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Desperate House Cats!
October 20, 2005
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In This Edition
- Childhood Dreams Become Reality
- Blackie, the Wonder Kitty in South Africa
- Bonnie's Blackie, the Hero in U.S.A.
- Kitty Collection Sweat Shirts

Dearest Readers,
How many of your dreams have come true?
I have fun news about a childhood dream manifesting.
From ages three to four, I was in two foster homes while my mother was in a hospital recuperating from TB, and my father was building his career.
(He did not feel capable of taking care of three children under the age of six.)
My ill mother was over whelmed with three young children, because of her health, so I was sent alone to the first foster home while they remained together as a family for a few more months.
My brother and sister eventually went to a different foster home.
Thank God I was put into a loving and kind foster home for several months, to experience a new way of looking at life ... before being reunited with my siblings at their foster home, (an alcoholic environment.)

At the tender age of four, I learned to look at the world, not just be part of it.
I learned manners at the first home and responsibility for actions.
I looked around and saw the world, and pondered the many possibilites it held .... most kids that age blankly looked around and dodn't appreciate what they have .... I did.

Really, the experience ... was a good thing... it was a God thing!!!
It made me the loving and kind woman that I am today.
We all have life experiences that mold us into the person we are today.

During that time, I gently picked up a tiny kitten, held it's soft warm body to my chest ... it purred appreciation ... and in that instant I experienced the magic that cats have to heal a hurting and lonely heart.
From that moment, seeded in my soul was a desire to become someone who would somehow inspire and uplift others ... the kitten taught me the magic of love and posibilities... and if possible I wanted to take my cats with me into a future career.
I learned how cats can open and change a heart and that is exactly what I wanted to do.
So in 2003, when the opportunity to be on the cover of AWARENESS MAGAZINE presented itself, I did a little heart-happy dance ... because one of my Silver Persian kittens was also on the cover!
Many of you have read the miracle story of Miss Wings, my miracle kitten, and our amazing connection to artist Bonnie Hamer at Morning Sun Inc., famous for their T-shirt and sweat shirt designs.
Well, Bonnie has recently taken her artistic skills, studied my Silver Persians' sweet faces and designed three new products for Morning Sun Inc. for this coming season.
I do not receive any financial benefit from the sale of the shirts or the design, but my spirit is rewarded knowing that my cats and my vision of inspiring folks around the world came true again.
People wearing sweet-faced kitten sweat shirts will feel warm and fuzzy ... those looking at the kitten art work will also have a smile as they pass by.
These designs are bringing happiness to many folks.
Can a childhood dream get any better than that!
Well, it is ... my adult dream with my Silver Persian cats was to show what a beautiful Persian looks like WITH a nose and not a mushed face.
If new pet guardians requested healthier Persians from breeders, the breeding industry would stop breeding distorted, deformed, difficult breathing cats that are suffering with insane attempts to shrink noses right off the cats' faces.
This destructive practice has to stop for the health of the cats, and the financial devastation that their guardians experience at the Vet clinics.
Shame cat show judges for awarding ribbons to breeders of mushed-face cats!
If cat owners-buyers want prettier Persians and demand them, then the breeding industry would change.
Hopefully Bonnie's beautiful kitten sweat shirt designs shown below will instigate positive changes in the cat breeding business to one of health for the cats.
Whatever your dreams, however long you have held onto them...
continue to work towards them.
Magic does happen: it is all in Divine timing!
Oh, and about Bonnie Hamer?
Since Bonnie discovered Miss Wings' story and her own connection to the Christmas kitty miracle ... Bonnie and I are best of friends.
Sometimes there are many happy endings to stories!
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe"
BONNIE'S Sweat Shirt Designs
Famous Des"PURR"ate House Cat Sweat shirt!
The Desperate House Cat design
is filled with pink hearts raining
over the cats.
Bonnie was not aware that when
I had surgery five years ago, I
asked Angel Scribe Readers
to send prayers in the form
of millions of little pink hearts.
The connection in her art work
is purr-fectly Divinely inspired!

Bonnie Hamer Art Work of Miss Wings on a Mirror
Art Work Inspired by Miss Wings (Silver Persian Kitten)
by artist, Bonnie Hamer for Morning Sun Inc.
2005 fall line of sweat shirts.

Bonnie Hamer's Kitten Portrain
Art Work Inspired by Myster E. (Silver Persian Kitten)
By Artist Bonnie Hamer for Morning Sun Inc.
fall-winter season of sweat shirts.

Morning Sun Inc.
Sweat Shirts
VIEW the Three Above Kitten Sweat Shirts
extension # 680
Morning Sun., Inc.

Dearest Readers,
The number of households in the world that have pets is astonishing.
When people cannot show their emotions to other humans, or they do not have any friends...they know their cat or dog will be there to warm their heart.
Animals have amazing healing properties for children and adults mentally, physically and spiritually.
Animals open our hearts and make us feel loved.
Enjoy this story of the wonder cat Blackie ... it once again proves that the words "dumb animal" refer to its inability to verbally talk, not its mental capabilities.
Wish you and your loved ones health and happiness,
Mary Ellen ^I^ "Angel Scribe"

Reader Responds
Dear AngelScribe,
Thank you for letting me proof this issue, it is an honor to help support your work!
I love kitty stories ... and I love this issue!
I didn't get my first cat until I was in my mid-twenties, and until that moment, I did not realize how much I could love!
I also learned how crazy you can be for your pet!
Much Love,

Blacky the Cat
Blackie the Wonder Cat
- Cynthia in South Africa -
Angel Scribe newsletter stories always inspire me!
Reading Cyndi's story, about her cat PK saving her family, reminded me of our cat Blackie.
Like PK, Blackie also saved our family's lives!
When I met my husband, Herby, we both had cats; he had a black cat, Blackie, and I had a ginger cat, Ginger.
It was not long before we were a blended family.
One night while we were asleep, Blackie repeatedly smacked his paw across Herby's face.
When Herby roused himself to brush Blackie away, he smelled gas!
Herby woke me.
With great difficulty we got out of the flat (apartment).
I was so groggy from the fumes of the gas, Herby had to half-carry me out.
Then, Herby went back in and opened all the windows.
He checked the antique gas cooker and found one of its loose keys had somehow switched itself to "ON."
There is no doubt in our minds that Blackie saved our lives.
We have many good memories of Blackie.
Blackie learned to open the bath tap and drink water from the faucet.
Doors were no barrier to him!
He knew how to open them as well.
He loved to open sweets...not for the sweets, but for the fun of removing the wrappers and then batting the crinkly paper all over the house for the rest of the day.
When he played he was faster than any other cat.
He still played like a kitten almost up until the time he passed.
Years after the gas incident, Herby was in the hospital for surgery.
During that time, we had a terrifying South African electrical, thunder and rain storm.
I looked everywhere for Blackie before I left to visit Herby in hospital, but I could not find Blackie anywhere.
As soon as I entered the hospital room, Herby said, "Blackie, has left us."
"Blackie came to visit me this afternoon to say good-bye."
"I was resting, my eyes were closed, and Blackie appeared on my chest."
"I felt his weight and heard his purr."
Blackie always slept on Herby's chest, so I immediately knew that we would never see him again.
Herby and I have been rescuing cats for 12 years.
We've met hundreds of cats that have come and gone, but none had Blackie's energy and intelligence.
It's many years since Blackie passed into the Angels arms, and we've never forgotten him...and never will.
Our organization is called, "Friend of the Cat."
We have six shelters where we house cats.
In my shelter we have 47 cats with two isolation cages for new arrivals or sick animals.
Otherwise the cats have free run of our property which is securely fenced off from outside.
All of our members are volunteers who give of their time and their homes selflessly.
Info on our shelter:
Love and blessings,
Cynthia in Springs, Gauteng, South Africa
(50 kms east of Johannesburg)

Blackie the Hero
in the U.S.A.
by Bonnie Hamer in Gig Harbor, Washington
Blackie the Wonder Cat story above is familiar, as I too have a similar cat story about our first family kitty, also named Blackie.

Blackie was our desperate house cat miracle!

My parents had my Grandmother's kitty, Mamma Cat, before I was born.

Mamma Cat had two kittens born the same year and Spring that you, Angel Girl (Mary Ellen) and I were born.

One kitten was a big pretty boy, and the other was a small black insignificant little female.
My three year old sister, Barbara Jo, aptly named her Blackie.
Our neighbors took the male kitten, named him Methuselah, and my Grandmother took Mama Cat back.
Grandmother almost found a home for Blackie, but the people changed their minds.

Besides, my sister was heart-sick over losing little Blackie and wanted to keep her. (She added her middle name, Jo, to Blackie's name, making the cat officially family.)

My Mom was also attached to the kitten, even though it was not practical, because Mom had just had me, and I was a delicate-premature baby.

My Dad was not easily convinced, but of course the vote was now 2 to 1 in favor of bringing Blackie back to our home.

My parents could not have realized what a momentous decision and gift this little kitten was for our family.

Calm and mellow, Blackie was the sweetest cat, and absolutely a perfect purrs-onality for a home with small children.

She would purr, and the strangest thing about her was ... she never meowed or demanded anything from anyone.

She was gentle, patient and loving.

Blackie appeared to enjoy being with small children and would watch over us like a silent Nanny.

Blackie tolerated my sister and I dressing her up in my preemie-baby clothes, and then we proudly pushed her around in our doll buggy.

We knew Blackie liked the buggy rides, because for comfort we cut a hole in the back of the buggy for her tail to hang out (but of course!)

Then we wheeled her around our neighborhood to show our precious kitty off.

My parents, especially my Dad, took for granted how special this quiet little kitty was, until one early morning around 2 AM when we were deeply fast asleep.

Unlike her nature and much to the dismay of my sleeping parents, Blackie jumped up and down on the bed (where she wasn't exactly welcomed) until my Father put her out the bedroom door.

As he started to fall back to sleep, our quiet little insignificant kitty let out a bellow that would have made a mountain lion proud!

At first, my parents thought it was a siren and sat bolt upright.

Blackie kept up her huge ruckus until it awakened our entire sleeping family.

That is when my Dad was aroused enough to smell gas from a bad leak in our old rickety gas furnace.

Alarmed, my Mom and Dad ran to our bedroom, scooped us up and took us to the neighbors

My Dad returned to our home and opened all the windows and doors.

Dad managed to turn off the gas and was amazed at how close we had all come to death.

You see my Father smoked, and like a lot of smokers he would wake up to an early morning cigarette.

"One flick of a bic-lighter and your whole house would have blown," the furnace repairman said, "if you hadn't all been asphyxiated by the gas leak, by morning."

What a miracle, and from that day on ... my gruff Dad adored that little kitty.
Our entire family learned a greater appreciation for things that seem small, calm and insignificant.

My parents often shared our family-hero story with friends, and Blackie would sit amongst us, humbly and ever so quietly purr.

A quiet miracle lived a long time in our family, and when Blackie passed at age 13, it was the only time I ever saw my stoic Father cry.

Mary Ellen, I am pleased to honor her memory by sharing this story and art sketch with your dear readers.
By the way, the other kitten, aptly named Methuselah, lived a very long 18 plus years (much like his Biblical namesake).
Here is a photo I sketched of me, at three years old, proudly holding the family hero!

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