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  Cloud - God's Hand
photo by Michael 
God's Hand, in a Cloud

Cloud - God's Hand
A year ago, in May, my Aunt Teen died, on the same date on which, my father had passed, a few years before.
The day of her funeral, mom was too ill to attend the service.
Our family thought, her illness was a message from my aunt, that she should not attend the funeral.
This way, mom could remember my aunt, as a vibrant healthy person.
When I arrived home, in Eganville, Ontario, Canada, from the funeral, I felt very lonely, and afraid.
I sat on the front doorstep, looked up, and saw this amazing cloud!

I call the photo "God's Hand."
However, after reading some of the stories on www.AngelScribe.com, I will now call the cloud, "The Angel Wing."
Michael in Eganville, Ontario, Canada

God Loves You
When I was seven years old,  my sister and I went to a Christian summer camp, in Temple Hills Maryland.
I had never heard of God, before we arrived.
One time, I asked my father, "What happens when you die?"
He said, "You go to sleep, and never wake up."
My parents never mentioned God, or anything about an afterlife, when I was growing up.
At the summer camp, I asked a counselor, "Who's God?"
She appeared surprised, that I had never heard of God.
She explained who He was, and is, and read bible stories to me, everyday.
I thought, the things that God did, were amazing, and I loved the Bible stories.
One day,
during recess, one of the counselors and I were sitting reading the Bible, while the other children were playing.
I looked up at the sky, and saw a cloud in the shape of a hand with every detail that a human hand has.
I pointed to the sky and said, "Look!"
She stopped reading, and looked up at the cloud.
I asked, "What is it?"
She said, "It's a sign from God."
I was so excited to see the cloud, that I was giggling and jumping up and down, waving to the cloud.
The strange thing is, no one else noticed the cloud, only me and the counselor.  All the other children were playing. 
I'm 15 years old, in November, and this moment of my life, is always in my head.
I googled, "a sign from God in a cloud shape like a hand" and found your web site.
I read about other people, who have also had similar cloud sightings, and was shocked and excited, that I am not the only one.
Kenda in Clinton

Dear Angel Scribe
The Netherlands
Dear Angel Scribe,
I love your book, "Expect Miracles!"
That is how I learned about your newsletter.
Keep up your very good work!
Jaxxx  in Leiden, The Netherlands, Europe


Dearest Mary Ellen,

You have no idea, how valuable your newsletters are in my life.
I will write again, and let you know, when I regain my strength.
You are included in my heart.
Inger-Johanne in Stockholm, Sweden

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