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Angel Cloud!
Angel Cloud
Angel Cloud above Cindy's home in Hickory Flat, Georgia
Dear Angel Scribe!
I feel blessed to share my true story!  My husband and I have two beautiful daughters and two wonderful grandchildren.
When my husband was very ill, a friend of ours was taking pictures of clouds and he captured this one over our house!

He snapped the picture on his 27 exposure disposable camera.  Out of the 27 possible photos...this picture is the only one that developed!

On the day he took this Angel photo, my husband was in the hospital, very sick with a high fever and pneumonia.  His oxygen level was only 82.
I was so scared that we were going to lose him.  I went home and prayed to God to watch over us all.
A calm came over me and I slept, knowing God would help me deal with anything that might happen with my life and husband.

From this photo I learned that God had sent an Angel, to watch over our family.

We feel blessed to share our joy with all of you, who believe in the powers of God, to send Angels that watch over us.

Angels come in many forms and can be there in the roughest times. I believe Angels are among us and help watch over us.

God Bless and keep you safe.
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" of Little Christmas Angel and Nymbus
Creating a Lifetime of Peace
Author Mary Ellen and her Angels
Angels bow their heads in unison.
They become very quiet . . .
and then as if by magic,
their words come to you,
but not in your head . . . they enter your heart.
"We gently welcome you to the Light . . .
a place of such peace and tranquility . . .
that you may liken it to being held softly . . .and gently . . .in the midst of clouds.
There is so much fear in your world . . .
one cannot fear and feel at peace at the same moment.
If you can take a moment and say a prayer,
for peace, and feel peace for one brief moment,
you'll know that you have the ability to gain some peace.
With each moment of peace,
you can add one more moment,
until you are feeling calmer and calmer . . . and more peaceful.
Think on this.
If at this precise moment
you are enveloped in fear . . .will it change any outcome?
Or will it have the power to zap your inner strength . . .
as you await the outcome?
Then visualize that you are surrounded and permeated by a gentle and peaceful feeling.
You are still the same person,
in the same situation,
still awaiting an outcome . . .but, how do you feel now?
Is your breathing easier?
Body less tense?
Is your heart beating more smoothly?
Is your head clearer . . .for better life decisions?
Nothing around you has changed,
yet everything inside of you has!

And you have the power to do it now,
and again when you need to.
This is a way to gain the inner strength -- to carry you forward in life.
You deserve to feel at peace,
and calm,
and you will handle your life's lesson with a greater ease and expertise.
Now that you are sitting and relaxing,
in this moment of peace,
do you see how much work and effort it takes for your body to rev itself up into fear -- and to hold itself there?
Know that you are the master of your destiny . . . choose the path of peace . . .
and watch as the outcomes change.
Feeding fear into an outcome is not the same as watching the events unfold from your new and stronger perspective.
The next time fear enters, take a deep breath to build your inner strength,

then blow out the fear and see how the calming the mind and body

results in a heart felted with strength.
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"The more I trust and am let go,
the more I am guided."
~ John Holland ~
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A Course in Weight Loss
by Marianne Williamson
Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life, along with the new approach of Marianne Williamson's book A Course in Weight Loss, delve into a course of action based on spiritual principles to give you the edge for success.

My favorite books of Marianne's are Every Day Grace and a Women's Worth.  Both are vital reading for females.

Marianne Williamson has always taught that when we light our path with love, we will be showered with miracles. Now, in A Course in Weight Loss, Marianne offers 21 spiritual lessons to help us surrender our fears and discover our body brilliance and the Divine perfection of our true self.

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