Angel Scribe Good-News-Letter September 30, 2003

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Mary Ellen sharing Miracles

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Atira on TV in Redding
on KHSL and KNVN

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Kathy, Mary Ellen and Frankie

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Dearest Readers,

Atira is my amazing friend, who has the enviable gift of seeing and talking to Angels!

We drove to Redding, California last week for a speaking engagement and had a magical trip, filled with miracles and wonderful people.

As unusual as it sounds, Atira said a ten foot Angel hitchhiked with us from Mount Shasta into Redding.

This Angel said its job is to help people with transformation.

Little did we know how enthusiastic this Angel would be!

Over the next week, when Atira did private readings, people came out of the room with a different face than they went in with!

You could literally see years of grief, anger, burdens and worry drop off their shoulders and their posture shift.

Lines evaporated off from their faces.

A male client transformed so much that others are noticing his inner light now shines so brightly it lights the way for others to awaken.

It is a blessing to be able to watch hearts open and see their life journeys brighten.

Thank-you to Richard who drove "555" miles from Hollywood to hear us speak.

Considering the distance your arriving only six minutes late is a miracle!

Atira and I had five minutes of fame when we appeared on Redding's TV stations, KHSL and KNVN.

We spoke at the Rotary Club of Redding Riverview Sunset and they auctioned "A CHRISTMAS FILLED WITH MIRACLES" and in two minutes earned $200 for a worthy cause!

The staff at the Grand Manor Inn treated us like Royalty!

Gosh, even the President of Meyer Crest (who owns the Inn) escorted Atira and me to our TV interview and helped make our stay one of the best weeks of our lives!

One day the fire alarm at the Grand Manor Inn showed activity on our floor.

The staff immediately began knocking on doors trying to locate the source of the problem.

When they came to our room and saw Atira reading under a fire alarm they laughed.

People with psychic gifts often affect electrical equipment, because their energy fields expand so far.

It is like being plugged into the universe so cell phones, microphones, street lights, watches alarms quit working. Ooops!

The power in many parts of Redding went out at 4:44 PM the day we spoke at the Earth Angel shop.

While we were in Redding, the city experienced a record melting heat wave.

One lady said it was 111' F (44'C) at her home, it was a much cooler at the local airport... a mere 107'!

At our evening lecture we were allowed to look into the lives of two audience members with compassion and gratitude for the role miracles played in their lives.

Back in July 1997 Frankie emailed our prayer team for prayers for her daughter, Kathy who had a brain stem lock-in stroke.

Kathy's neurologist said Kathy is the only patient, he has seen survive with this kind of stroke!

(Kathy drove me around Redding last week, but it has been a long road back to recovery.)

Kathy's mother emailed, "Your newsletter was a real inspiration for us during her illness, then in December 1997 you included a brief note from

"I wrote them about my daughter and Christmas Eve they delivered a brand new handicap ready computer.

"When Kathy got the computer she could hardly sit up or move, but it motivated her so she would struggle for hours typing with one finger...reaching out and helping people that have had similar strokes with nowhere to turn... and she still does today!

"Kathy appears on TV and teaches others as she leads a stroke survivors and caretakers support and at the local rehab hospital.

"She also does health fairs to educate how strokes are the #1 disabler, and #3 killer from babies in utero all the way to 100. Kathy's email:

"It took Kathy 4 1/2 years to type with both hands!

"Mary Ellen, you meant so much to us during this time, the inspiring words of your newsletter, and how the computer HELPED..

"It truly was a motivator. A MIRACLE!

"All because of a housewife decided to SHARE her Angels and Miracles..... And then you wrote a REALLY good book!!!"

Dearest Readers, we all have the power to touch others' lives.

I had never met Frankie or Kathy or talked to them on the phone.

You never know when God/Angels/Spirit is going to use you to be the vehicle.

Kathy's mother surprised me last week in California and emailed....

"Do you remember me?

"Today is Kathy's birthday.

"And as her birthday surprise I am bringing her to your meeting in Redding.

"She has NO idea!

"Thank you for sharing your love and for inspiration to help others.

"My personal quote... When your Angels Whisper, listen carefully


So, Frankie brought her daughter to Earth Angels to hear Atira and me speak.

Frankie gift wrapped "EXPECT MIRACLES" and gave it to Kathy, and said, "Now you can have it personally autographed by Mary Ellen."

And I did.

Life is full of treasured moments!

Three days later Atira and I drove to Red Bluff and had a fantasy come true!

We got locked in "The Gold Exchange" jewelry store for three hours as she did readings.

As jewelry-holics, we were thrilled!

It is not just the jewelry in the shop that sparkles and shines, it is the people who work there.

Thank-you to Jessie & Rudy and their staff for treating us with over whelming kindness and generosity.

It is a blessing to travel and find so many exceptionally nice folks.

Keep your eyes open, you too may find your next best friends!

Angelic Blessings and Peace,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Health Tips
by Robert Neumann

There are many books that discuss the various uses of everyday food items for medicinal purposes.

One of the better ones is "Chinese Foods for Longevity" by Dr. Henry C. Lu.

As the weather becomes cooler and damper it is wise to reduce the intake of ice cold/cold foods and drinks.

So no more ice cream, iced beverages, raw salads, etc.

Drink warm and hot items.

Eat steamed or sautéed rather than raw.

Raw is for spring and summer... cooked is better in fall and winter when our bodies need to be warm inside to protect us from the cold outside.

Remember that the prime factor to well-being is a healthy immune system.

There is nothing more damaging to the immune system than stress.

So, moderately exercise, laugh more, eat things you love, have fun and relax into life.

Robert Neumann

I'll be doing some presentations in the Tacoma, WA area 1-800-916-2643

Mew News

Mr. Wings is currently visiting Oregon from his home state of Idaho.

He came and visited Miss Wings and met his kittens.

The kittens hissed at him, they puffed up like furry blow-fish and Mr. Wings remained very gentle with them.

They stared at each other under the leaves of the raspberry patch that Mr. Wings loves so much.

It was joyful to see the beautiful bodies and faces of Miss and Mr. Wings and their babies enjoying the sun.

Today a kitten and I went to Heritage photo studio

for AWARENESS MAGAZINE's cover photo...for their Angel November/December issue.

The kitten wore a small pair of wings, and I a large pair of wings!

The photo of us is really cute!

To order a copy or subscription;

Visualize me sewing yesterday, a white feather boa onto a pair of huge swan wings with three kittens helping!!!

They LOVED helping!

Kitty Photo Gallery The Wings

You may only be one person
to the world
but you
may also be the world
to one person
~ Anonymous ~

Never doubt
that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~


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