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Mary Ellen and Atira
December 5th
10:00 am EST - 7am PST

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Angel Animals

Mavis and Angel
Mavis and Image
Angelic White Horse

I was born a bonafide horse fanatic!

Luckily, my parents frequented the race track.  All I saw, watching the races, were the horses, their power and beauty.  I never noticed the jockeys.

And Cowboy movies were my favorite! My gaze rarely went above the horse, and when there was no horse, I quickly lost interest.

I was not able to afford a horse, until my husband and I retired to Oregon.  Like so many boomers we had  found our dream home, and set about making our dreams come true.

I knew that when I got a horse, it is a lifetime commitment.

In preparation for ownership, and to learn more about horses, I leased my 5 acres,  to other horse owners, in exchange for riding privileges.

My neighbor, Joyce, had a magnificent Arab Stallion, Rabask, and she would let me ride him.

Joyce, taught me a lot about horses and I was ready to have a horse of my own.

Soon after, I had a dream, about a beautiful white horse, with huge long eyelashes. 
She poked her head into my dream, and looked right at me. 
Her eyes sparkled and smiled at me, then she poked her head out again.

The next day, I told Joyce about the dream. 

She went pale, and said the night before she had talked to the guardian of Rabask's half sister, who is looking for a great home for her.

Joyce said, "I told her about you, and she is considering selling you Image, her white Arab!"

My heart leapt!  My horse had first come to me in a dream!

Image arrived on my birthday, November 11th at 11 pm! 

I thought the fellow who transported her here, would walk her over to the stall.

But, instead, he parked on the road, pulled out his flashlight, took my signature, handed me a lead rope, and said, "She's all yours!"

In pitch black, with only a little pen light, I led Image down the long driveway, and into the stall.

When we reached the stall, for the first time, I shined the light on her beautiful face and saw her face for the first time.

Stunned, I could see that, her eyelashes were three inches long! 

She was the horse in my dream!
Her official name is; Enjoy Mirror Image, and she is an Angel and my teacher. Yes, some Angels have hooves.
And, Mary Ellen, before I knew who you were, or where you lived, I was already reading your newsletters, and they were lightening my heart. 
I was on the prayer circle, asked for healing, and also asked to help heal. 
Please keep in mind, how special you are, and that your service is valueable.

Mavis in Oakridge, Oregon, USA

Angel Scribe's
Fire Fighter Daughter Wins!

At the end of the day,
no matter how they behaved,
no matter what was said,
and no matter how things turned out,
rest assured, Dearest Reader,
that your goodness was known by all.

- The Universe -

Miss Wings turns 5
Miss Wings turns 5
Miracle Kitten, turns 5 Years old
Miss Wings turns 5 
Story & Baby Photos of Miss Wings

Dearest Readers,
Angel Author, Carmen's son, Brody, wants to gift Scrapping with Cancer kits to other children, who also have cancer.
Brody says,"It's tough dealing with cancer, but  stuck in the hospital, with nothing to do, at Christmas, is even worse."
Brody's project Scrapping with Cancer  made FRONT PAGE in the Edmonton Journal.
On the Internet
Health Tip

I read somewhere, that the homeopathic remedy thuja helps with the ill effects of check with your Doctor.

Dear Angel Scribe
Anacortes, Washington
Thank you  for your newsletter...they always make my day, and help me. 
Thank you, for all the good that you see, the positive energy you send us all with your newsletter, and the goodness in your soul.

Much love and appreciation,
Linda  in Anacortes, Washington

Dearest Readers,
This next email is moving. 
It strikes at our very heart center, and makes us sit back, and count our many...many blessings!
ME ^I^
Canada via Croatia
Dear Mary Ellen,

You have very beautiful cats.
When I was child, in Croatia, I always had a cat of my own.  Mime, was one of my favorites, she was a gray tabby.
I could not have a dog, because there was no food, but a cat could take care of himself.
When we did not have food to give him, he would catch a mouse.

I used to get up and leave our home, at 3 am, and walk on frozen ground, bare foot, then stand in front of a bakery, until 8 or 10 am to hopefully get a loaf of bread.
If I got one, then it was my lucky day.

Sometimes, we had some money, but there was nothing to buy.
Corrupt officials took everything, before it got to a store.

I was always hungry.
My biggest dream was to have a magic table cloth, that would give us food whenever I wished.

Now, I have that magic table cloth, and am greatfull to God for it.
I also, have a dog, named Lucky.

GOD BLESS you, your family, and of course, your kittens.

Slavko, in Stoney Creek, Ontario
Bucharest, Romania
Dear Mary Ellen,

Thank you, so much for the lovely Thanksgiving card.  You couldn't have found more suitable messengers!

Unfortunately, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in our country, but I wish we would, as we all have so much to be thankful for.

God bless you and your 2- and 4-legged family.
Love and gratitude,
Bianca in Bucharest, Romania, Europe
Dear Mary Ellen,
Your website is amazing, there are so many people that find themselves seeing the number 11. 
Knowing they mean that the Angels are with us, is so reassuring. 
I had a 'meltdown' on Thanksgiving - missing Dad, but thought about your site. 
I stopped the tears, and looked at your site. 
I can't help missing him, but it is reassuring to know why the 11:11 is so  significant in my life now.

Angelic Gifts
Elaine Silver
Elaine's crystal clear voice, sings songs of the heart. 
Listening to her music, your heart swings back and forth, as a child on a swing, acknowledging the truth to her gentle folk music, of the spirit.
When driving to Canada, a 9 hour trip, her voice helps the miles speed by with joy.  The happy tunes are definite hum-a-longs.
Once you hear her voice, it melds into your spirit and holds it happily there. 
She is famous, and if you have not heard about her before, please check out her webpage to enjoy her music.

Mystical Keyboard
Frederic Delarue

Honest to Goodness! Frederic Delarue hears the Angels! 
He claims to hear them, and once you hear his music, you will know this man speaks, and plays, their truth.
Your heart will recognize the Angel's energy, the minute you listen to his recordings.
Frederic explains, "Since the Angels appeared to me during a Near Death Experience at age 12, I place my hands on the keyboards and they play what the Angels sing in my ears."
Guarranteed! You will be an instant fan!
Your heart will lock into his music, as the rhythm of your heart, and the music beat as one!

Beautiful Pianist Performs
Looking for more lovely music?
David Nevue's music is sacred. 

More Angel Music

Angel Animals
by Allen and Linda Anderson
Wonderful animal stories!
Divine encounters with people, and their pets. 
Of course it is a warm, fuzzy, read for your spirit! 
The stories are inspiring, uplifting, compassionate, healing and based on love.  Could it get any better?

Children's Books
For the beautifully spirited children in your life,
this publisher offers uplifting stories.
The stories, are new tales inspiring children
to become powerful adults, and follow their dreams.
The illustrations of Angels, Fairies, Dragons and
Children, will warm your heart and imagination. 
Check out

Angel Scribe's
Miracle Gift Books

Pet Safety Tips

Compassionate Friends
Worldwide Candle Lighting
December 9th

The Compassionate Friends Worldwide Candle Lighting unites family and friends around the globe, in lighting candles for one hour, to honor and remember children who have died at any age, from any cause.  

Angels & Miracles
Global Prayer Team
Prayer Team Leader Cynthia:

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