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Saving Lives is Contagious!
Photo of the Oregon Coast sand, shore, and Pacific Ocean
for miles and miles and miles!
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Dearest Readers,

When you open your heart and ask to be a miracle in others' lives, then Spirit/God/and the Angels will take you seriously.

Last month, I dropped in on 93-year-old Theo to deliver the Pet Tips 'n' Tales newspaper article he was featured in.  It was mid-afternoon, forest fire smoke was rolling eerily into town, and it took extra effort to breathe and run errands.

Upon entering his home, I sensed that something was very wrong. Standing in his open doorway with his air conditioner blowing on me, I smelled the very faint odor of natural gas. 
As I stepped further into his home, it became evident that the natural gas had been blowing from his stove since he made his breakfast!  My timely arrival saved Theo's and his cat's lives.
Read Theo's complete story

Well, last week I had another unexpected life-saving miracle!  This is getting to be a wonderful habit!
In town, there is a family suffering terribly from economic hardship.  As a special treat, because the wife loves animals, I take her our newspaper so she can read my column, Pet Tips 'n' Tales.

Her miracle also happened on a forest fire smoke-filled day.  Instead of dropping her newspaper off on the regular day, I phoned her to tell her it would bring it a day late.

We had set the time, the next day at 10:30 AM.  I phoned her at 10 AM to rearrange the time again because of the forest fire smoke.  But, she was not awake; the phone call awakened her.  It was not until several hours later, when I popped in with her newspaper, that she explained the miracle.

She told me she is diabetic, and she had fallen asleep and missed her snack time.  Her sister had telephoned her twice to check in on her, but the woman did not a wake up and missed both phone calls.

It was the ringing from my call that aroused her to consciousness. Upon answering she knew she was in trouble and went to check her blood sugar level.  A normal reading is 150; hers had plummeted to 60, and if she had kept on sleeping, she would have been in a deep coma before her husband arrived home at 5 PM.  No other phone calls came that day.

I share my stories to teach that  saving lives can appear effortless!  Visit a friend, phone a friend, be the bright spot in their day.  Your never know when your seemingly minor gesture might save a life.

May you be the miracle in someone's life!  It sure makes you and them feel good and adds a beautiful dimension to your life.
Here I thought  Pet Tips 'n' Tales column was about pets, but in the last month, two lives have been saved because of it!  Awesome!  What magic are you creating in your life?


Our neighbor, three houses down, also saved a life last week! She was the first on an accident scene and did CPR to save the life. 
Unbelievably, no one else who drove by stopped to help her, and the paramedics took twenty minutes to arrive.
Thank goodness for the person she helped that she showed up when God/Spirit and the Angels put her in the right spot to help.
How is it possible to have two neighbors, within three houses of each other save lives within four days and neither of us are in the medical profession!  Ask to perform miracles in your life and see what comes you way!
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Photo of the Oregon Coast's fog bank and Pacific Ocean
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
You Are a Gift!
And you have many gifts.
Your eyes
Your ears
from your nose to your toes...and all between are your gifts.
You are gifted.
The gift to breathe, to walk, to talk...to move with ease and grace.
Your brain is a gift and so is how you use it.
You are a gift to the world!
Your very life works magic in the lives of others!
When you awake in the morning-- stop... think... know...
that today is a gift,
and that you are a gift,
and how you use it is your gift to the world and others in it.
And what do people do who hold gifts? 
They give them away--to make others smile--

to uplift and encourage others--to see them happy. 
Have fun deciding where to work your magic today!
This missive from the Angels is, of course, my gift to you!

Love, Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" and her Angels ^I^
Halyee and her mother see Haylee's kitten's
story in Pet Tips 'n' Tales for the first time.
Bringing JOY into people's lives is priceless!
Read Haylee's story
to Pet Tips 'n' Tales
Beautiful, Inspiring, & Encouraging Words
by Louise Hay
Accepting the Psychic Torch

Sylvia Browne's newest book Accepting the Psychic Torch is an anthology of two of her best-selling books: the landmark Adventures of a Psychic, which details how she discovered her gifts and her decades-long journey to become "one of America's most successful clairvoyants"; and If You Could See What I See, a handbook on spirituality that shares anecdotes about her journey to become a world-famous medium.

This volume also contains the chapter Accepting the Psychic Torch, which focuses on the special relationship between Sylvia and her psychic grandmother.

You Can Heal Your Life
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Seattle--October 11th!
Hay House, Inc.

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