.
Randy in California
I compiled a long list of both churches, Unity and Religious Sciences, in the USA.
Then I looked at the list and at the bottom my computer read:
Page 111 Sec 1 111/111

In the past, I wasn't sure about this 111 thing, because it has never happened to me, however, when I was compiling this list related to New Thought churches and this happened, well, it made a believer out of me!

Randy Peyser in Aromas, California
Author of "Crappy to Happy"

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