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November 11, 2005

Dearest Readers,
The last newsletter, "Ragan and her Championship Sisters" was the most inspiring newsletter this year according to your heart warming responses.
Ragan's family appreciated your wonderful "Fan Mail."
Only one reader ordered two Miracle books last newsletter.
The rest of you must already have my two inspirational books!
The sales of the books help with the costs of the newsletter and webpage.
Currently the newsletter expenses are coming out of our family budget.
Your loved ones will enjoy reading my miracle-beautiful books' for years as you have the newsletters.
If you are ordering autographed copies for the holidays, please contact me now so you will have your books in time.
The holidays are almost here!
Happy Remembrance Day to those in Canada, Veterans Day in the USA and Armistice Day in other countries!
It is no accident that World War I ended on November 11th at 11am.
The 11th month, the 11th day on the 11th hour.
After all 11-11 is an Angelic number AND Angels love must be their middle name!
Eleven is a master number that reflects the transformation of the physical into the Divine.
This newsletter is about the mystery of seeing multiple numbers.
I woke up once last night, at 3:33 AM and while working on this issue, stepped away from the computer and the clock read 11:11.
I have thousands of emails similar to the ones you are about to read, making them difficult to select!
Just like the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" when the people KNEW that the mountain they were drawing, or creating out of mounds of dirt or mashed potatoes meant something....readers around the world know that 111 is also something bigger than the general population recognizes.
Enjoy these stories knowing so many are divinely experiencing.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

  1111 Experiences 

Geoff in Englewood, Colorado
I have been experiencing something strange for the last few years.
On any given day, morning or night, I am drawn to look at a clock or watch at exactly 4:44 am or pm.
The oddest was when I woke up, my head was turned away from the clock.
I wondered if I looked at the clock would it be 4:44 am?
Well it certainly was!
In addition, another set of numbers 11:11, has an even longer pattern of this strange observance I can't believe I am writing about this as it is not my nature to get caught up supernatural stuff, etc.

Kathy in Pinewood, Minnesota
I receive calls from 1-800-111-1111 four to five times a day... for months now!
The phone company says there is no such number and it must be a glitch - yeah right!
When my cell rings now, my husband says, "It's your Angels again!"

kathy's cell phone 
Dr. Jan in Omaha, Nebraska
Hi Mary Ellen,
I found your website on Google!
I see 11:11,111, 333, 444, 555 all the time and have books on the subject!
Most recently I keep seeing 747!
Initially, I thought I was going crazy so was very relieved when I found some references on the Internet!
I now understand that Angels are talking to me, and I try to hold positive thoughts and say thank you.
I've read how manifestation happens easier at these times and that "the energetic gate is open."
Initially, my Husband did not notice any numbers, however he's started to see 111, and yesterday at the Supermarket check out he showed me the receipt was $111.11! (I keep it in a safe spot.)
I could not believe it!
Actually I could and felt very blessed!
Also, this is so special, my birth date is 12-22 and my daughter's time of birth was 12:22!

Sandra in South Africa
I would like to know where to start with 1111?
Is there a specific number for each one of us ?
Please help me as I would like to live my life more fully.


Yes, often our birth date or birth time like Dr. Jan's note is how the Angels get our attention, what date or time is more personal to you than that!
Many flight attendants number is 747, the number of a popular air craft.
And when I am thinking of a pilot friend who died, the number 747 will appear almost instantly!

Tim in Prescott, Arizona
I'm 25 years old and definitely relate to what everybody is talking about.
I see these numbers everyday....and I mean EVERY much that I now have a tattoo!
Inside the triangle is a series of 1's in a pyramid shape:
1 1
1 1 1
1 1 1 1
and a sun is rising from the back of the triangle, which also represents the pyramids.
I don't know why I got it, I just feel I was supposed to.
When I see these numbers...I point them out to others, some think I'm crazy.
Also my mother was born on November 1 (111).

Lizz in Brier, Washington
I LOVE the ANGEL SCRIBE newsletters and always look forward to them!
My husband has recently been encountering 1's....11:11 on the clock, 1:11 on his computer, etc.
This is happening more than just occasionally.
He's mystified, and not sure what it means, but I KNOW!!

Perfect Timing
How fun to know we are all connected.
As I finished reading "ANGEL SCRIBE", I looked down at my monitor and it read 1:11.

Keep up the inspiring work.
Gratefully, Carolyn

Dan in Boston
I thought I was going insane!
I keep seeing 1111 all over the place!
After 4 years I Googled the numbers, found ANGEL SCRIBE...and here I am.
I was at the point of going to my local parish and ask questions.
I live in Boston which has many old churches, and figured they would not commit me.
After reading about the divine-significance, it now makes sense.

Also, while walking by MIT dorms I noticed a silver object shining in the grass.
It was imbedded in the grass, and yet it looked brand new having just survived last winter's thaw.
It was on a key chain, and the keys were rusted solid.
It is a little silver cross-shaped with an Angel on the front, and the back is engraved, "Angels shall guard thee."

Danny in Florida
I am one of the 444 people.
As well as my family,ever since my Grandma passed.
Besides all the normal 444 sightings daily, I recently sold an item on e-bay and the crazy thing is that 444 people viewed the auction!
What the heck is are the chances of that?
1 in a bazillion?
I did not even notice until a day after the auction ended.
This is out of control!

Karen in Manassas, Virginia
For two years I have been seeing 1111 everywhere and now 444!
I knew there had to be a meaning.
I'm happy to have found your website.
I really do have Angels watching over me!

 Missy is Comforted by her Angels

I thought that I was going crazy until I found your site.
Today, I saw 111 again today, and started feeling nervous because at 37 years of age, this has never happened before.
I decided to investigate and search for the reason, and your web site is at the top of the list.
I consider myself a fairly spiritual person.
My husband, on the other hand, would think I was completely nuts if I told him about it.
I read that when the numbers 111 come up, it means that there is a door opened and if I want something to manifest in my life, that I should wish for it.
I will now be more open to the things I see and hear in my life.
Thank you for putting my mind at ease.
I don't feel like I'm going crazy anymore.
I feel comforted now by my Angels.

My birthday is 11.11.79.
1111 started appearing about 10 years ago, when I was 15.
I sometimes see it four times a day!
I thought it was just me, but my friends see it too!
I asked someone on the street for the time and she said, "11:11."
On a whim, I checked the receipts in my wallet and several purchases were $11.11 and some bought at 11:11.
Often, getting in or out of the car the clock reads 11.11. Or I see car license plates that are all 1's.
Phone messages are often left at 1:11 or 11:11.
Cd's pause on 1 minute 11secs.
I wake up at night and it is 1:11 or 11:11.
My daughter was born at 11:11pm.
The list just goes on and on.
It also happens to my brother.
I couldn't believe it when he told me, as it had both been happening for years before we told each other.
He was driving his car and it stopped for no reason...and the odometer read all 1's.
This number is constantly in my life, it use to freak me out until I read your web site.
Thank you for putting my mind at ease.

Cassandra in Miami, Florida
In 1991, I first saw 1111 on my car clock and from there it really started, my mother passed on 2/11/92 at 11 AM.
My car was broken into and the amount for repairs was $111.

I met a man and he has a scar on wrist that had an 11 on it...and he has NO idea how it got there!
I bought stamps last week and the receipt was $1.11.

For the first time today, I phoned Cassandra.
She reported that she saw 11:11 on her clock this morning.
Then someone sent her an email saying something good would happen at 11:11 today, then I phoned about putting her email into this newsletter!

  Kyla in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

My first 444 story came in a dream.

After a dream, where I traveled all over God's creation to the point where I could even see the earth, I settled down and dreamt that I was eating in a Chinese restaurant.
The bill was$10, but it had a big black magic mark on it saying
- DISCOUNT - and my new total was 4.44!

A couple of days after the dream, I got into my car and looked down at the trip odometer and it read 222.0
Smiling, I cleared it, did my errands, and then looked at it again and it read 22.2.
Today, when I arrived home from work my big odometer reading was 200,222.0
All this makes me smile, it must be a special hello from our Angels.

I experienced a dream with the passing of the grandmother.
She was writing 1111 in the dream in such a way that I would remember it upon awakening.
She passed away in August and I have been trying to figure out what she was trying to tell me.
I have been on a spiritual journey for over a year now and this dream finally makes sense.

Danielle, in Maple Valley Washington
I have been seeing 1111 since 9-11-01.
My friends and boyfriend think I'm crazy, because every time I look at the clock it's 11:11 and I scream ... look, look, there it is again!
It feels good to know that I'm not crazy and there are other people out there seeing the same thing on a daily basis.
A couple of odd things happened to me (besides seeing 1 11 and 1111 on street signs licenses plates and phone times), once I had found a lady's ID and her birthday was 1-11-77.
Then the weirdest time was my flight from New Orleans to California on 9-11-03.
The flight was # 1111 and it arrived in LA at 11:11.
I'm thankful to have come across your web sight, now I know the meaning of 1111.

Jason in Washington
I felt the need a few weeks back to search out information on what I keep noticing.
It began a few years ago when I began noticing 944 on clocks and places where I would be when going about my daily business.
Nothing that would mean anything but it was the feeling that came after..that it was important.
Then it was 1944..I mean all the time!
The latest is seeing 333 or 444.
It's not just's receipts, voice mail time-stamps and email time-stamps.
I don't feel bad when I see this...more like I'm not alone.
I have been going through a difficult time and working very hard to get myself together and live right.
I have a VERY strong seek out why I am seeing these numbers and what they mean, and I see that I am not alone.

Annie and Tina
I visited your website concerning 11:11.
The reason why I am writing to you is, my best friend, Tina, died in The Station Night Club Fire on 2-20-03.
Before her passing, I never experienced seeing the numbers, but after she died, I see them every where.
My train of thought is, since the fire started at 11:07pm that night, Tina must have died at 11:11pm and this is one of the ways she now communicates with me.
I wrote a poem for Tina called, "Heaven's Light" my boyfriend found it on the computer and had his band write music for it.
They went into the studio and were working on the music's basic structure of Heaven's Light...I looked at the time and it was 11:11pm.

Is there anything to this or am I just losing my mind?

Sheri's Family Time
I never knew that this happened to anyone else.
About 10 years ago I was visiting my grand parents with my children and mentioned how I always see 111 and 1111.
My grandparents said the same thing has happened to them for years.
A few months later my mother called to say my grandmother died, I hung up, the only light on was the microwave clock glowing red 111.
I felt it was my grandmother letting me know she was with me.
Six weeks later my grandfather died, he was buried on 11-11.
Also, I was born at 1:11 am.

Eevin at the Salon
My story on 111 started at the hair salon.
I told a client of mine, that I was a born again Christian on 1-1-05 at 11pm.
I then began to tell her about the numbers I always see, before
I could tell her which numbers, she says, "It's not 111 is it?"
She gave me goose bumps, because I 've seen 11:11 for years!
One night, after praying, I felt a gentle pressure from my head to my toes.
I looked at the clock...11:11 PM.
One night, the smoke alarm's battery was bleeping and it woke me...1:11 AM.
And at work, two clients' bills come to $111.
So odd, because there are any number of random Salon services.
Also the salon's night total was $1111, and the one dollar bills amounted to $111!

Proof Reader's Comment
on this Issue

Ann in Canada
These are fascinating, it is interesting that there are common facts among them, i.e. they can all relate back to ANGEL SCRIBE and your information on numbers.

They all can trace a spiritual awakening or connection of some personal significance and they are forever changed with the knowledge of the numerical spiritual meaning.

Pam in Milton, Washington
Speaking of 111... I opened the e-mail from you to proof at 1:11.
I think people are more open spiratually nowdays and this is how angels, spirit guides, loved ones who have passed over communicate with us.
How wonderful to know they are so close and thinking of us all the time!!

Lori in Georgia
I also experience multiple numbers frequently.
The clock on my computer, the clock on my cellphone, the clock on my stove, all my clocks are "possessed!"
I constantly see 1:11, 11:11, 222, 333 and 555.
I see these numbers most when I need to know the Angels are around.
It makes me giggle, because of the timing of when it happens.
I feel that the Angels are reminding me they are close by when I need them, and I always immediately feel "cheered" and blessed.
Great newsletter.
Love and angel blessings.

Pat in Chehalis, Washington
It is wonderful for all of those wrote their experiences to know that they are all a part of the Universe.
While we all may know it, most of us do not really understand the powerful significance of just that.
We are ALL a part of each other, and for people to be able to follow this path, and not even be aware that the rest of us have the same experiences, is awe inspiring.
The deep spiritual knowledge that we all are privy to is becoming so much more known and available, to those who choose to open their minds and hearts to let all of the abilities in.
Angels are indeed, with us....

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