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September 15, 2005
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In This Edition
- The Heart of a Dog
- Jennifer's Hero
- Irish Rainbows
- Health Tip

Dearest Readers,
Time sure flies by when you are alive!
The good news is that the surgery for
my successful removal of cancer was
five years ago today!
Taking a bow and doing, a little
(I am still taking Enzymatic's Cell Forte daily!
Info on bottom of newsletter.)
With such a scarey experience ... and what
we as families are learning after the hurricane
is ... life is all about family and love ...
and so are the messages in this newsletter.
We can find Love in many places.
May these three stories warm your heart.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

Baron's Loving Touch
The Heart of a Dog
by Pat in Chehalis, Washington
Ok, Mary Ellen, you are going to have to
start sending out boxes of Kleenex with
the latest wonderful Angel Scribe newsletters!
They are profound and so full of wondrous
In times of crisis, we see the worst and
the best ... I have a story about how much
animals mean to us and their intelligence.
In 1987, my Mother was dying of cancer and
she wanted to die in her own home.
Our family took care of her, so that her last
wishes could be granted.
We had a beautiful and proud Doberman, Baron.
Mom loved Baron.
One day, she said, "Pat, please bring Baron,
I'd like to see him one more time."
Now, Dobermans have a tendency to be
high strung and we were worried about
him around Mom, but she had asked for
So, we brought Baron the very next day.
He was familiar with Mom's house and
did his usual bounding, bouncing, madly
wagging his tail and grinning at everything
and every one...right up until he got to Mom's
bedroom door.
Baron suddenly came to a sudden and
complete stop...sat down...and just looked.
He sat a few seconds, and then got up and
walked, ever so quietly and gingerly, to the
foot of Mom's bed.
Baron got up on the bed and literally crawled
on his doggy 'elbows and knees' until he was
beside her... and close enough to lay his head
on her shoulder.
He sensed that she was not able to lift her
hand high enough to pet his head, so he
gently lowered his head to her mid chest...
and lay there ... watching her ... as she petted
his head and scratched him behind his ears.
Baron never moved.
He never took his eyes off her.
He lay there until she fell asleep, with
his head cradled in her hands.
Finally, when she was asleep and she
moved her hands ... then and only then ...
did he very carefully pull his head up ...
and look at her.
He gave her a loving doggie kiss on her
cheek, and slowly crawled back off the bed.
Baron walked out to the front room.
I followed him and sat down and he put
his head in my lap, and looked at me with
the saddest eyes.
No one, but no one will ever be able to
convince me that 'animals do not have
He knew, and he understood, and his
feelings were most definitely affected!

Love, Pat

Jennifer's Hero
by Jennifer in Naugatuck, Connecticut
I am writing on behalf of the greatest dog
on earth, he can think, he just can't type!
I don't have a dog of my own, but I take care
of my sister's dogs when she goes on vacation.
I have been watching her dogs for a few years
and they appear to be average dogs.
In June, my sister and her husband left
their dogs in my care.
I slept at their house, so the dogs wouldn't
be alone.
I lay on the couch, with Cody, a Golden Retriever
lying on the floor next to me ... as he always did.
As I started to fall asleep, Cody began
violently barking, and my first thought
was that there was someone in the house.
I turned over to see what was the matter,
and Cody put both of his paws on my chest
and he began to cry.
I tried to get up, but he forced me back
down on the couch.
Within a few seconds my body began to seize.
I have Fibromyalgia and occasionally I have
mild seizures.
I wasn't frightened, because I've had seizures
before and knew it would pass.
It was too late to take my medication, so
I just lay there.
In the ten years my sister has had Cody,
he has never done any kind of heroic
deed or seizure alert!
He was never trained to sense seizures.
Ever since that night Cody won't leave my side.
He not only alerted me, he saved me from
getting hurt.
I could have fallen off the couch, or gotten
up to go to the bathroom and fallen.
I can never thank Cody enough.
He is truly a hero and I would like everyone
to know that animals do amazing things!
Never underestimate the power of your pets.
And remember there is a reason that dog is
G-O-D spelled backwards.
Cody, the furry Hero
Cody, the Furry Hero!

by Agnes Julia Thomas, Ph.D
Dr. Thomas' book is an amazing
look at the animal kingdom...
from the scientist point of view...
and from the animals themselves.
You will learn more about communicating
with animals from this newly published
book, and the inner thinking of your pets,
than any other book published on
animal communicating!
Miss Wings' my miracle cat's story and
photo are in "Pets Tell the Truth."

Irish Rainbows
by Ann in London, Ontario, Canada
When my mother died, we had three services
for her, led by my brother, a minister.
(Mum had managed an old people's sheltered
dwelling in Belfast Northern Ireland.)
The service at the church, where we were all
baptized, and attended as a family, we sang her
favorite hymns, "I need thee every hour," and
"By cool Siloam's shady rill."
I was one of the coffin bearers into the church,
certainly taking aback all tradition as the role
is normally reserved for the males in the
It caused quite a stir to see me walking
up the isle carrying my mother.
Because I had emigrated to Canada and
not had the honor of being my Mum's
care givers like my siblings, I insisted
on carrying her home!
Next the family had a private cremation -
and guess what!
My younger sister joined in for the
carrying of my mother!
We sang, "The Lord's prayer" and a
beautiful hymn, "God is so Good"...
and my older brother played, "Nearer
my God to Thee" on his accordion
as the coffin was lowered for cremation.
The next day we buried her ashes with
her father and mother.

My mother was brought up in a little village
near a famous Irish monument named Scrabo
It's a tower that shoots up high into sky
and sits on top of a hill.
The evening before the funeral my brother,
Jim, (the minister) and his wife, were going
to the visitation and headed out first, toward
Scrabo Tower.
They were sitting in the car thinking about
my Mum and then my sister-in-law said,
"Jim look beside the tower! A perfect rainbow,
shot up in the sky, as tall as the tower."
Rainbow # 1. (there was no rain)

The day after the cremation we visited all
our family graves to distribute flowers, first
my father's - a rainbow was waiting for us.
Rainbow # 2.

Later we stopped at my nephew's grave
site, he had died as the result of a plane
accident in 1995.
As we stepped out of the cars, we were
in awe, as another rainbow was waiting
for us - later my sister-in-law told us she
had asked God to send a rainbow for
We walked up to the grave, and the rainbow
stretched from the gates of the cemetery,
to the hill where Kenneth was buried.
Ann's Rainbow
Here is a photograph of my sisters and
myself and me below one of the rainbows!
Rainbow # 3.

The day we buried her ashes, we went out to
celebrate Mum's life with the money she left
us for one last meal together as a family.
We then journeyed home to the country and
my minister-brother began packing up the car
to take his family back to England.
He opened the door and walked outside,
dropped everything and came running back
in and said, "You better come out here and
see this sight! It is unbelievable!"
Outside we ran, all talking at once - there
was a huge rainbow horizontal across the
sky, right beside it was another one climbing
up to join it and when it was even it stopped.
We figured the first one was Kenneth, and
he chose his family home to show himself,
the second one was Mummy, dashing up to
be with him.
Rainbows # 4 and 5.
Never, in all of our lives had any of us seen
more than one rainbow in one day!

We had all individually and privately asked
for signs that there was "something" after
death and each of us had our prayer
Remember this was Ireland, it rains a lot,
on these days there was no rain!
My brother was ecstatic.
First God had sent a promise that Mum was
home, with her beloved God.
Next, He had sent the promise that Dad and
her were together again.
And...He had sent the promise that Kenneth
was in that family circle, and no longer alone.
Then, He had sent a promise that Mum had
found Kenneth.
There was so much peace for that funeral,
I cannot even begin to describe it, every-
thing that was done, every hymn sung,
every prayer uttered, every wish obeyed
was for our mother.
I believe these rainbows were sent to give
us all hope that life does not end and that
one by one the links in the family circle are
never broken.
May our families rainbows mark hope for
your family.

with love
Ann in London, Ontario

Newsletter Readers' Respond
Dear Angel Scribe,
Thanks for the wonderful newsletters!
I really appreciate them.

Love and Blessing,
Mhari in Edinburgh, Scotland
Dear Angel Scribe,
Thank you for once again including your
uplifting message from the Angels for us.
When I read the proofreader's comments,
I too cried.
Thank you for always being the rainbow
in our times of rain.
Love and angel hugs and blessings,
Kathy in Maine

Thank you for these wonderful Angel
Scribe stories!
We are in Georgia and our schools have
taken in hundreds of students.

Hearing the stories my children are coming
home with are so, it is
good to read some good news!

Thank you, Michelle
Health Tip from Jan
Flax Seeds
Dark brown flaxseed has 5.4g of fiber
and the golden flax has 11.7g.
The brown flax is grown for the solvent
industry and the golden flax is grown for
human consumption.
The golden seeds have a milder taste
and people are getting better results
with the golden.
I no longer have constipation, hot flashes
or arthritis pain in my hands!
I am always reading about more benefits;
Cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugars,
stress, depression, dry eyes, irritable bowel
syndrome, lupus, ms, asthma, allergies,
psoriasis, excema, chrones disease, gout,
poultice, cleanses the liver, etc., etc., etc.
Omega 3-Essential Fatty Acid, Vitamins,
Proteins, Amino Acids, our
family takes it!
Editors NOTE:
Go to and type in flax seed
to learn about its healthy benefits.
I read that it is a great brain, and cell food...
and that it removes acid from the body.
Flax oil was historically used to benefit
horse's coats and health...and from what
I can our health and hair!
Based on the knowledge I learned on
the internet, I started feeding eye
dropper of liquid flax seed oil to my cats,
every few days, and their fur is now soft,
rich and lush!
(We buy flax seed in bulk, buzz them up
in a coffee grinder, and store them in the
Then we sprinkle the ground seeds in our
protein drinks, on our oatmeal and onto our
yogurt. Flax has a lovely nutty flavor.)
It is easier to get it into the cats than my
husband! Hehehe

After my surgery for breast cancer, five
years ago, Atira and I were still shell
shocked from the entire experience
and walking in a healthfood store.
Atira reaches up and pulls a bottle off the
shelf and says, "Dom, my guide, says you
should take this. He says it will help build
your immune system and be a benefit to
prevent a reoccurrence of the disease."
I had no clue what it was, the back of the
bottle read, "Dietary Supplement to enhance
natural killer cell activity and boost the
immune system."
I had been praying for an answer to help
build my body, so it would not be a welcome
host to another scarey bout of the illness.
Now the other amazing part of the story!
Over the last five years, on only three
occasions, I have forgotten to take the
cell forte.
Atira called me one morning and said,
"Dom said you did not take your cell
Imagine an Angel tattling on you!
What a blessing, he did!
One day I was traveling, arrived at
Atira's and she said, "Dom, said you
are not taking your cell forte."
She is in a panic, because she does
not want to lose her best friend to the
I looked at her in shock, because of the
trip I had left the bottle of Cell Forte in the
second suitcase and not "found" it yet.
The third time was a few weeks ago.
The phone rang at 1:30. For some odd
reason I was wide awake.
Atira said, "Dom, said it is OK to phone you.
And that you need to take your Cell Forte!"
Oh, gosh, I had gone to bed exhausted and
Dom was right again....and then...
because I held a garage sale last week,
before I fell into bed exhausted, I took two
Cell Fortes.
Thirty minutes later, it is Atira on the
telephone, and she said, "Dom says,
something is different with your Cell Forte."
Gosh, he was right...I had taken two, not
the usual one!
Having Atira as a best friend is so fun!
Having the Angels watch over me and
use her as a telephone is such a blessing!
I do not know why or how the Cell Forte works,
I am not a doctor, I just take it....and an Angel
gave it the OK and that is good enough for
After all, who wants to wake an Angel
in the middle of the night to then wake
Atira to phone and give their report!
Here is the information on Cell Forte
for you to read...hopefully it is an
answer to a prayer of yours for you or
someone you love.
Cell Forte with IP-6 & Inositol
by Enzymatic Therapy

The more I trust and am let go,
the more I am guided
~ John Holland ~
"101 ways to Jump-Start your Intuition"

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