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Santa's Surprise!
Christmas 2005
Mary Ellen and her Famous Friends!
Mary Ellen, holding Miss Wings & Whyspurr
Santa has the boys...Myster E. & Nymbus
November 27, 2005
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In This Edition
- Christmas Tree Angel
- Santa Surprise

Dearest Readers,

The reason we love Christmas is it is the time of year most folks let down their masks and open their hearts.

Miracles abound at this time of year and my theory is ... because HEARTS ARE OPEN to the miracle of touching other's lives.

Hearing songs on the radio with the words JOY TO THE WORLD...
well, it just has to lift your spirits.

May you touch the life of others at this time of year.

Angelic Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Christmas Tree Angel
by Angel Summer in Oregon
Reprinted from
by Mary Ellen

Yesterday was the day of Angels in our lives and it was my son's third Christmas.

In his short three years, we have lost my grandfather, "Opa Ted," and our very loyal Shetland Sheepdog named Duchess.

We consider them as having moved on to another place and that they are now our guardian Angels.

We had no doubt that our Angels were with us on this Christmas.

Before putting my son to bed, we once again took in the beauty of our live and majestic eight foot Grand Noble tree - each ornament holding special memories of years past.

It was topped with an Angel given as a wedding present twelve years before.

It is a pretty lighted Angel and she has sat on top and protected all of our trees for 13 years.

After tucking in my own little cherub, I came downstairs, and noticed the tree was tilting, but before I could reach it, it came crashing to the ground.

My first reaction was anger and disappointment.

Ornaments appeared broken and water was emptying all over the carpet.

The first words out of my mouth, did not rhyme with Angel....

Little did I know, the words should have been, "Thank you, my dear Guardian Angels."

Many of the ornaments were made of extremely fragile Belleek and were expensive.

To my surprise only one ornament broke.

As I reached to replace the treetop angel, I noticed that the first five inches of the top of the tree was brown and charred.

Apparently the wiring to the light was faulty and had begun to burn our tree.

When my son came down to find out what had happened, he simply and matter-of-factly said, "I think Opa Ted and Duchess knocked it down."

We would not have noticed that our tree was burning until it was too late.

We believe that our guardian Angels toppled our tree that evening and saved our lives.

Santa Surprise!

Oh, you have to LOVE a small town!

One dark cold evening this week, Santa surprised the residents of Cottage Grove, Oregon.

The city officials were going to officially light Main Street's Christmas tree and Santa was driven to the event on a fire truck.

As you are well aware, the reindeer are resting up for their BIG upcoming EVENT, so Santa had to arrive this unusual way!
Santa forgot to pack his boots for the trip, so the fire Chief Dan lent Santa his best fire fighting boots.

As they lit the tree, Santa spoke, "May the lights on this tree represent the light of our love as we send it out around the world."

Santa rode the fire truck to city hall and let all the small children whisper their Christmas wishes in his ear.

Santa had heard about a four year old female child in town who had spent a week in the hospital and was too ill to attend.

The fire fighters opened their doors once more, loaded Santa into the truck, and took him to the home of the 4 year old and her twin.

The twins were so excited!

Santa saw their precious little faces pressed up against the glass next to the front door and watched them dance with joy as he approached.

It was all the parents could do to keep the twins from running out into the cold to hug Santa.

If you are four years old and Santa comes to your home...well, that is a miracle!
Yup, you have to love a small town!

The magic stands out!

Also, I heard Santa was staying over night in town, so I went to THE FLOWER BASKET flower and gift shop to have the above photo taken with a few of my favorite famous friends!
Note the Angel close to
Santa's left shoulder!

 Angelic Gifts for all Year

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 How did this Happen?

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 Angels and Miracles
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Never doubt that a small group
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it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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