Angel Scribe Good-News-Letter December 14, 2000

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1) A Car Accident...Is A Blessing
2) The View discusses Miracles
4) A Christmas Earth Angel
Dearest Readers,

This season has become very busy for our family. Christmas is a few days, we are packing, moving, unpacking, painting a few rooms, and I have international radio shows to do. Keep your fingers crossed that Oprah does not call.

My daughter and I can hardly wait to put up our outside Christmas lights on our new home to make it shine with LIGHT. (My husband is not so excited. )

The computer will be packed shortly and no telling when it will be up and running again. Kindly hold off on emails unless they pertain to the newsletter and your personal warm fuzzy stories.

Happy Holiday Seasons to you
and all you LOVE.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^
Creator of Angels and Miracles Good-News-Letter

A Car Accident...Is A Blessing
Author Mary Ellen ^I^ Angel Scribe

Earlier this month I drove over 1000 freeway miles on my latest book signing trip to Seattle and Vancouver B.C.

One evening my friend Syd offered to drive me to the signing near Tacoma, Washington in the brand new truck he had waited four years to buy.

Syd's treasured truck still did not have its metal license plate, since it was barely off the lot.

It was a dark winter evening and the rush hour traffic through Tacoma on the interstate was tailgating at 65 miles per hour.

We had no idea that two semi-trucks, with pallets of cement blocks (2'x2'x2') on them, which were supposed to be seal-wrapped in plastic wrapping four times, had been wrapped only once.

The joggling of the trucks motion caused the cement blocks to cut through the thin plastic wrap and they were falling, in the dark, like huge marbles onto the freeway.

We drove up the freeway on-ramp to merge into the heavy, fast-moving traffic.

Syd's truck had accelerated to 60 mph when we heard the unmistakable metal thump that a car accident shouts.

Syd slammed on the new hydraulic brakes. We were now at the point of the on-ramp where the overhead bridge was.

We saw a car, two lanes over, which had been driving north, now driving straight towards us in an easterly direction.

We found out later from Dan, the driver, that his car's steering had been totally disabled when his car hit a cement block, and he was helplessly flying towards us at 65 mph.

If we had been one second, or a few feet, further along on our journey, there is no question that his car would have struck full force on Syd's driver's door, most likely killing him outright.

Dan's car crossed helplessly across two lanes of rush hour traffic, hit no one, and heading directly towards the railing of the overpass we were on.

He realized it would go through the railing or flip over at the speed he was travelling and land on the rush hour traffic on the road below.

If we had not been at that exact place at this exact time I'm sure that would have been Dan's destiny.

Because of Syd's new brakes, he had enough power to miraculously slow the truck in time to create the miracle.

Our vehicles became like precision billiard balls on the freeway of life.

Dan's blue car struck Syd’s shiny new white truck in just the right place to miraculously turn it north again.

Our contact created enough impact to have his car turn and slide parallel to the thin shoulder on the over pass, beside the railing that we were all sure, seconds before, he was about to fly through.

I looked at the traffic behind us and was startled to see a huge cement block highlighted, in the middle of the freeway, on the curve as they sped by our disabled vehicles.

The block was eerily illuminated in the unsuspecting rush hour traffic's head lights.

I prayed that no one else would hit it and end up over where we were, hugging the overpass's railing.

The potential for this accident to become disastrous was ominous.

Dan came out of his car, asked if we were okay, said he had been sure he was going to go through the bridge railing and land on the traffic below.

Dan was so grateful that he had hit us and turned his car from disaster. He said, "They are wrong about your life flashing in front of you. Every thing happened in an instant and I was sure I was going through the railing since I had no control of the car."

The police and firemen came and they too said it was incredible that this accident had not killed anyone.

Two tow trucks arrived. One pulled Syd's damaged fender off the tire on his new truck so we could proceed to the book signing where we had yet another miracle story to share.

Dan's car was hoisted up onto the flatbed tow truck.

As we proceeded north we saw other car accidents dotting the freeway, and one of the semi trucks with its missing cargo of cement-freeway-marbles.

It was amazing no one was killed or injured. I told Dan, "If you are going to get in an accident, best it be with someone who believes in miracles."

This was not an ordinary car/truck accident this was an example of divine timing measured in feet and milliseconds.

There are many miracles in our lives. Some times an accident is by Divine design.

I wish you many miracles in your life.

Syd’s truck sustained $4,000 of damage and his pride was momentarily hurt until we realized we had just saved Dan’s life!)

Miracle Story on "The View"

Sent in by Joy in Seattle, WA

Today I was watching the TV show The View.

They featured the most incredible story. You can read about it on their web site.

It was about a woman who was on an airplane heading to her sister's bedside to donate her liver, the only match in the family.

Sitting next to her was a man who was heading to another city because his nephew was about to be disconnected and his organs donated.

The power of God came over the man and he knew that he was supposed to donate the liver to the woman's sister.

Phone calls on the plane began.

The blood type was perfect.

The hospital of the sister said, "Yes, it could be done."

The hospital of the nephew said it was too late, he was on the operating table.

The man said, but this is a message from God. The procedure was halted.

Later the sister received the nephew’s liver. It took only 16 hours for all of the logistics!

Angels were definitely at work here!

Merry Christmas,
Joy in Seattle

A Christmas Earth Angel

Dear Angelscribe,

My wife and I are visiting a nursing home next week, to hold hands and talk with people who have no one to be with them over Christmas.

I'm looking forward to it. :). If they ask why I'm visiting I'm going to say, "Oh, I was feeling lonely so I thought I'd see if you'd like to cheer me up."

Patrick ^I^

You may only be one person
to the world
but you
may also be the world
to one person
~ Anonymous ~

Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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