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Wherever your home is, wherever you chose to nest, make it magical!
Moving with the Angels!
by Maureen in Houston, Texas

My good friend Mary Ellen, "Angel Scribe," ascribes to the belief that miracles happen all the time.  Mary Ellen often has daily occurrences of what she calls "compound miracles", this is when one miracle leads to another, and another, and another.

I also believe this to be true from personal experience.

When you hold a wonderful and positive result for anything in your life, and when you can feel it, and you can release the end result--then the Universe brings whatever you need to manifest this result.  Trust that miracles happen!

For example; in early June 2009 my family and I were looking for a new home to lease.>

Our last child was college bound, and we were downsizing to cut expenses, such as rent, gas, electric, cable, water, etc.

We found a gorgeous brand new third-floor walk-up apartment--with no deposit and a month's free rent. Perfect! We gave our current landlord 30 days notice and lined up movers.

After a week, we had second thoughts about moving into an apartment, so we canceled the apartment and continued looking for a new home.

Each time we found another place in our price range we discovered that it was no longer available.
How discouraging!  We would picture ourselves in the home and then learn it was not to be so. Several times, we missed the house by meer minutes.

Time was running out, the movers had a date to arrive, and we had a date to be out of this home in such a short time.  We kept our thoughts and feelings positive about finding a home.

Each evening,we stood in a circle and held hands and focused on how great our new home was going to feel.

Our logical minds wanted to think that it was impossible to manifest a perfect home. We asked our angels to help us stay focused on a positive end result. I even had the fantasy of having a home that was feng shuied.

A week before the moving truck arrived, we went to look at another home.

With only a few minutes left before I had to go to work, we rushed through the house,and it felt good to us.
I had briefly studied feng shui and noticed that each room's color seemed to have been planned.

We called our agent and told her that we wanted this home. We were devastated when she said, "The home is listed with a notice: NO CATS allowed."

Our family cat, Mrs. Kravitz, is a13-year-old indoor white cat. Once again, we had no idea where we were going to move, and we were one day closer to the movers arriving!

Our agent phoned back.  She had told the home's owner your dilemma; the owner  had moved to Sedona and agreed to allow us to lease her home with a pet deposit!

As we filled in the paperwork for 'our new home,' we noticed that the home had been listed that very day!  And we were able to move in on the day we had the truck reserved for! How is that for a miracle

Also, when you hit obstacles in your life, you have to realize that everything is Divinely planned. Yes!  Delays are part of the make-up of your miracle.  Not being able to get into the other homes led us to this one!

But that's not the end of the story.

A week later Robin, our new landlord, phoned, and I told her that I had friends in Sedona (from a radio show I used to host with Mary Ellen called Angel Waves) and asked what she did.

Robin said she was working in a gift shop called Calling All Angels, and she is also an intuitive, healer, and feng shui consultant.  Yes, Robin had indeed feng shuide our new home, as I had envisioned!  We manifested a home that we all had imagined and felt!

Robin added that she had moved to Sedona at the end of May. Her guides told her that the people who were going to move into her home would not be ready until July. So, she delayed listing the property until we literally walked into it!

Is the Universe cool or what! Talk about compound miracles!

I'm not sure what's next, but I know that as long as we try each day to find a minute or two to focus on that feeling on how we want life to feel, the end result will be wonderful!

Thank you Angels!
Maureen in Houston, Texas
Editor's Note
Maureen is a Classic Rock DJ in Houston and recently became another recession statistic.  She lost her job when Clear Channel Radio downsized.  It is a good thing she instinctively knew to downsize prior to losing her job!

Maureen does freelance voice-over work from her home and is working on a script for a fun-adventure movie on how sound vibration can heal the planet.

You can see the pilot for her TV show In The Company of Angels at

Beautiful, Inspiring, & Encouraging Words
by Louise Hay
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New York Times best-selling author Caroline Myss draws from her years as a medical intuitive to show that healing is not only physical; it is also a mystical phenomenon that transcends reason. An excerpt from the book can be downloaded here.
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"I adore Caroline Myss. She is a visionary teacher who can see beyond the boundaries of ordinary thought where you can heal any illness, you can channel grace, and you can live fearlessly."
-Louise L. Hay
Angel Scribe Readers Respond
Springs, Gauteng, South Africa

I'm a grandmother of four grandchildren and am housebound and deaf. Your camera Smiley's phtographs and your heartwarming stories always make my day so much more special.   Currently, we are into spring here in South Africa.  The weather is getting warmer and everything is sprouting.  I love this season.
Cynthia in Springs, Gauteng, South Africa
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Gig Harbor, Washington

This is one of the best articles you've written. It just jumped off the page and filled my heart with gratitude and purpose.
Newsletter- Your Life's Mission  http://www.angelscribe.com/l_091409.html
Bellingham, Washington

What an important thing you did, making such a difference in this boy's life, MaryEllen.
So many of my harp students need to hear this TODAY, and they will!
Thank you!
Christine in Bellingham, Washington
Newsletter- Your Life's Mission  http://www.angelscribe.com/l_091409.html

Dear Mary Ellen,

How can I thank you and the Angels for sending such an inspiring note of wisdom? The minute I read The Truth I felt in my heart that this gives more meaning for our being here and it is a guide to how we need to live our lives on earth. If everyone lived by this truth the world would be such a different place.

I printed out "The Truth!" with a slight addition at the bottom of the picture and attached it to this mail so you can see it. I framed it and hung it on the wall behind my computer so I can see it several times every day. Thank you so much for the newsletter, which I have been receiving for many years now.

Several years ago I wrote to you but since then my life has changed in so many wonderful ways. Thank you again for your work in helping humanity follow the right path.

Carol in Israel
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Liverpool, England

Dear Angel Scribe,
As far as I'm concerned, you are a teacher. So often something you say or write will strike a chord with me and give me something to ponder on.  You do good work!!
Thank you,
Mary in Liverpool, England
Cottage Grove, Oregon
Mary Ellen,

Each of your articles are beautiful and inspiring.  I honestly don't know how you do it - a divine gift for sure.
Rachel in Cottage Grove, Oregon

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