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 Angel in a Tree Stump
Photo by Dave
Tree Angel
I was cutting down  a tree in my back yard, and thinking of my sister, who had passed away, in 2002.
I always feel her around me, but what happened next even amazed me!
When I spotted this Angel, in the tree stump, it instantly felt like my sister was sharing, that she had earned her wings.
I called my friends over to see the Angel.
They looked down, and saw the Angel in the wood!
The details are exact, hands, halo, dress...all in the knot of the tree stump. 
David in Beverly, Massachusetts

He Left His Heart in
San Francisco

I just spent six months, wondering whether my husband of 16 years, would live or die.
On September 3, 2007 he received a heart transplant, and we had to live in San Francisco for a month.
He couldn't ride in a car, for very long, because of the incisions, so we were stuck in San Francisco.
The good news is, he is doing great, with no rejections.
Scott truly left his heart in San Francisco.
And thanks to a young person, that had the foresight to be a donor, my husband is alive.
Please tell your readers, that even though you check "donor" on your driver's license, unless you tell your family of your decision, they can object, and deny someone a life giving transplant.
The day we arrived home, I was going through my emails, and came to yours.
I felt that God was talking right to me, and it felt so good.
Thank you for sending it.

Wild Wood Falls, Oregon
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Wild Wood Falls, Oregon 
- Scenery, as seen by Tim -

A God Job
Dearest Readers,

Be careful when you ask God, to use you as a vehicle to help others!

You may have to stretch your mind, and heart, in new directions.
I was just catapulted, into such a on...

You may only be one person
to the world,
but you may also be the world
to one person.
~ Anonymous ~

One of our fire fighters, Tim, has Lou Gehrig's disease. 
Once a week, I pick Tim up, and we drive around our beautiful city, and country side, like two excited tourists.
This area, Lane County, is beautiful! 
Tim is a nature photographer, and can no longer hold a camera.

So, at pretty spots, I jump out of the car. 
Take a few photos, then run back, and show them to Tim.

Tim then suggests different angles, and new ways to look at the photo.
We are having fun, and it gives him a day out of his home.
We cover 50-75 miles, driving 20 mph on back roads, so he can hear the crunch of the leaves under the car tires, smell the autumn air, and drink in the beauty.
Row River, Lane County
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
In his youth, Tim swam in this River

Sadly, each week, his disease robs him of more and more mobility.
He stopped coming to our Volunteer Fire Fighter drill night of training, when he could no longer walk.
The volunteers decided, that since Tim can no longer come to drill, we would all go to see him.

Tim is in immediate need of finances, for a handicap accessible room, and I had an idea how to help.

What if the media knew about his need? 
I immediately went to work to inform them, that we were about to take a rare night procession of Emergency vehicles to Tim's home. 
What a great story for them, and photographic opportunity!
They agreed.
On drill night, two TV station reporters, and camera men/women, and three newspaper reporters/photographers, appeared at the fire station.
For some reason, they thought I was in charge of the procession of media.
One reporter, wanted to ride in the fire truck, and luckily there was room.
The line up of apparatus, in the dark night, was beautiful, as the brightly colored emergency lights reflected off the Douglas Fir trees, as we drove up Tim's driveway.

He was sitting in his wheelchair, warmed by a bonfire, (how appropriate) and surrounded by his family.

You can read more about Tim in Eugene's newspaper, (I am chatting with him, in the photo, ON THE FRONT PAGE!  And we both ended up on TV news too!)
Please consider forwarding his story on to, paramedic/fire fighters in your area, or print it out, and drop by your fire station.
And remember, there is a God job waiting out there, for you to do!
Be someone's Earth Angel. 
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^ 
Waterfall rapids
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Beautiful River Scenery,
hidden away that Tim knew about.
Dear Angel Scribe...
Arlington, Texas 

My friend forwarded your newsletter to me.
It is a wonderful, beautiful, way of spreading the reality that, miracles really do exist, and they are everywhere.  We only need to look, to see them.
There's no such thing, as coincidence, but God-incidences.
I believe that, with all my heart, from not only my own personal experiences, but from others as well.
God bless,
Cathi in Arlington, Texas

Indianapolis, Indiana

Somehow, I was accidentally booted off the Angel Scribe mailing list.

I decided, I'd better get back on, so I don't miss any more newsletters. 
It lightens my day reading your newsletter, especially the e-mails
from all the people, who have their own personal stories of Angels, love
and magic moments. 
What an inspiration! Their stories keep us all going. 
I also enjoy seeing your beautiful cats.
Angel Bev in Indy

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