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FUN swim Foto
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Look at the little girl...
she is floating like an Angel
Dearest Readers,
It appears that AOL readers are not receiving every Angel Scribe.
Kindly refer back to the web site, for the ones you missed.
Also, PET TIPS 'n' TALES columns are listed for your enjoyment.
Angelic Blessings to you and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

 Doctors Have Angels!

I recently had an Angel connection, that helped me relax after someone lied, and accused me of doing something, that never happened.
After a deposition, where the employee, who committed the crime, repeatedly lied about things, I never did and never said, as you can imagine...I  became deeply depressed, and felt ill for days.
The stress led to a terrible fight with my fiance`.  I was not certain if we would survive this situation.
Then something popped into my head, while juicing vegetables (to be more healthy), that would document the employees lies. 
I ran to my old files, and printed out the information, underlined the key points, in red, and mailed them to my attorney. 
Then, I phoned my fiance`, asking if she was OK. 
She said, "Hello", then when she heard my voice, she went silent.
I told her that it was good to hear her voice, and that I was sorry. 
The anger that I had previously felt, melted away. (I am also taking Luyties #304).
I felt warm and weightless, very unusual sensations. 
Something was in, and around me, and helping me do and say the right things.  It brought us back together.
I lay down for a nap, and upon awakening, looked at the alarm clock.
The time ... 11:11 AM!
I climbed onto my exercise bicycle, and rode it for about 10 minutes. 
When I got off the cycle, I looked down, and the timer read  11:11.

It felt wonderful to know that I was being guided, and protected.
I have been asking for Angelic guidance in the matter, and am thrilled at the signs they are leaving me.
I sent Mary Ellen an email, to tell her these Angels signs...and she got it at "10:44:44 A.M. Central Daylight Time."
I can only hope, my Angels guide my attorney through the trial <big smile>.
Dr. C.F. in Ohio

Grandfather's Sign

I started seeing the number 222, the night my grandfather passed away. 
It was a blessing that God took him, as he was suffering.
I knew he was going to pass that weekend, and he died on Saturday.
That night, I fell asleep, and woke up at 2:22 and started to cry.
I knew he had passed, and was no longer suffering, and felt relieved.

Ever since that evening, I see the number 222 every where, and sometimes 444. 
Seeing the numbers, is reassuring, they mean Grandpa is safe, and at peace.

Newsletter Update
Cat Survives House Fire
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
A year ago, I  saw a teenager
in her pajamas, and bare feet, watching
her home go up in flames.

A fire fighter carried her black cat, from the smoke filled house,
and gently put it into a bright-yellow-plastic recycle bin....
Read the happy ending for the family on

Washing Window Wonder
Dislike washing windows?

Here is a fast successful method.
Use dish-washing-machine soap,
a long handled brush to wash your car,
and a garden hose.

Wash the windows with the hot soapy water,
rinse with the garden hose.

Voila, non streak windows...done in minutes.

That is the best kind of house work; simple, fast and effective!

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