Angel Scribe Good-News-Letter December 12, 2000

Dearest Readers,

Miracles are ever-present in many ways and many times in our lives.

When you open your heart and ask to be a Divine vehicle for miracles to work through you to touch the lives of others ... miracles will manifest on a near daily basis.

It is your intention that has the greatest power.

Are you looking for miracles for yourself?

Are you demanding miracles from God/Spirit?

Or, are you asking to be a vehicle to have the magic of God's/The Angels/Spirit's love move through you to touch and uplift the hearts of others?

Our intentions lead us through life. They are the subtle glue to the tapestry of our days.

Opening your heart to miracles adds luster and magic to your life and to others.

I wish to share the amazing recent miracles in my life to remind you, that:
~ you too can be a divine vehicle for miracles to flow through you
~ There is NO limit to the number of miracles that can bless your life.

I am no more special than you. The only difference is I daily ask God/Spirit/the Angels to work through me to uplift, inspire and bring miracles to others.

The end result is that miracles continually happen to me. I will be sharing a miracle a day with you for easier reading.

I wish you a life filled with miracles.

Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe" (ME^I^)
Creator of Angels and Miracles Good-News-Letter

NOTE from proofer Pat

This newsletter is wonderful. Your real teaching is contained in the few words above.

Since, childhood my prayer has been, "Dear God make me a willing channel of your love."

What a beautiful work you are doing. God blesses you ... we all feel the magic in your work.

Bless you dear soul.

The Wishing Tree Miracle
by Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe"

Often someone prays ... and we are the earth angels who answer the call.

The prayer goes from their heart, to God's capable hands and out to the earth angel who has opened themselves up to be the vehicle for miracles and prayers to work through them.

Early in November a sixteen-year-old boy named Mitchell requested ART SUPPLIES from a social agency as his Christmas Wish.

The request was printed onto a red-felt heart-shaped tag and placed onto a Wish Tree in a mall.

The wish swung there with hundreds of other's wishes for weeks and thousands of people walked by the tree each day.

Who ever would think this Wish Tree would become part of answered prayers for Mitchell and me.

Back on November 16th, after I finished a successful one-hour radio show with Jill Lawrence's, "Jill & Friends," on Wisdom Radio, I went for a walk. (Listen on it is archived under Jill Lawrence's shows)

After a mile, the thought came to me to bravely walk over to a local "famous artist's" home, knock on her door and introduce myself.

I had known about this woman for 12 years and never have been brave enough to introduce myself.

Her home had not one, but two, "NO SOLICITATION" signs on it and that kept me away.

Many times over the years I had wanted to meet this intriguing woman but those two signs warned me that this was someone who valued her privacy.

But, this day the strong feeling to walk over and ring her door bell consumed me.

I had no idea what to say.

I knew little about her, just that a dear friend had once said I should meet her.

I knocked on her door and heard someone approach the door and peek out the key hole at me.

The door opened part way ... and there stood someone I instantly felt I wanted to know as a friend.

I knew the woman who opened the door was a famous artist in Mexico, she had lived there, but I did not know how well her English would be.

I blurted out, "Hi, my name is Mary Ellen, too, and you are a famous artist, I am a famous author, we both live in Cottage Grove and I think it is time we met."

Whew...I wondered how she would react.

Mary Ellin Mahoney, who professionally goes by Maria Elena, with no last name... swung the door wide open, said "tocaya" in Spanish and invited me in.

Mary Ellin and I are both vegetarians, neither of us use our last name professionally, we both live on either side of the local elementary school, we are both half English/Irish...we looked related.

She is 20 years older than I, but we have so much in common, our outlooks on life, humor, etc., are parallel.

She is as immersed in the spiritual world as I am by leading her life with her heart and instincts.

As I sat there chatting with her she said, "I have waited 30 years for you." Finally she had someone to openly share with.

I had no idea this reclusive woman knew so few folks in town.

She did not drive and hardly went out.

Each day she is immersed in her painting from sun up to sun set.

After we chatted for an hour the sun was setting and the room was getting dark. Maria Elena said, "I want to turn on the lights, but I am afraid if I move, you will leave."

It was at that moment I knew she was enjoying my company as much as I was hers.

Since we met three weeks ago we go out on errands together nearly every day. Her children in town say, "You are never home now."

If I did not have the nerve to knock on a total stranger's door her life and mine would not have been as joy filled as the last few weeks have been.

Maria Elena is an answer to my prayer to find new friends in town.

Another amazing aspect of our meeting was when I told my friend Atira about the courage it took to knock on a stranger's door and the results she said, "Mary Ellen, as soon as you moved to Cottage Grove I have been praying for you to meet a new best friend to fill your days with love."

How unconditionally loving!

Atira said, "Mary Ellen, you taught me that we can all have many best friends. To be loved by many is a blessing."

A few weeks later Maria Elena and I went on an excursion to Eugene, 20 minutes up the freeway, where we stopped in at a local mall.

For 2 hours we wandered past Christmas displays and discussed gifts.

I popped into the bookstore and signed their copies of EXPECT MIRACLES and A CHRISTMAS FILLED WITH MIRACLES. We were having quite a day.

It was not until we were leaving the mall that Mitchell's miracle took place.

We had walked by the Giving Tree on our way into the mall and as we walked by it again I saw Maria Elena stop...cock her head to the side, as if she were listening to her Angels.

Then she walked over to the tree put her hand out and pulled off the tag that said, "Sixteen year old boy would like ART SUPPLIES and a shirt."

Who better to understand this young man's desire and passion for art work than Maria Elena?

Who better to be his earth angel and answer his prayer?

Sometimes it takes many earth angels to make a dream, a prayer or wish manifest.

The angels at the society who created the Christmas Wish Tree, my courage to knock on an artist's door, and her quiet listening to her Angels who encouraged her to walk up to the tree.

This week Maria Elena and I are going to drive back to the mall and leave the biggest box ever under the tree for Mitchell.

She found over 30 art supplies in her home and also purchased new ones.

Mitchell is getting a complete art studio of supplies and 2 shirts to make his Christmas come true.

Be brave in your life...what doors do you need to knock on that can create miracles in your life and in the lives of others?

Merry Christmas and Many Miracles
Mary Ellen^I^

Maria Elena's art website


Jill Lawrence's touching story is posted on

Christmas Treasure Hunt
for the perfect gift book.
E-mail from a Canadian newsletter reader


Dear Mary Ellen:

Where can I get your book?

They are all sold out everywhere in Michigan and there are none in any of the Windsor Ontario stores.

I want to get one. I have gone to Michigan 3 times now...from Canada.


Dear Mary Ellen:

I went to Windsor, Ontario Costco this morning and they had one copy left of your book!

They told me they will not be reordering any more before Christmas.

I was soooooooooo lucky to get the very last copy!

I cried when I read what you wrote in the book about Faith and your Christmas dinner!

I love your books and the miracles we are all encountering.

I am so lucky to have found this last copy.

Merry Christmas,
Love Jeanne


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