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 Priceless memory
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Priceless Princess Moment
Dearest Readers,
Imagine for a moment, that an Angel hovers close to you. 
You can neither see, or hear, her. 
But, your heart begins to hum with a love that lifts you up, until you feel you could float.
She speaks to your heart...and says... 
Know I love You
Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

And the Hand of God reaches out for you.
You look up with awe, and amazement,
and disbelief...and deep humbled appreciation.

Your eyes bow, in reverence.
And with the greatest, kindest,
gentlest, face of love, you have ever felt...
God looks at you and says,

"Dearest Child, you have wandered far to find me.
I have watched you search,
and suffer,
and discover dead ends, in your road.

I have been with you,
watching in your dark nights,
your dark moments, and your dark thoughts.

I have watched you grow,
through your experiences.
You have learned love, compassion,
and you treat others with kindness.

Truly there were no dead ends on your path,
but learning lessons.

I have watched you with pride,
as you have blossomed in character.

I see deep within your soul,
and know you always knew,
I was with you.

Your belief is your tie to me,
a bond of love ...
I believe in you.

Life is not easy.
Love is not easy.
Yet, when you live your life with Love,
you discover the magical essence
of miracles, in the making.

I watch you with
Know I am with you.

Know I love you.

Know you are a blessing to others lives.

Know you are a blessing in mine.


Hugs, stronger than Words
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Know that I Love You.
"Hugs, are stronger than Words"

Twenty Angelic Messages
to Lift Your Heart
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
(Only 20 of the 1,000 I have!)

- Around the World -
Angel Scribe Readers Respond
Bucharest, Romania, Europe

Dear Mary Ellen,
I am very fortunate to receive your stories and news.
I LOVE what you write and admire your work.
God bless you.
With love and gratitude,
Bianca in Bucharest, Romania, Europe

Riyadh,Saudi Arabia
I am an avid reader of your column.
How I first heard of Angel Scribe was a "miracle," because I was terribly down, and suddenly received a newsletter.
I have always relied on Angels, and they are always by my side.
I'm a nurse, in a prestigious hospital, in Saudi Arabia.
Last year, I was diagnosed with cancer, and prayed hard to receive insight and courage, to face it.
This is a Muslim country, and one of the strictest in regards to practicing Christian faith.
Because of my strong faith, I  always "asked" an Angel for guidance, and was not disappointed.
After surgery, I received radiation therapy.
You'll not believe it, but as a nurse, I know the effect of radiation, but i never had a major problem
Every time I had treatment, I asked my Angel to guide and guard me. 
Now, I'm in good health, and long to see a vision of an Angel.
Hope I will, either way, I still believe in Angels.
Hope my story, will be an inspiration to your readers.
I'll continuously read your inspirational newsletter!

Z. in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Your cats are amazing! Their swimming video, is great! 
I am passing it on to everyone!
Hugs and love, Dierdre in Kansas

Halo To...
- Paula in Isreal, who has enjoyed Angel Scribe for years!
- Mary, in Barbados, on the Eastern most Island in the West Indies.
- Mary Anna in Queens, New York- at Brooklyn College
- Dianne in Antigua, West Indies

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Margaret Mead

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