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Cottage Grove, Oregon
has seven covered bridges.
Cottage Grove Oregon
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Keep your heart open,
And you will pass through life
with greater ease.
- Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Dearest Readers,

Well, that was a bit of a surprise!
I had two weeks of life threatening asthma, saw some handsome ambulance drivers, and am now up and kicking.
(Love those homeopaths and Chinese medicine!)
How wonderful! The season of magic is soon upon us.

When people open their hearts, angels and miracles manifest easier, and more readily.
When people are focusing on the miracles, that took place in ancient days, their hearts and minds pull that energy into your life.

Sometimes the miracles are not for you, but for those in your life.

Enjoy the following story of a women, who manifest her dream in a wondrous way.

Also, if your internet system bounced my last newsletter, on our local fire fighter, with A. L.S., whose family needs a few miracles here is the link to his story, with photos.

If you love reading miracles, I just happen to have two wonderful books available for purchase. 

The money goes to support the necessary internet website tools for sending the newsletters, and posting to the website.

May the Angels keep you and your family safe, and comfort those in your life who feel alone.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Ange Scribe"

Pat's Blue Car
Pat with Angel
in the New Blue Bug
Pat Manifests a Winner

For two years, I've wanted a little convertible VW Bug.
I never asked my Angels for help, to attain my wish, but I know, they knew, what was in my heart.
I am happy to be with my husband, family, and our little animal family.
But, I still looked on the internet, at those cute little convertible 'Bugs' and smiled at them.
My brother, in San Diego and his wife, say that every time they see a little VW Bug, they exclaim that, "Those are so cute, they just look like they need a hug."
My husband is interested in all kinds of cars, he stays up late, on the internet and researches them.
He found a little VW Bug convertible, a 2007 model, advertised with twenty two miles on it, and it was selling as a used car!  How was that possible?
He made some calls, without my knowing it.
The Saturday, after my birthday, he announced that we were going to Tacoma, for the day.
This said, with an accompanying little smile.  I asked, "Where are we going and what for?"
Again that little smile, as he replied, "Wait and see." 
Long story short....we came back home, with me driving my new little VW Bug!
The car is indeed a 2007 model, with only twenty two miles!
This car, has every bell and whistle on it. 
It was the first prize in a contest.
The person who won it, did not want it, so they sold it back to the VW dealership.
BUT....since the car had been titled out to the winner, it had to be sold as a, 'used car!'  Even though it had never left the lot.
So, not only did my Angels know my wish, but I was able to get this beautiful car, for far less than it would have cost us, sold new!
I am told that, "There are no accidents or coincidences," so I give thanks, to however it came about, that this cute little, Bug, now sits in my driveway.
Well, it sits there when my husband isn't driving it, that is.
Pat and Bill in Washington

It is only with the
Heart that one can see Rightly.

What is essential is Invisible
to the eye.

~  The FOX ~

Hug with all your Heart
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Hug with All Your Heart

Love, the Greatest Gift
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
L O V E, a four letter word that should be
used, felt and acted on, more often.
Strip away all the busy-ness of the day,
drop the obligations, delete the facades
and what is left?
What is it you truly need from others?
What is it you truly want to give others?
What clothes you decorate your body with
What ornaments you surround yourself with
and what you keep your brain busy with
Can all evaporate.
And like the clothes you change,
so does your life.
Your kindness, consideration and gentleness
to others is what gives your life power,
your actions strengthen your spirit
and give your life true meaning.
It is not owning the large corporation,
scoring the biggest paycheck,
having the largest gemstone jewelry collection
that make you the happiest.
It is the giving of LOVE from your heart.
This alters your vibrations and the receivers,
truly strengthening the human race.
It is a chain of actions.
Like a steel chain
where one link is connected to the next.
Each bonded,
each stronger
to hold greater power together.
Your Love may be invisible,
but the power and results
of it manifest every day.
There is great wisdom
in those who love and teach
others to harness this energy
to touch and change the world...
one person at a time.
a four letter word -
it gets the attention through its use.

Twenty Angelic Messages
to Lift Your Heart

by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

20 of the 1,000 I have written!
(It would be great to discover a publisher for them!)

Dear Angel Scribe
I am an avid reader of your newsletters, and love them.
I have benefited from reading them, and send their link onto all my friends.
Mavis in Oakridge, Oregon 

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You may only be one person to the world,
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~ Anonymous ~

"Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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