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November 14, 2005
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"Mary Ellen, it is amazing how
fast an hour goes by...
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for the next hour
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Dearest Readers,

Today's newsletter contains helpful information to make your holidays sparkle.

As you know, "A really famous author" has two great miracle books!

The following story is included in "A CHRISTMAS FILLED WITH MIRACLES" and may it offer hope to grieving parents.

If you feel down in the dumps about the holiday season, then look to lift another up.

Your act of kindness is like hanging onto a huge helium balloon...you too will lift up!

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

by Maria Strino
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
I hope my story gives others hope and faith.
Our son, Joey, was born March 1997 on Good Friday, and at the moment of his birth he died for the first time.

He was brought back to life, died two more times, each time being resuscitated.

On November 18th, 1998, I had a strong feeling to put up our Christmas Tree.

Three days later, our hearts were broken when Joey passed away.

And that same day, a strand of lights on our Christmas tree went out.

My husband and I were too stunned with sorrow to replace the strand.

The passing of our beautiful baby boy is without a doubt the hardest thing to accept.

I prayed everyday that Joey would give me a sign he was safe and happy.

Immediately after he died, I searched the Internet for comfort in stories, articles, poems, etc.

I found both ANGEL SCRIBE newsletters and the, "Compassionate Friends."
Every year, this group starts a Candle Lighting Vigil on December 13th, in remembrance of children who have passed.
At 7:00 p.m. around the world, you light a candle in their memory, this way prayers and light circle the earth creating a 24-hour memorial.

In Joey's "thank you" cards from his funeral, I told everyone about the prayer vigil and this wonderful way to remember our children.

Well, on Sunday, December 13th, at 7:00 p.m. my husband and I lit our candles (we had over 20).

When we finished lighting our candles and said our prayer, the strand of lights on our Christmas tree came back on!

Here is a follow up note sent in by Joey's mother:
The following Easter morning I woke up hearing "patty-cake."

I keep Joey's much loved big-stuffed toy bird in a covered basket in my room, and because the toy is interactive, you have to put it's arms together before it says "patty-cake."

I opened the basket and noticed its arms were apart in a "please hug me posture."

Puzzled, I shook the basket and the toy still did not make a noise.

Our prayers continue to be heard and answered.

There is hope and faith.

I know in my heart Joey is safe and loved in heaven.

- Perfect Holiday -
Angel Music
"Magic in December"
by Tom Barabas
(A re release: Includes
Pachelbel Cannon in D and Ave Maria)
Magic In December
For those in love with
Tom's "Sedona Suite"
find a new favorite with
"Magic in December."
Listening to Tom's newest CD
sounds/feels like waves of love
gently stroking you, comforting
your entire being into a quiet
Enter a fantasy world of sound
that carries your spirit gently
while enjoying magic year round
with your favorite carols and
traditional melodies as he weaves
and blends an acoustic piano with
the delicate touch of synthesizer.
I have been playing this CD solidly
for a week and our entire family
LOVES its gentle joyful melodies.
Truly a wonder filled
listening experience!
When ordering, tell them
you are an Angel Scribe reader.
They love to know how you
found their beautiful music.
You are going to
love love love this CD!

"Winter Magic"
by Hilary Stagg
With the passing of Hilary Stagg
it is a treat for us that RealMusic.com
has released Hilary's holiday Harp CD.
If your CD player has these two CD's,
of Tom and Hilary, you wont need to put
another Christmas CD in your player
all season!
It is magic how music permeates
your heart, slows its beat to peace,
and stillness, and lets your spirit fly
like you are in a good dream...
free of all worries
and in the moment of pure joy.
When ordering, tell them
you are an Angel Scribe reader.
They love to know how you
found their beautiful music.


"REAL Piano"
A collection of inspiring Piano
pieces by stellar musicians.
A perfect gift for yourself
to enjoy all year long!
This CD cover is illustrated with
steps ascending into Heaven
that are keys of a piano.
Listening to "Real Piano" music
raises your heart's energy into JOY
with each new selection.
This is a perfect CD
for your vehicle.
Positive, upbeat, happy-inspiring
music that delivers you
to your destination.
If I had not heard this
piano CD, something would
have been missing from my life!
When ordering, tell them you
are an Angel Scribe reader.
They love to know how you
found their beautiful music.
- Real Music creates inspiring,
calm music for relaxation, romance
and meditation which
opens your heart to a
joyful feeling -
Enjoy their website
and hearing their exceptional music.
Listen to INFINITY.
Atira's and my favorite CD!


TBS television
December 6th

7:00 PM EST

"Daisy does America"
Features pet communicator
Dr. Agnes Thomas
author of
"Pets Tell The Truth."


Ghost Whisperer
CBS 1-hour drama
8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT
Produced & Inspired by
James Van Praagh
Learn from people who have an
amazing gift to see/speak to
loved ones on the other side.
Knowing Atira, I see the
truth of this show.


Ghost Whisperer is loving, kind,
and has integrity and teaches about
love beyond the borders as we know them.
You feel good after an hour of
watching Ghost Whisperer.


Three Wishes
If you love Extreme Home Make Over
for how it changes lives and communities,
then...you will become an instant
Friday night fan of "Three Wishes."
Enjoy watching as this show
makes simple and amazing dreams
come true for small towns.

Very moving and inspiring!

These are my husband's and my
favorite TV shows of the week!
(OPRAH is also a
personal favorite, because
she teaches and inspires!)

The Miracle Cloth!

Dearest Readers,

This newsletter's intention is to uplift, inspire and gift you with useful information to make your life easier... physically and spiritually.

Have you discovered Miracle Cloths yet?

They clean everything without chemicals!

Perfect for the environment, your lungs and your pets health!

With great enthusiasm, I ran around the house cleaning every thing in sight with my new cloth...like a good fairy in a Disney movie...as if it was a magic wand, because what ever it touches sparkled!

The cloths save cleaning time and turn your dusting, wiping, cleaning and polishing into a pleasure!

NO CHEMICALS...they melt dirt off furniture, walls, cars, and leave no lint on mirrors, photos or windows.

Atira, told me she was mad at me.

Yup mad!

Like us, she does not like housecleaning, but this cloth made her WANT to clean!

Atira phoned from Washington State, to tell me, in Oregon, ( a six hour drive away) with miracle cloth in hand...going from room to room explaining how impressed she was!

I love cleaning with these cloths, they are more contagious than the Asian flu!

I dusted, cleaned and polished my mother's entire apartment, then a friend's house.

They were concerned how hard I was working and I told them, "No, this is like play time...the miracle cloth is a new toy...you just can't put it down!

You want to see what magic it can perform and how fast it can clean the next object!

The micro fibers in this cloth will honestly change your life and make it easier!
Check them out at local kitchen stores or on the Internet.
I receive no commissions off these cloths, I am sharing their information with joy to make your life easier and brighter.
Hope you giggle when you use your cloth like Cinderella's God Mother - transforming things in your home/car to sparkle and shine!
May your holidays sparkle and shine too!
Mary Ellen

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not have access to a computer.

If you can help manifest my dream.

I am open to the miracle of it!

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