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Musical Miracle Story
by Frederic Delarue
I was born In France in 1963, and at the age of 4 and half years old,  begged my parents to learn music. 
The desire to play music, came from deep inside, it was an unquenchable thirst and passion. 

This request, was unexpected by my family; parents, uncles, cousins, godparents, etc., because they were farmers for generations.

My father saw how serious I was, so he signed me up with a private piano teacher.
Soon, I was reading music, and playing classical pieces.

At the age of 12, was my first Near Death Experience.  My parents, brother and I were involved in a car crash.

Unexplainable, I was the only one injured, and ended up, on the road, horribly disfigured, with traumas and concussions.

I clearly heard every thing and every one. They were screaming, and I could not respond.

The experience of being in the coma was frustrating, because not only did I hear my father's crying and screaming, his guilt burned into my soul.

At this point, all my spirit desired was quietness, and silence. I was OK. I was in the Light.

From this vantage point, I could not understand the pain that humans, like my dad had.

It was frustrating, as I wanted to make them understand, that I was feeling OK, actually great!

I floated over my body, not feeling anything; between two worlds, the human world and the spirit world.
The ambulance arrived, and I telepathically communicated with the nurse.
I told him, that I wanted to be alone. AND... he understood, and that second, and asked my dad to leave the ambulance.

Arriving at the hospital, I heard the nurses say, "He is dead."

I was still floating above my body, and above the hospital, and could see them all, running with panic.

In this condition, you want to go to the light, and don't want to be around people who are sad and in pain.

I will never forget, while in the ambulance, being in the tunnel, flying at a fast pace, and seeing the Bright Light coming closer, and closer, and closer.

It was so bright, and welcoming and warm. 

I heard the Angels say, "Don't worry, you're OK."

I saw as well, Beings of Light, beings that are always around us, some more visible than others, some were going faster than others, some appeared grayish and some more whitish ... there are just Beings of Light.
They are part of our everyday life, part of our planet system.

We moved at high speeds, through the tunnel, time felt frozen, and we were surrounded with Love.  It was magnificent!

A year after the NDE, I was guided to play Dalida, a French singer's name on the piano.

After playing her name, for five minutes, I perceived her depression, and it was frightening. How could this be explained?
Had I violated some spiritual law?  The experience left me feeling alone.

Two years later, Dalida committed suicide, and I felt guilty, because I had seen and felt it, and was helpless from preventing her from taking her life.

But, how would a 13 year old boy know what to do? I could not talk about it to my family, so I was alone with incoming psychic experiences.
The kids, my age, rejected me and repeated how different I was.
So, I learned through solitude, all the lessons of my life, and in the end, it is a real true Blessing when you accept the bigger picture.

I began compose music, at the age of 19, and French music producers laughed, in my face, about my music.

Yes, this music was different, it was soothing, mixed with sounds of nature. They encouraged me to do something more commercial. And sadly, I listened.

My friends thought I was losing myself, but all I wanted was a chance to 'make it' hoping that then, the opportunity to showcase the soothing music would present itself.

I worked hard for years, losing myself, day after day, until one day, the Angels forced me to listen.

A medical error, paralyzed me, at the age of 30, which can be now seen as a Gift from God.

That day, I committed to God and the Angels, to surrender my fears of the unknown of being different, and accepting, who I truly am, together with my MISSION IN LIFE.

I told God, "I will do my work, even if it means doing it from a wheelchair."

Instantly, I felt liberated, and eight months later, was walking normally again.

This life changing experience taught, to listen ONLY to my intuitions, and the Angels.

The Angels said, "Start a musical meditation program, and you will see."

They were right, many people were healed, it was evident music is vibrational and vibrations can heal.

Then another NDE.

A midnight car accident, 4 years ago,  the car rolled 7 times. No one thought I would survive.  
My lungs were punctured, and my hands so badly damaged, that it was impossible to use them for 2 months.

The next day, in a vision, Jesus took my hand and led me to a powerful scene, of HOW people were healed.
He wanted show what was happening while I played music.  Not commercial music, but the music when the Angels play through me.

We stood, and watched how he healed people, as they surrendered. 
Jesus touched them with his hand.  It was not his hand that did the healing, it sealed the healing. 
You see, just by being in his aura, they were already healing. 
His aura started the healing, they kneeled, as they approached him, because they did not have the strength to stand in the force of his beautiful aura.

It seemed a high price to trash my car, and body, but to hold Jesus' hand, made it worth while!
He taught the power of my gift, the Angels help, surrendering, and music.

Interestingly, my 9 year old nephew, had a vision prior to my accident.

He lived in France, and with the time difference it coincided.

He told his mother, that he saw 2 HUGE golden angels, working to heal a man.  He explained, "Their wings were full of diamonds, wings of gold."

Back in California, were I now live, the hospital staff, were sure I was going to die.

They did an MRI, and an with audible gasp, they saw that my lungs were already healing. Baffled, it seemed impossible.

After we heard my nephew's story, we knew the Angels were working on healing me.

Now, I teach, how surrendering brings forth healing.
Our fears and problems and unpleasant life experiences, once surrendered, opens the doors of our hearts to receive the Divine Light, that can heals.

Miracles can occur in your life as well.
Now, when I sit to create music, it is the Angels who whisper in my ears heart and soul, and it is their music you hear on the CDs.
This is what I believe.
Frederic Delarue

Mystical Keyboard
Frederic Delarue
Honest to Goodness! Frederic Delarue hears the Angels!
He claims to hear them, and once you hear his music, you will know this man speaks, and plays, their truth.

Your heart will recognize the Angel's energy, the minute you listen to his recordings.
Frederic explains, "Since the Angels appeared to me during a Near Death Experience at age 12, I place my hands on the keyboards and they play what the Angels sing in my ears."
Guarranteed! You will be an instant fan!
Your heart will lock into his music, as the rhythm of your heart, and the music beat as one!
Enjoy listening to his music

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