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One Hurricane, One Nurse, One Week
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In This Edition
- One Hurricane, One Nurse, One Week
- Easy Health Tips
Dearest Readers,
Nothing moves us like a story.
Nothing teaches as well as a story.
Enjoy this next true story as it paints
a picture of what this Earth Angel was
lead to do.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

I can't do all the good
the world needs,
but the world needs
all the good I can do.
~ Jana Stanfield ~

Sometimes our Purpose is bigger
than any Problem
we have ever thought we had.
~ Rick Warren ~
"Purpose Driven Life"

  One Hurricane, One Nurse,
One Week
by Brenda in Lexington, Kentucky
Many Doctors and Nurses, I know,
immediately responded to volunteer
and assist in the Hurricane areas.
These dedicated professionals asked to
get sent, but we were told to fill out
an application and "they" would get back
to us... to just wait.
We were explicitly told NOT to go down
into the hurricane area on our own.

Karen, (my best friend and sister in law)
and I stood by in horror as we watched
the TV reports and read emails.
Finally, through a nurse's mother, I got
in contact with a nurse who was a first
responder in New Orleans.
(The contact arrived through a post to an
animal list sent to me by Angel Scribe.)

The nurse stayed inside of New Orleans
for a week, and when they were pulling
them out - she stayed an extra 24 hours
to help get out as many animals as she could.
She was horrified by the number of dogs
left on top of roofs.
One night, she counted 125 dogs on the roofs.
This nurse is truly an earth angel -
I hope to personally find her one day
and shake her hand.

I asked my hospital to go - but their
orders were to not send anyone.
One of the supervisors told me she
called the Red Cross and they said,
"We don't need any nurses down there."
Karen and I both felt an overwhelming
urgency...and knew that we were needed
and HAD to go...or we wouldn't be able to
live with the guilt the rest of our lives...for
doing nothing.

I told my immediate supervisor that it was
something I HAD to do, and although she
could not officially do anything to help me,
she supported me privately.
I had to arrange covering for all my hospital
shifts by coworkers and take vacation time.
My coworkers urged me to go AND
they volunteered to cover my shifts...
so at least one of us could go.

I could not have gone without them taking
care of covering my 12 hour shifts.
They cried when they hugged me good-bye,
and most of them said they wished they
were also going with me.
They were with me in spirit, if not bodies,
and I reported in to them when I could get
a cell phone signal.
Two thirds of the medical personnel I
worked with in the hurricane area, are
referred to as "ghost" workers, which
means we all went on our own.
No one will even know we were there
except the people we worked with and
those whose lives we touched.
Our names will never show on the
reports of numbers of people sent, etc.

More people and animals would have
suffered and possibly died if these
caring people had not taken the initiative
to show up on their own!
I am very upset because we could have
used the extra medical support that the
nurses and doctors offered, yet they were
held back.
I still feel EXTREMELY bad that I stood
around for a week before I went.
Never again!
Next time I will act as my heart leads me.

Karen and I loaded two large vans with
medical supplies, almost 1000 medical
scrub uniforms, and pet supplies and
we just went.
We wore our nurses uniform and badges,
so we would be easily recognized.
We didn't know where we were going -
we pointed our Vans toward Mississippi,
and drove until we ended up in Hattiesburg,
Mississippi at a Red Cross Shelter, filled
with people and animals.
We approached the Shelter and said,
"We are nurses from Kentucky."
The nurses there broke out in tears of relief.
They made us feel like the cavalry arriving
from the North.
The medical staff were so glad to see us,
and they needed our help desperately.
I worked on the coast, at Waveland and
Long Beach, with three doctors and three
other nurses in a tent giving tetanus shots,
treating infections and wounds (we even
stitched up a chainsaw accident in that tent!)
I don't even know how to describe how I
feel except that I met some exceptional
people, it was difficult leaving them, and
I would go again in a split second.
In Long Beach, (coastal Mississippi) I have
never seen such devastation - houses
completely gone - and the ground picked
Then, following that, the rubble started -
semi tractors wrapped around trees, and
piles of rubble as high as two storey houses,
for as far as you could see.
The smell was awful.
It was weird to stand by the ocean
and not see NO BIRDS.
Karen and I saw a barge 1/4 mile inland!
It is just beyond description, because
there is nothing to compare it with.
The wind and water crashed in with such
force...all that was left of a McDonald's sign
was its pole, and the frame of its "M" - then
the water sucked back out to sea and took
what was left.
The water is really a BIG mess! Semi-trucks
upside down, cars, and who knows what else.
I know I will not eat crab for a loooong time.

The humanitarianism from everyday
people was awesome!
Any time I needed help, I would turn around
and a friendly firefighter from States around
the USA, was there to offer a hand and a smile.
FEMA at least had the good sense to gather
and send firefighters down south.
The National Guard were awesome too!
Special blessings to the workers in New Orleans
that held firm, and everyone needs to send a
special prayer for forgiveness and understanding,
for those that left "their posts".
Personally ask yourself what would you do,
if you thought you were abandoned by the
rest of the world, and it was Armageddon?
We all know what we THINK we would do but...?
My mission now is to start or organize some
kind of medical corp, so we can help people
faster, without all having to jump through
hoops to get past the "people in charge."
Medical personnel like Doctors, Nurses,
Firefighters, Paramedics, and Vets are
trained to save lives, think fast on
their feet, give orders, take orders,
and work as a TEAM.
So, all we need is, some info and some
protection and not all this red tape,
that costs lives.
I do have to say that, I saw the best
of all people while there.
I took care of a wound on a man who was
down there working to feed people and
clean up - he was so funny and upbeat
and joking around.
I gave him instructions on changing his
dressing and told him his wife could help
him wrap it.
He said, "I won't see my wife for another
two weeks" and we both cried then.

I could go on with the individual stories -
I just wanted to give a softer voice from
someone who lived the experience, not
someone being paid to report on the news.
Brenda in Kentucky

Reader's Comment
I'm very moved by this nurse's story.
I believe the media did a heroic job,
under dire conditions, but they couldn't
always verify their sources and so made
some mistakes.
But they wanted us to know and they did
their best to tell us.
These stories coming out of the hurricane
zone of regular people rising to be heroes
by their hard work and dedication, and like
this woman by responding to their Call, is
what touches me most.
Susan in California

Be who you are,
say what you feel,
because those who mind
don't matter
and those who matter
don't mind.
~ Dr. Seuss ~

"To know even one life
has breathed easier
because you have lived -
this is to have succeeded"
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Visualize success
infect others
with your dream(s)!

Fashion your life
as a garland
of beautiful deeds.
~ Buddha ~

Easy Health Tips
by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Well, we all want to do it.
AND...we hoped it would happen over night...
and with a miracle.
We wonder..."How do we achieve
a strong body and not have to exercise?"
Here are two tips for those who do
not like to exercise, or to sweat while
doing it, but want to be healthier.
The first idea happened when I volunteered,
as a timer, for the swim team's meet.
I envied the swimmers' straight backs
and strong shapely arms.
It would be great to look like them, but
there was no way I wanted to jump into
a pool and get my long hair wet as
all these swimmers had.
Then ... a light bulb moment!
What if we did the same arm motions
as the swimmers, OUTSIDE of the pool?
From that day on, when I stood up from
the computer I back-stroked for ten rotations.
While out walking, I swim and stretch
my arms...and in no time my arms
became stronger and shapelier.
Dr. Bob, a chiropractor, said that when
you hold your hand palm up, then turn it
palm down to the floor...you have moved
EVERY muscle in your arm!
So, I also included holding my arms straight
out, then rotating with palms up and down.
NEVER in 54 years have my arms and back
been so straight and strong!
Then, last week, a healthy looking clerk
was ringing up a purchase and I asked him
if he exercised.
(Shyness was never one of my traits!)
He said, "Thank you for noticing!"
"Last year at this time, I weighed 225 pounds,
and today I am 165 pounds!"
"All I did was push ups and sit ups."
I drove away from the store puzzled.
How can someone drop that much weight
with two well known exercises?
Why had they worked so well for him?
Then, I thought of my daughter who
had just lost twenty pounds, in the
last month, by doing abdominal crunches.
Then another light bulb went off!
They were both strengthening the muscles
around their intestines and stomachs...
and they were absorbing food better and
eliminating better.
We have all seen the info-commercials on
TV and the expensive equipment for strong-
flat abdominals.
So, I began to wonder if we could do a
simple exercise...remember with no hard
work or sweat involved!
I was driving and put my thumb on my tummy
button and fingers about an inch below and
drew in my stomach, released it, drew it in
again, released it...for five miles!
The next day my elimination was better.
Over the next few days, my energy increased,
my stomach became flatter and stronger...and
it helps me stand better and straighter.
An easy exercise, what could be better?
You can do it every time the phone rings,
during TV commercials, every time you open
an email...or while stopping at red traffic
Pick a time that works into your no-exercise
schedule and shape shift your body to a
healthier one you are proud to walk around in!
I just read how that moving our bodies,
increases our circulation, and a healthy
moving blood system facilitates healing
on many levels.
Much Love to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Everything is possible,
and I can become anything.
~ John Holland ~

See it - Believe it - Become it
~ John Holland ~
"101 ways to Jump-Start your Intuition"

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"Mediums: We See Dead People"
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2-hour A&E Special produced by
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Life shows me miracles
every day.
~ John Holland ~
"101 ways to Jump-Start your Intuition"

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