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Mary Ellen and Nymbus
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December 11, 2005
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- Dr. Bob Santa's Helper
- Dr. Joan's Miracles
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Dearest Readers,
Tonight, Sunday, is the night that people, in unison, who have lost children pray around the world.
We send our Blessings to all the grieving parents, and we include you in our prayers.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

by Robert E. Parrish, Ph.D.
reprinted from
by Mary Ellen
Family Holiday Cat Portrait
Family Christmas Portrait
PURRfect Holiday Magic
Nymbus, Miss Wings, Whyspurr
MaryEllen, Nymbus and
a Magical Basketball
Dr. Bob writes, as I was going into a Sporting Goods store 20 years ago, at Christmas time, I passed an obviously, poor little fella, about the age of ten playing imaginary basketball on the sidewalk.
He was busy dribbling and shooting at a nonexistent goal.
From time to time he looked wistfully at a basketball in the window and then continued his imaginary game.

Several minutes later, at the checkout counter, I looked out the store window, he was still playing.

I told the clerk that I would buy a basketball, if he would pump it up to the correct pressure.

I wrote a little note "To whom it may concern" that stated that
this ball was a gift From Santa Claus to _________
and stapled the sales ticket to it.
I walked outside, stopped and asked the little boy his name and wrote it in the blank space.
Then I said, "Billy, Santa asked me to give this to you and wish you a Merry Christmas!"
I gave the sack containing the ball to Billy.
He had the most precious look of Surprised Joy and Awestruck Appreciation as he took the ball out of the sack!
It was wonderful to see him playing ball; with a real basketball.
I enjoyed this so much that every year since, I look for a child that needs a toy; purchase it and see to it that a note from Santa is attached.
I do this anonymously.

Honestly, I think I do this more for me than for the child. I know, "It is more blessed to give than receive," but what I receive from doing this seems very blessed to me.

Editors Note:

Dr. Bob died suddenly two weeks after he submitted this story for us.
In his memory many of us can literally "pick up the ball" and carry on his tradition.

Dearest Readers,
This week, on Dr. Joan's Miracle Makers radio show she shared how this story of Dr. Bob's touched and motivated her.
Here in her own words;
Mary Ellen, your enthusiasm is contagious!
Your consistent belief in miracles, your willingness to surrender, to trust that the Universe will bring you exactly what you need inspired me and reminded me to trust in my own miracles.
So, I decided to begin a personal miracle journal to remind me of the miracles that surround my life.
A miracle journal is important to track our personal miracles, especially as a reminder to us that miracles occur all the time.

I can see why you came into my life!

I was so glad you told Dr. Bob's story "Santa's Helper" on my Miracle Makers show on TALKAMERICA.com as it is one of my favorites from your two books.
It is because our family can relate to the story, and Dr. Bob's tradition continues, through our family, even if he is not personally handing out the balls.
When my son was eight years old, we lost his basketball in our move, and worse, I lost the ability to buy him a new one.
Basketball was the joy of his life, he had shot hoops since the day he learned to stand.
I tuned right into the boy playing imaginary ball outside the store, in Dr. Bob's story and I imagined his delight and pleasure at the miracle of the much hoped for gift.
After reading the story, I was in a store and walked into the sporting goods area, finding basketballs on sale.
I bought several, and am wrapping and giving them as presents!
One is for my housekeepers boys.
The other balls I will keep wrapped in my car, so I will be ready this holiday season when the need to present a miracle happens!
The reason our family can relate to basket balls is six years ago I was destitute and homeless with my two children.
Until then, I had been a very successful chiropractor, was injured and no longer able to practice.
My insurance company illegally denied my disability benefits, and we spiraled from affluent to destitute almost overnight.
My children and I were desperate; we needed a miracle and begged for one.
We sat down, held hands, and began to create and visualize a new future.
We called ourselves the Miracle Makers Club.
Within a few days, I came across an article on the front page of the Wall Street Journal describing a class action suit against my insurance company for fraudulently terminating claims to increase profits.
From that miracle, I went on to win a major lawsuit against them and it has changed law for thousands of people, launched a 48 state investigation, 60 Minutes and Dateline TV exposes, and now hopefully new legislation to help get benefits for disabled and injured workers covered by their employers.
Simultaneously, the kids and I vowed that once we recovered our life we would share with others the secrets to miracle making.
That's when we went public and I completed my book Make your Life A Miracle.
We now have a weekly radio show, "Make Your Miracle Today."
The show activates and inspires millions of people to make millions of miracles.
I believe sharing my personal miracle story helps listeners create their own miracles.
Also, one of my requested recent miracles involves wanting to park close to a store's door.
I practice asking for parking spaces to fine tune my miracle making skills and prove that it can be done, even on small scales.
Today, I asked for a miracle and my first one was an old fashioned parking miracle that reminded me to trust the process.

I was driving in the mall, Christmas crowds, lots of traffic.
I thought it would be so nice to have a parking spot in front of the store...and something caught my eye!
I thought it was the perfect spot, but hidden in there was a tiny sports-car.
At first, disappointed in my miracle manifesting, I thought well maybe there's another spot closer.
And sure enough, right in front of the store!
I laughed.
How perfect is that!
Manifesting a miracle!

Mary Ellen, thank you for being a guest on
Make Your Miracle Today.

You have inspired me, and I do believe the show created a miracle explosion.
I look forward to more opportunities to miracle magnetize with you!
Lots of love,
Dr. Joan
Listen to Dr. Joan and Mary Ellen
having fun with Miracles
on the archives;

If you are strong enough
and bold enough
to follow your dreams,
then you will be led
in the best path for you...
~ Oprah ~

Hi Mary Ellen,
Today, I listened to your interview on Dr. Joan's archived Miracle Radio Show.
I think that you are the best possible guest anyone could ask for!

You are enthusiastic, bubbly and eager to share so that others might benefit.

I was spoiled having you as my Co-host on AngelWaves radio...you are fabulous!

Keep the miracles coming!

Angel Waves Radio

Candle lighting
The ninth annual
Worldwide Candle Lighting,
held the second Sunday in December
around the globe, is an opportunity for
bereaved families to remember and
celebrate the lives of children
who have gone too soon.
Families are invited to attend any
of the hundreds of formal services
throughout the United States and
the world or to light a candle in
the privacy of their home.
 You can read up about
homeopathic medicines
on the internet on

Our family takes IGNATIA for grief or loss of any kind.

Also, I read that "for a strong desire to return home" a webpage suggested Bryonia to help with the yearning/anxiety.
Homeopathy medicine is fascinating, and the internet has a lot of wisdom on the subject.
Please consult a trained doctor if you have any questions on homeopathy and its remedies.
May your Holiday season be filled with lovely memories and good friends.

Dr. D. Understands
I gave a computer and digital camera to a friend who lost everything in Katrina Hurricane.
She used to make crafts and dolls and sold them to tourists in the French Quarter in New Orleans.
No tourists now.
With the computer and camera she can sell them over ebay and make a living again.
We can all help in our own way.
Dr. D. in New Orleans

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