A Miracle Emerges from a Fire
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Miracle in a Fire!
November 17, 2005
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- Miracle in a Fire
- Part II
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Dearest Readers,

Life is like that!

You wake up thinking it is another "normal" day and before you can turn around you are knee deep in Earth Angel work!

While dressing for the day, my daughter's pager for the fire station sent out an alarm.

She and my husband are volunteer firefighters in our small rural town, (population 9,000) so I thought it would be a good idea to take a photo of them hooking up hoses to a fire hydrant.

The reported stove fire was only one block away, so I grabbed the camera and walked over.

Smoke was streaming out of a 105 year old house that looks like an "old shoe" house from a fairy tale.

Firefighters hurried in and out of the burning home and an isolated young woman stood alone in her pajamas on the curb.

Her neighbors and family must have all been at work, no one was with her.

I watched a fire fighter choose a bright yellow garbage recycle bin close to him, and gently lift the cat he had been giving oxygen to for smoke inhalation, and place it into the bin as a make shift stretcher.

He carried the cat over to the woman and told her which vet it was going to, before passing the cat over to a policeman to rush it to the vet clinic.

It was all she could take, she looked down at her cat, and
brave to that moment she collapsed in tears.
Her beautiful short-hair orange tiger kitty was no longer orange, he was covered in soot.
I was the only one there, so I rushed over to her, circled her with my arms, held her and let her cry her broken heart out.

A fire fighter came over with a rickety old patio chair and like a "gentle--man" assisted the woman off the ground to sit with more dignity in her grief.

It is November and cold, she was shaking from more than the shock of watching her home burn down and her pets in trouble.

She had been warming her hands on her dog, that was safely out of harms reach, so I pulled off my soft bright pink gloves and gave them to her.

They matched her nail polish; she smiled and tried to put them on.
She was so in shock, she put her right hand into the left glove.
This morning, she thought her life was going one way and now here she was out on the curb.
Her life zooming in a totally unexpected direction, with a scene in front of her that she did not recognize.
She explained through tears, that two of her cats and one kitten were missing, and the pet bird had flown away.
I kept thinking, How can I help her?
So, I phoned KNND, the town's only radio station, on my cell phone.
I told them about this young woman, who regardless of her stress had rescued her pets.
She had carried two of her four cats, three of her four kittens, with her bird on her shoulder, and her dog beside her from her burning house.

The bird flew away in the confusion, so the radio station said they would have local residents watch for it.

Also, I asked the radio station to contact the Humane Society to help the family's pets any way they could, and they did.

A fire fighter came over to say the Red Cross was on its way to find her now homeless family new lodging.

When her mother arrived, they both dissolved in tears and I quietly stepped away.
I went over to the volunteer firefighters I knew and thanked them for their work.
The youngest fire fighter, Brad, who attends college responded, "There is nothing more I would love to do,
than this all day long!"

You have to love a small town!

miracle firefighters
My husband and Brad
having their air packs changed
for the third time during the fire.
Remember, if all you can give is a hug and some gloves,
someone in the world needs you right now.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Part II
A Miracle Emerges
from the Fire

This afternoon I walked by the burned out home and learned:

The young woman is 18, was home ill, her parents were at work and her brothers were in school.
She put on a pan of oil for tater-tots to cook, went upstairs, forgot about it, and then came downstairs to discover the pan on fire.

Because of her age and inexperience she did not know that any kind of a LID placed on a fire, or baking soda would have doused the flames.

Instead she threw water on the grease flames, which spread the fire out in a wave, tossing flames up onto the wall where the fire spread...resulting in them losing their home.

She called 911.
THEN, standing in the house, with the flames going up the back of the stove, up over the ceiling and down the far wall she phoned her mother and told her the house was on fire.
Her mother asked her where she was calling from.
Shocked to find her daughter still in the house, she told her to grab as many pets as possible and get out.
Then the telephone line went dead.
The mother never knew if her daughter got out alive, until she arrived home and saw her daughter sitting in the chair the fire fighter had brought over to her.
The daughter could not find one kitten and one cat; her neighbor had to stop her from reentering the burning house to save them.
One of the benefits of a small town is; it only took two minutes from her 911 call for the firefighters to arrive.
By then, smoke was billowing from the upstairs windows, eaves and out the back porch.
My husband said that the flames were spreading across the living room ceiling as they entered.
(Sadly, the fire fighters found one cat who had passed away under a bed.)
In a small town, folks pull together!
Family friends came over to support the search for the missing bird.
They beat the bushes and scanned the sky in vain.
When her mother's pastor arrived he asked what the bird usually answers to and a light went on in her mind....she whistled for the bird and he toddled out from under the front porch and hopped up on her shoulder.
Yes, the same porch the firefighters had been tramping over with their heavy boots, huge hoses and equipment!
The bird stayed locked on her shoulder for two solid hours, no matter if she went outside or inside.
I phoned the vet. and the cat in their care is doing well, it has had a bath and is back to orange and grooming himself!
Apparently it began to purr when the mother visited and picked it up.
Love is a powerful healer.
And the local Humane Society, over burdened with lack of funds, too many homeless pets, and no shelter building here in town showed up to help this family locate pet foster homes until they can all go back in their house...in three months!
Actually, Janetta who runs the town's all volunteer Humane Society took their dog to a foster home and ALL the cats are now set up safely in her home!
(She also has the cat who was at the vets.)
Yes, in a small town, folks are special!
Then, when the family reentered their blackened and damaged home, the kitten waddled out...unharmed!

The mother renamed the kitten on the spot to...MIRACLE!

What are the odds, that out of all the fires my husband and daughter have attended in the last three years, that today was the one I went to and discovered a kitten called Miracle!
OK, in my life, about now...we would all expect it!
Oh, and one last thing.
When their next door neighbor, Lucile, walked with her cane onto the street, the reason she was late is the young woman had been filling her home with her pets, and Lucile was coordinating them with her own dog!
I looked up at Lucile and just about fell over, she was wearing a sweat shirt with ANGELS on it!
Obviously in many ways...today was a God-Job!
Lucile would agree, because of her illness she has not been able to be very neighborly, and most days she is out of the house at a doctor's appointment.
But today, she was there for this family and opened her home to them and their the pets during the crises.
The mother said, "I told my family that when we first met Lucile, that God had put us next to her for a reason."

Miracle's Family Portrait
A Miracle Always Stands Out!
A Miracle Family Portrait
Miracle and his brothers.
And Dearest Readers, where ever you are, you can stop and give 1,000 blessings for what you have, where you are in your life, and that your loved ones are safe.
Lucile said that when the family came into her home for a rest, the daughter broke down into sobs and tears, "Mom, I am so sorry for the fire."
Her guilt was dissolving her spirit.
The mother gently said, "Don't worry. This is why they call it an accident. I am so grateful we are all OK."
Also, my husband said the fire burned so hot that the smoke detectors had melted...but they WERE STILL BEEPING!

May your family be safe.

Angelic blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Proof Reader's Response
This issue is delightful and encompasses sadness, miracles, lessons, humor, acts of kindness and signs that the Angels and God are ever present and revealed in all things that happen.
Love this newsletter, it is so aptly named after yourself, what you did, all that you do and the renamed surviving kitten.
How sad for them, but a beautiful story of goodwill and bonding together in a small town.
I really enjoyed it.
One thing for sure, you are never short of news for stories, and it is always interesting how the Angels help you keep your life from being boring!
Everyone will enjoy this heart warming real life event of a miracle or two.
Hey, after reading your newsletter late last night, I moved the baking soda container from the laundry room to the cupboard beside the stove.
Then when the children woke up this morning (I was frying bacon for breakfast), I explained how they should put a fire out, warning them not to put water on it.
I showed them the baking soda container and said, "Pull the lid off and sprinkle or dump the whole lot on."
My daughter, Justine, is still too young to cook without supervision, but my son, Torian, does and I want to be sure he knows what to do.
So.... you see this newsletter taught me something, and I truly believe it will save lives in the future!
Ann in London, Ontario

Dearest Readers,
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