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September 11, 2005
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Dearest Readers,
A soft gentle newsletter to soothe your
shattered nerves after the days of
hurricane news.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Instant Miracle of Prayer
Author Betylou Pierce

Things are a little strange here in Mobile, Alabama.
We have a great deal of damage from the
Hurricane all along the Bay and Dauphine
Island, so now we are helping these people,
plus our new friends from Mississippi and

Three days after the Hurricane, my small
Health Food Store was still without electricity
and I had a large supply of organic veggies and
lots of bread...all ready for somebody to eat.
My son, Jay, and I decided to take the food
to the Salvation Army, but we thought we
would look for one close, because of the
gasoline shortage.
There were no gas stations open at the time.
We saw a Salvation Army tent in front of
the Police Headquarters and went there.
My son said that as he approached the tent
all the people had their heads bent in prayer.
The man in charge was thanking God for all
the wonderful sliced turkey He had provided
for them, and then, he said:"Now, Lord, we
need some bread."
After the "AMEN", Jay said:"Excuse me sir,
but we have food and lots of bread in our Jeep."
The man looked at Jay in disbelief and said:
"Are you serious?"
He followed Jay to the Jeep and saw all we
had for them and all he could say was:"God
Bless You."
He couldn't accept the food, because it was
uncooked, so we took that to the main building
of the Salvation Army and there again we heard
more "God Bless Yous."
We truly felt blessed that day and it was so
uplifting for us.
I lost a lot of food from my freezers and was
feeling down, but we were able to smile
for the rest of the day!

Mary Ellen, I love the work you are doing,
thankyou for letting us share our miracles
to encourage others in this difficult time.

Betylou Pierce
Naturally Yours Health Foods and Eats of Eden Cafe
Mobile, Alabama

And...the Veil Lifts
Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Imagine an Angel materializes beside
you as you awake ... and she says,
"As the dawn breaks
and the veil of fog lifts off the earth
it exposes a new day of opportunities,
experiences and life.
Each day, as a link in your life is vital!
The bad days, sad days, happy days...
The days of triumph and courage
and joy mold your body, character,
face and spirit.
Each day is a word in your book,
forming a chapter of your life's story,
teaching others by example.
You do not slip through life unnoticed.
You are observed by many.
Your pain is understood by many,
the joy of your love uplifts many.
Your life is a barometer for others.
Others jump for your joy,
and hold you in prayer in your pain.
Right now someone in the world
is praying for you.
Not all pray for themselves
and their loved ones...
Others, totally unknown to you are praying
to God/Spirit/The Angels to send courage,
strength and guidance to those in need.
They pray for the wounded hearts,
bodies and souls of people
they do not know and will never see.
So, as the fog lifts
and the day shines its light upon you,
know that you are surrounded in Love and prayer...
for are.


Author: Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
And as you draw the blanket up over the day
you have a moment of quiet reflection.
You saw history in the making today.
You saw a once in a life time day
play out before you
and close quietly
as you lay back in your bed.
You saw a day of your precious life pass,
filled with human drama
and sprinkled with moments of boredom.
As your head rests on the pillow
and you close your eyes,
you open to the wonders
of the other worlds, other dimensions
and clearer channels as you talk
to God/the Angels in your prayers.
You open your heart,
you close your eyes
and you see with your third eye,
the possibilities of your dreams.
And as you feet lay prone on the bed,
your spiritual feet walk you
into the land of dreams.
So, when you awake
you have a new direction
to walk and create your life with.

Angelic Words of Wisdom
Enjoy yourself and share them with your
friends, family and publishers.

Angels Walk
on Earth
Everyday, I pray and ask God to send Angels
to walk with my grandchildren and keep them safe.
Today, I was out shopping with Maison, my three
year old grandson.
He turned to me and said, "Do you see the Angel?"
I thought he saw a statue of an Angel somewhere,
so I said, "Oh, yes."
Later, Maison again asked, "Did you see the Angel?"
This time I asked him who told him about Angels,
and he answered, "I told myself."
Later in the day, he again asked,
"Do you see the Angel?"
This time he put his tiny hands on my shoulders...
looked at me...
straight in the eyes...
and demanded, "Did you? "
His actions took me by surprise!
He was so serious!
We continued to walk, his left hand in my right hand.
I watched as Maison turned to his right and smiled.
He spoke to someone "there" and then turned
to me and as a way of introduction said,
"Here he is!"
I looked over as he held out his right hand...
he appeared to be holding someone's hand.
He said it was the Angel's hand...
and l believe him...
after all I had asked the Angels
to walk with and watch over my grandchildren!
It is nice to know they are on the job...
I just wish I could see them too!
Grandma Kathy in San Antonio, Texas

Dear Angel Scribe
Dear Angel Scribe,
Thank you for another wonderful newsletter!
It feels good to have you back online after
the AOL incident.
There is new energy in your newsletters,
which I appreciate.
You inspire me to reach out in life more....
and to be a positive influence instead of
a passive observer.
Have you ever wondered why it happens
that Angels appear most frequently in the
guise of ordinary human beings rather than
the heavenly, barely embodied creatures
we sometimes are privileged to see?
Possibly it is because they don't want us to
focus on them any longer than necessary,
but on the message they bring.
I am feeling the Angels presence much closer
these days and thankful for their presence
in our world.
I BELIEVE they want us to know that they are real,
not airy fairy, but real, like we are...that
they are here to help us here on earth,
and they are part of our spiritual family,
as real as you and me.
Love Eve
~ * ~
Editor's NOTE:
Yes, Eve is right about both the Angels and AOL.
It was devistating to be given the royal boot
off AOL after 9 1/2 years with them.
I was caught between a scream and a whimper!
It was difficult to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my brain...
and learn how to use,
then this newsletter service;
upload your email addresses
and send/post/edit the newsletters...
all from scratch!
It took hours/days and weeks...
but, what a blessing...
look how much prettier the newsletters are!
Thanks AOL.
My computer no longer crashes
and works 2000% better!
Some times the dark days in our life
are just the dawn before
the sun comes up!
-Big Grinning Editor Mary Ellen
and my happy computer...hehehe

If you have been grasping onto
something, try to let it go.
Your empty hands will be ready
to recieve a new gift.
~ Juan Nakamori~
Angel Answers, A Celestial Oracle

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