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September 22, 2005
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Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"
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In This Edition
- Discovering the Pot of Gold
- Universal Love
- Creating a Life Time of Peace

Dearest Readers,
Looking at something pretty,
reading something inspiring...
lifts our spirits.
May this newsletter accomplish these
things, in the wake of the life altering
news of the weather around the world.
Even if your family is not personally
touched by the weather events, just
knowing so many families lives are
forever altered, affects our way of
looking at our own families.
The recent events help us count
our blessings, and keeps us constantly
in prayer for all families in transition and
need around the world.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Discovering the Pot of Gold
under the Rainbow
Author Mary Ellen and her Angels
Dearest Readers,
Imagine a beautiful Angel standing on your right.
Her energy and wings glow and sparkle.
You look up at her . . .
and into her eyes . . .
and she says . . . 
"We radiate our joy out to those who desire in
their hearts to grow . . .
to expand their knowledge of spirit . . .
and their very essence.
It is a wondrous thing to awaken from your life,
like a sleeping beauty, and discover you in the
middle of it.

So many are so busy, doing so many things,
that they never truly saw or felt themselves

Then, once one begins to look inward,
and see themselves,
and their involvement in life . . .
the world takes on a new, clearer,
and richer meaning.

To discover you,
to discover the essence of you,
to discover God, to discover the creation of all
that Spirit is involved in,
is discovering the elusive pot of gold
at the end of the rainbow.

As you connect all of this together . . .
enjoy your true wealth . . .
the wealth you carry in your soul . . .
not your pocket.

Money. . . you only carry temporarily,
the inner knowing of God/Spirit/All That Is . . .
you carry for all eternity . . .
and here you find your greatest joy . . .
for that is what wealth symbolizes to some.


Universal Love
Author Mary Ellen and her Angels

Dearest Readers,
Turn to your head to your left . . .
and there to your amazement,
quietly watching you work . . .
is a beautiful group of Angels
They appear to be floating in light . . .
and they say,
"A warm welcome to the Light . . .
where all are gathered to sing praise . . .
to those of you with ears to hear . . .
and open hearts . . .
for how many know of our presence . . .
yet do not stop, look, or listen?

We are grateful for those of you with the gift of inner knowing . . .
knowing that we stand here . . .
arms outstretched . . .
sending out pure and unconditional Love.

It is simple for you to feel and receive this Love.
Close your eyes, see us standing in a circle,
gossomer gowns gently swaying . . .
as if a breeze of Love is blowing.
The energy of Love is present.

See ten or twelve of us,
standing shoulder to shoulder,
arms raised to the Heavens,
and the energy of Love been sent up and out to you,
as if a satellite dish transmitter were made of Angels.

Our unseen vibrations of Love are sent
as surely as a satellite dish receives
unseen energy from a transmitter.

Once you turn on your TV and see the clear image
that the satellite dish has brought in, you know the energy was sent and received.

So it is with us and you.
We send the power of our Love out.
You are a satellite dish
and no one around you,
but you,
knows if your inside TV
has received our energy or not.

Close your eyes . . .
see us in your mind's eye . . .
feel us in your heart.
The Love and Light we send is so vast
that all may receive . . .
all may see . . .
one just needs to realize
that the energy is sent out into the Universes
and it is up to each individual
to ignore or acknowlege this energy.

We are pleased to see that you see this truth.

a Life/Time of Peace
Author Mary Ellen and her Angels

The Angels bow their heads in unison,
they become very quiet . . .
and then as if by magic,
their words come to you,
but not in your head . . .
they enter your heart.
"We gently welcome you to the Light . . .
a place of such peace and tranquility . . .
that you may liken it to being held softly . . .
and gently . . .
in the midst of clouds.
There is so much fear in your world . . .
one cannot fear and feel at peace
at the same moment.
If one can take a moment and say a prayer,
for peace, and feel peace for one brief moment,
they know that they have the ability to gain some peace.
With each moment of peace,
you can add one more moment,
until you are feeling calmer and calmer . . .
and more peaceful.
Think on this.
If at this precise moment
you are enveloped in fear . . .
will it change any outcome?
Or will it have the power
to zap your inner strength . . .
as you await the outcome?
Then visualize that you are surrounded and permeated by a gentle and peaceful feeling.
You are still the same person,
in the same situation,
still awaiting an outcome . . .
but, how do you feel now?
Is your breathing easier,
body less tense,
heart beating more smoothly,
head clearer . . .
for better life decisions?
Nothing around you has changed,
yet everything inside of you has.
And you have the power to do it now,
and again when you need to.
This is a way to gain the inner strength
to carry you forward in life.
You deserve to feel at peace,
and calm,
and you will handle your life lessons
with a greater ease and expertise.
Now that you are sitting and relaxing,
in this moment of peace,
do you see how much work and effort
it takes your body to rev itself up
into fear and hold itself there?
Know that you are the master of your destiny . . . choose the path of peace . . .
and watch as the outcomes change.
Feeding fear into an outcome,
is not the same as watching the events unfold,
from your new and stronger perspective.
The next time fear enters,
take a deep breath to build your inner strength, blow out the fear
and see how the calming mind and body are allowed to add to your new heart felt strength.

The more I trust and am let go,
the more I am guided
~ John Holland ~

"101 ways to Jump-Start your Intuition"

Angels and Miracles
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Prayer Team Leader Cynthia:

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Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world;
it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~

Expect Miracles...
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Creating miracle newspaper/magazine
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If you can help manifest my dream.
I am open to the miracle of it!

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