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Angel Clouds
Puppy Love!
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Eileen's Angel Cloud 
Photo by Eileen©
Angel Cloud over Puget Sound

My First Angel Cloud!

I was dozing and reading, returning home, on the ferry from Orcas Isand, in the San Juan Islands, to Anacortes.
I glanced out the window, and WHOA...there was my Angel Cloud.
I had been hoping, and praying, to see one!
It was an extremely peaceful moment!
I couldn't stop smiling! 
I closed my eyes, looked again, and then grabbed my camera!
A  good feeling of love, permeated the ferry.
I felt supported, and all was shiny, and bright, outside.
What a glorious experience, and just before my son's marriage!
hugs, Eileen
Eileen's Angel Cloud
Photo by Eileen©

ATIRA...on the Road
in Maine
Information on her workshops and readings

Scamp's Destiny
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe" ©
Scamp and Destiny 
Puppy Love
A cute photo of Love in the Eyes of the Be"holder"
...and an upcoming
story in Tips 'n' Tales 

Through the Eyes of LOVE
by Marie in Live Oaks, California

Last Saturday, after a meeting with two of my friends, we had an experience that transcends words.

It still lingers, in my heart, with great gratitude, for having had it at all.

To tell the story, does not seem out of the ordinary, except it was love always is.
After our meeting, we went to a restaurant, and as we got out of the car, a woman on a bike, rode by.

She asked if we had any change.
I only had a $20.00 bill, which was for dinner, so I said "No."

She rode off, and one of my friends commented on her cute dog, in her bike carrier.

So I called out to the bicyclist, she stopped, and we went to see the dog.

It was immediately noticeable, there was a depth of quality in her presence.
She was like a friend, someone we had known a for long time.

She shared that her dog was 15 years old, and had cancer.

She told us that her dog had been stolen twice, and she prayed so hard for its return, and God answered her prayers.

She talked about being homeless, but did not seem unhappy about it.
I think she said she lived in her car.

I looked into the dogs eyes, and truly, they became the eyes of Christ.

Really they did.
They were large and full of light.

I stared into them and said, in my heart, "OH my are so beautiful!"
Before the thought was finished, the dog leaped from the basket, right into my arms, and licked my face.

After a few minutes, the dog began to shake a little.

So the woman got off her bike, opened up a bag, and pulled out pajamas for the dog.

She took the him, sat on the ground and lovingly put on his pajamas.

The love between her, and the dog, was heart warming.

She gently put him back, into the basket, and we continued to talk.

We could have stayed forever in that moment, as time stopped, and we were just in the deliciousness of it all.

It felt like a Holy encounter for all of us.

I searched my purse again, and found $5.00, and handed it to our mystery Lady.

My friend, also found $5, she did not realize she had.

As the woman rode away, she turned to me and said "Happy Birthday. 
You will live to be very old."

NONE of us had told her it was any of our birthdays.
We stood there stunned!

My friends and I all felt this women was very special, and blessed by her presence.
I have never before, in my life, felt face to face with God, in the eyes of a dog. 
I truly was over whelmed by the beauty in this dogs eyes.
AND... it was my 70th birthday!

The encounter was a special gift, as I love animals!
Marie in Live Oaks, California

Homeopathy for Poisoned Pets
Our cats ate several brands of the recalled, poisoned, pet food. 
Four of them are doing much better, but Myster E. continues to struggle.
Kindly hold him in your prayers, and in the mean time we continue to  give him Chinese medicine, to strengthen his liver. 
Silica homeopaths to soothe his irritated skin, and loss of fur, and give him his favorite lightly cooked chicken, gently sprinkled with a little sea salt and water.
Here is another link of possibilities to those seeking help for their pets.... 

Reader Response
to Angel Scribe

This summer, as a college Professor, I have 116 students and it's grueling.
I am drowning in student papers.

Reading your Angel Scribe newsletters, always helps relieve the stress, and they  put a smile on my face.
Thank you.
Karen in Iowa

Reader Response
to Tips 'n' Tales

Dear Mary Ellen,
Each week, I joyfully look forward to TIPS 'N' TALES.
I enjoy seeing both the pets, and their family's photos.
You have an uplifting way of telling their stories, humanizing the pets.
Telling these heart warming stories is something you were meant to do, and I'm sure there are many others like me, who eagerly look forward to them each week.
Faithful reader in California

Editor's Note
Dearest Readers,
Did you see the TV show, 6 Degrees of Separation, with Martina McBride?
A few people asked their friends to help them meet her.
Within 2-4 people, they were all connected to her for their dreams to come true.
If you know anyone, who might know someone, in the newspaper or magazine business, who would love Tips 'n' Tales or Angel Scribe columns to uplift their readers...please tell them you know the perfect person.
I believe in Miracles, thank you.
Mary Ellen ^I^

Three Minutes
with Dr. Judith Orloff


Clean your car in minutes!

Forget the vacuum!
Use your yard and leaf blower.
Open all vehicle doors,
and blow it clean in 30 seconds!
The blower is fun to use in the house too,
but you have to be careful. 
It blows pictures off walls
and ornaments off tables!
But it sure cleans the floors
of hidden cat and dog fur fast! 
There is a great satisfaction
seeing the fur fly out the windows and doors!

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