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Kittens in mail boxes
December 2, 2005
Dearest Readers,
This news page of information is not the usual ANGEL SCRIBE, but the intention behind it is to help frustrated pet guardians and their hurting pets...and it may be the miracle they are looking for in their lives.
Something is happening to almost all my friends with cats.
AND it is epidemic.

It does not matter if they live in Ohio, Oregon or Oklahoma...all are experiencing the same upsetting situation.

May our experience help you and your friends solve this problem before loving pets are needlessly taken to the Vet and disposed of, or run away looking for relief.

The cats are urinating inappropriately around the house.

I am not a Vet, just a frustrated guardian of five cats.

Miss Wings had a urinary problem for a year and the Vet's suggestions only helped her for a short time.

Miss Wings suffered miserably.
She let us know she could not take the pain any longer and urinated on anything left on the floor.

A friend's cat has the same condition and last week he urinated on their antique couch!

We tried naturopathic remedies, herbs, chiropractic, pet psychic,
( three different Vets...all to no avail.
A little improvement, but soon after, the inappropriate urinating would start again.

If it hurts to use a litter box, pets reason that the pain is connected to their litter box.

If you can't speak or write,
if your loved ones are not
paying attention, if you continue
to use the bathroom as normal...
AND you are in immense pain,
how would you tell someone
you need help?
Urinating around the house is a loud and clear message, and not malicious on their part.
"I HURT" is what they are screaming in their silence.

(Ask anyone who has had a urinary infection how painful they are!)

Please have patience with your suffering pets.

I, personally, know how miserable it is cleaning up after them.

It is important to understand what is happening.

It is not an angry cat getting back at you!

It is most likely the food they are eating!

My Chinese herbal consultant said, "Eating a diet consistently of dried cat/dog food will HEAT up the bladder causing it to be irritated."
"Fried and dry foods can do the same to humans."

"One of the reasons our pets like to eat grass is because it COOLs down the energy in the bladder and kidneys."

We now bring in grass from the yard and feed it daily to our cats...and they LOVE it.
He said, "A more natural diet would benefit the cats...that there is NOTHING natural about a dried food crunchie-kibble diet."

He suggested we give them cooked chicken.

He said, "Raw chicken may be natural, but it leaves your pets open to bacteria."

"Add water and a sprinkle of SEA Salt."

(NOT table salt, as it is sodium chloride and Sea salt has essential minerals in it. You can find it at any health store.)

Apparently the sea salt helps balance their hydration that the dried food has put out of kilter.

Also, when we take a minute to think on this situation, none of us can maintain health eating the same exact food daily as we expect our pets to.
A variety of nutrients
is needed,
to keep us healthy.
Now I am no cat/dog food expert.

But I am a life observer and this is what has happened.

Miss Wings was only four pounds, she ate sparingly.

Now she eats a healthy normal amount to sustain life, and with this diet change she has "bulked up" and must weigh five pounds now.

ALL her irritating, to both of us, urinating problems have stopped!

Our cat from the Humane Society, Sabrina, looked like she swallowed a bowling ball.

She has been obese for eight years and did not play.

Miss Wings gained weight, and Sabrina balanced out the other way, she has lost weight.

Sabrina's lack luster dry fur is now beautiful, shiny and soft, for the first time in her life!

Miss Wings' two year old kittens
have also changed;
they are loving their food,
not picking at it
and looking healthier.

(We would pick at unhealthy or stale food too. Most folks open a bag of dried food and leave it open to the air, just like dried crackers the oils in it go rancid and it tastes yucky.)

Before, it was as if all our cats ate, but none of them were getting complete nutrition out of the dry cat food.

The kittens are filling in beautifully now.
Their eyes are a brighter color,
they are playing more and
their fur is luxurious.

My hubby heard that some cat food is arriving from over seas, so who knows what quality their pet food manufacturing plants have?

Now we give our cat family cooked chicken/turkey ... or a can of 100% chicken, 100% tuna or a can of cat food for variety.

We add equal amounts of water to it, sometimes sprinkle in a little KNOX gelatin, and a sprinkle of SEA salt.

For dinner tonight they are devouring left over carrots, broccoli and celery mixed in a blender with a can of chicken, a can of water and Knox and sea salt.
(You can mix up a batch, freeze it, and serve when it reaches room temperature because eating cold food is not good for humans or pets.)
Our entire family is happy
with this change in diet!
Next door live two German Shepherds and two supersized Great Danes, and a Lynx was spotted 70 feet from our front door, so our cats are inside cats and have to use kitty litter.
(Not the clumping kind, as it appeared to bother their lungs, and It possible that the kitty litter dust binds to our moist lungs?)

The cats were all using the litter twice a day and had hard-small dried bowel movement like tootsie-rolls.

Now they have easier, more natural looking and less straining experiences.

The results are moist and only once every two days.

(Less work for us cleaning the box, and saves money not buying new litter as often!)

No more inappropriate urinating in the house, healthier cats, kitty litter lasts longer, all the cats are playing again, the new diet is not breaking off their tiny teeth.

Our pets are sticking to this new diet!
We know that pouring out dried pet food is easy, we miss the ease of it.
But we do not miss seeing animals we love suffer, and having to clean cat urine up every morning before our eyes are barely open.
Healthier pets
less Vet bills!

Good luck with your furry family.

Below is the webpage for Robert Neumann, the man who helped our cats and also recommended an inexpensive Chinese herb to bring Miss Wings' body back into balance.

Robert is also one of the people whom I attribute my survival from cancer.

He monitored what I ate to keep my body and immune system strong.

Foods I thought were healthy, were not as strengthening as I had thought.
Intuitively we know that our bodies
are crucibles like in a chemistry
lab, whatever we put into it
alters it minute by minute.
Knowing this, our food could be medicine.
Just trying to solve the mystery was frustrating until I met Robert.

He taught how different blood types benefit with different diets.

Like the cats, I have experienced this to be true.

As a Chinese herbal consultant he uses unique-ancient Chinese methods, such as pulse and tongue examinations.

These methods determine the flow of vital energy throughout the body.

Based on our own body's readings he recommends dietary changes, herbal products and lifestyle modifications.

Consultations are intended to empower people to take charge of their own health.
Robert Neumann
is in Tacoma, Washington

May you discover the path to health for yourself and your pet.

Mary Ellen ^I^

Cat Confirmation
by Maxx in Pennsylvania
I appreciate any information to help my pets live happier, healthier, etc.
My friend's cat had this problem, and this explains why he ran away.
He was probably tired of no one doing anything to help address his suffering.
If there was anything wrong with a dog in our Vet's care he had the owner/guardian make diet changes to homemade lamb and rice.
When my cat , Stoney, lost weight, the Vet put him on a diet of health food store turkey and chicken and he lived until nineteen!
Our pets deserve the same respect as our friends.

Would you let your child eat the same food day after day?

Thank you for these inspiring and educational newsletters, they enrich our lives with health tips for us and our pets.

Thank you for including the information on gelatin too, as gelatin helps everyone's (pets included) nails, hair, joints and tendons.
Maxx in Pennsylvania

Doggie Dittos
from Kathleen in Maine
Those of us with dogs will also benefit from this information.
When, Buddy, our lab got cancer we learned from the Vets and oncologists how dogs are given too many vaccinations and with the increase in chemicals in their food and environment it all causes illness.
Our two new puppies have a healthier diet to start out --recommended by their breeder (who has show dogs) and believes in a naturopathic way of life for animals.
I am finding more and more pet owners informed about how to care for their pets more naturally.
Its healthier for us and for our pets and environment.
Everyone wins!
Thanks for the "good news" letter!
Kathleen in Maine

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to
(He also teaches naturpathic medicine to Vets.)
Pet food Info
"The Complete Holistic Dog Book...
home health care for our canine companions"
by Jan Allegretti & Katy Sommers, DVM
(includes a nutritional and health care
materia media in the back for dogs)

"The Dog's Mind" & "The Cat's Mind"
by Dr. Bruce Foge, DVM
a practicing Vet and international
lecturer on animal behavior
and behavioral problems.

"Natural Health" magazine for people
the October 2005 issue had an article on
"Pet Health Wellness Kit"
page. 24

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