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Christmas Blessings


Dearest Readers,
Well, Bah-Humbug and computer-double-drats!  Being an Angel Writer and not a computer computer system cleverly deleted 80% of my photographs from the last five years.
Before feeling sorry for myself, and diving into devastation or depression,instead I put life into perspective and reflected on the home owners currently going through foreclosure, on the families recently burned out of their homes in California and the people with loved ones in hospitals around the world, now these things put life and loses in perspective!
On Thanksgiving Day, we had dinner with a police officer and his family who had lost their home to fire. Lost everything!
Others experiences often puts ours into a clearer perspective. Our problems are minuscule in comparison to others situations.  Anyone of the families mentioned above would willingly trade with my dilemma.  Every day, I send them blessings from my heart for what they are experiencing. 
As over whelming as our days may seem, there is someone out there that can use your prayers of strength.  Prayers are free...send them wrapped as gifts from your heart to others this holiday season.
Angelic Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Radio Show

MIss Wings radio show debut with Donna Seebo

December 18th

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Teeth & Miracles
Dearest Readers,
The most remembered newsletter this year was, "Angels Do Teeth"
Readers requested this information imparted by Atira's Angel Dom more than any other newsletter.
Also, Atira and I compiled story material on how we met, and on our weekend of recent miracles.  Most folks who read it...say, WOW!  Simply put, it is the norm in our life, and blow your socks off adventure to others.
Celebrate the Season
With Angel Scribe Readers
Presents of Comfort!
Sally on Camano Island, Washington
As a teen, I disliked Christmas! Our mother insisted we had to go and feed the old ladies that she was helping. I was a selfish spoiled teenager and begrudgingly went along.
The little old ladies were always so happy, and it changed who I grew up to be.
As the years passed, and I had family of my own, Mom joined us for Christmas and we took her with us on our special Christmas missions.
With us, Mom experienced, first hand, the giving to children on the streets here in the USA.
We helped so many people and we enjoyed it probably more than the people did.
One year, I took 25 teenagers from son's class to an old run down nursing home.   The people were so poor and the care was terrible. 
The boys distributed teddy bears to each person.  Some didn't want them, but we talked everyone into taking one.  By the end of the afternoon the kids sang Carols and talked with the residents.  One little old lady asked if the boys were Angels.  I said "Yes" and she smiled.

The kids, now grown, still talk about that Christmas to this joy, spreading good will, that's what its all about.
I wanted my daughter to understand the importance of giving to others less fortunate.
So, we volunteered for Catholic Chore Services and went to an 80 year old couple's home, once a week, and did their house work and cooked their dinner.
I washed the woman's hair. She was nearly blind. They were both so appreciative.

The following year, we adopted a grandma at a local nursing home. She had no living children and no visitors.  We often picked her up and brought her home for dinner.

My daughter wanted to be a candy stripper at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, Washington.
She loved her job, taking gifts of flowers to the maternity ward for the new mom's.
While she did that, I volunteered on the cancer ward, visiting patients and giving them foot massages.

We discovered that many of the patients were alone, often their family members couldn't visit them very often.  Our 'presents' of time offered them comfort.
Sadly, some become depressed during the holidays,  if they only knew how many others out there would like to meet them ... it would lift both their spirits!

Sally in Camano Island, Washington.

Holiday Magic
Carol in Renton, Washington
After two months of collecting from the community; all kinds of stores, and from anyone who would listen, we honestly had the best Christmas of our lives!
Our garage was the drop off point for "stuff."  We put our children in charge of a "teddy bear" drive. 
The week prior to Christmas we wrapped and organized baskets and got ready for Christmas Eve.  What a magical night!

A Santa drove his flat bed truck though neighborhoods where children lived who had nothing! I mean NOTHING! We went into houses, trailers, shelters, you name it, we went.
My son, Sean, was a part of this holiday magic, from the time he could walk and to this day.  His heart is huge when it comes to the "bum on the street" or the kid with nothing. 
We gave to terminally ill children, which was bittersweet as we knew the end was near and this would be their last Christmas. We saw them priceless is that!
When the evening ended we would go to a local bar (after we dropped Sean off) with Santa and sit with people who were there because they were lost and had no one else on Christmas Eve.  It was our church for the evening, we were ministering to God's children in need.

Every year we still take a family, or someone who needs help and try to make a difference in their lives.  We have memories that will be forever in our hearts.

My favorite was the Vietnam vet who obtained custody of his children because they were molested by his ex-wife's new boyfriend.

He was mentally a mess from the war and on the streets.  How he got the kids I will never know.  However, even in his diminished state he wanted something better for his children.

We got the community and the state rolling and got them into housing.  We found furniture and bikes for the kids. 
I remember the childrens' wish lists included shampoo, toothpaste, soap...heart breaking and unreal to hear from small children. 
I could not meet their father, we had to go through the Veterans Administration.

One day, while sitting in traffic school for my speeding ticket, I opened a letter from him.  I have it to this day as it made me realize how important it is to never judge anyone on the street.

He thanked me profusely and shared how happy we had made his children.  The children were doing well in school and he said we had turned his world around.
He wrote that he had no money and didn't have much to offer, but prior to the war he had a masters in fine art and would like to share something from the heart with me.

I wrote back, through the VA, and said that was the most important thing in the world, something from the heart. 
A couple of weeks later, I received the most beautiful monarch butterfly painting! It is still on my wall and will be forever to remind me of the importance of giving and not judging. 
When we see a homeless person we need to realize there is a story behind him/her.
If everyone would just do a little something for someone it would make such a difference in the world. 
I explained to my children that we are cutting way back on gift giving this year, that we are going back to the best times of our lives and they love the idea of helping others.

Carol in Renton, Washington

Bright Christmas Idea!
Brenda in San Francisco, California

My heart aches for the troubles people are experiencing. So many are on the streets and don't even know how they got there.
I have 12 nieces and nephews, and while things are tight, I am still working ... and need to cut back.
The idea of not being able to help as much as usual increased my heartache ... and then a thought popped into my head: your nieces and nephews would be gifted greatly if you allowed them to participate in this process and enlisted their support and involvement.
So that's what I'm doing: rather than give them presents this year, I am putting together packages for people who have found themselves on the street.
I'm making 25 gift bags. My nieces and nephews are thrilled ... they are wonderful children.
One suggested, "Maybe we could put a book in the gift bag?"
My sister responded, "It is a nice thought, but not be practical. I told her tonight I knew the perfect little book: A Christmas Filled with Miracles! Not only is it small enough, people will find hope and encouragement in it!
I'm on the hunt now for donations of backpacks or sturdy bags. I already found hats and knitted gloves at Target for $1.49 for each hat or two pairs of gloves ... great for our mild but still somewhat chilly winters here in California.
I'm just so proud of these young people!
Brenda in San Francisco, California
Dearest Readers,
You have to love the hearts of Angel Scribe readers, they exemplify the meaning of true Earth Angels!
Bless your Angelic and loving hearts,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
The First Christmas Gifts in a Stable
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
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