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Father with his two week old baby
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
What an honor to capture this precious moment!

The father looked at his two week old baby,
with the Look of Love, caught my heart's breath. 

Dearest Readers,
Upon awakening in the morning, taking a pen in hand, waiting quietly, and then in a few minutes, the Angels begin whispering words to share with you... 

The Energy of Love
By Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" & her Angels
The beauty of the unspoken word.
The power of the look of love.

The strength of someone holding a hand.

Energy moves around us, and through us,
and to us all the time.

We are powerful generators emanating our energy,
or leaking our energy all day long.

Choose to radiate what is good,
helpful and uplifting to others.

Choose to protect yourself
from someone tapping
into your energy stream
and rerouting it to them.

When you send out a good thought,
or a prayer we wish you could see
how beautiful your entire being radiates.

Your entire essence changes,
you breathe differently,
every cell is alive.
The prayer or thought leaves you
like a million sparkling brightly colored butterflies,
winging their way out and over the world.

Imagine, lying in bed
and visualizing the prayers of others,
for others,
and the planet circling the globe,
reflecting in the moonlight.

That is what prayers look like.

Awe Inspiring!
Thank You.


It is important to remember that gifts
are not only packages wrapped up in
fancy paper, but also the stories and
experiences we share with one another.

Sometimes a gift of perspective
can be priceless

 ~  Verdena Gardner  ~

Twenty Angelic Messages
to Lift Your Heart
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
(Only 20 of the 1,000 I have!)
- Around the World -
Angel Scribe Readers Respond
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I am 85 years old, and  I have a very elementary cultural level.
In my life, some lucky opportunities crossed my way, however when they were about to become true, something always happened and they would go down the drain.
This made me upset. I felt as if the world was against me.
Even though some time later, I got a job, in which I succeeded.
Now after so many years retired, I can understand that most probably I didn't succeed, because in fact, I didn't have the necessary skills.
I think that a divine spell guided me throughout my life.
Vasco, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea

I live on the beautiful Island of Mallorca, in the Mediterranean Sea, and I really enjoy reading your newsletters.

YES, another Luyties success story!
I first shared my husband's gambling, drinking, yelling etc.and how his behavior had sent me to the edge, in the newsletter.
My husband is no longer mean, he smiles all the time, after taking the homeopathic remedy.

Last night, beyond a miracle,  he joyfully made the most romantic dinner!
I arrived home from work, to find lit candles, and a lovely meal.

LOVE how homeopathic remedies work! 
Now he hasn't taken any Luyties #304 for weeks, clearly he is rebalanced.

I trusted divine guidance, and internal instincts, and gave him 10 in the morning, and 5 at night, for months.
Then he took them only 2x a day for weeks, then 1x/day, then none.
It is amazing how homepath remedies rebalanced him. 
Our home is calmer, now that he is happier.

Consult your homeopathic doctor, for information on how homeopaths work.

Todays, Angel Message is so dazzling to the mind.
"The prayer or thought leaves you like a million sparkling brightly colored butterflies, winging their way out and over the world."
Great word picture!  Now I know "what prayers look like."
DK in San Diego

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You may only be one person to the world,
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~ Anonymous ~

"Never doubt that a small group of
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can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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