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Mountainous Inspiration!
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Emerald Lake
Dearest Readers,
When you see beauty, it opens your heart, heals your spirit and changes your vibrations to health on the spot!  Imagine standing beside this lake!  The beauty was hard to consume with mere eyes!

My husband and I recently took a scenic 2,425 mile tour of Oregon, Washington, BC, and Alberta.  British Columbia is seven times larger than Texas and filled with deserts and mountains.

We saw hundreds of over-the-top-breath-taking-awesome-HUGE mountains, one after the other.

Hours, and hours, and hours of travel and not one cow, horse, human, or store for miles and miles.....and miles and miles!

But  mountains! Oh, my! BREATHTAKING; round ones, jagged ones; some snow-capped, some granite-faced jutting out of the earth with such force that not a tree covered them; also, sleek, shale-covered mountains.  Then, we drove through miles and miles and miles of endless mountain ranges carpeted in green 200-foot Douglas Fir trees.
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Glacial fed lakes and mountain ranges reached in all directions.  You can turn 360 degrees and be overwhelmed counting mountain peaks. In this photo the mountains were in front of us, behind us, to the right, the left, and on both sides of the valley we drove through.  You could see mountain ranges between the other ranges like mighty spines of the world.  Their mammoth weight, are a mysterious fulcrum of our planet!
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Castle Cliffs Carved By Winds
The Canadian Rockies can make the other 8th wonders of the world boring!  May you have the opportunity to drive from Calgary, Alberta to Vancouver, BC and feel hugged by timeless mountains.
I traveled this road 50 years ago, as a child and remembered their beauty, but OH MY--I had truly forgotten how insignificant the words magical and magnificent  are describing the scenery.
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Mrs. and Mr. Angel Scribe beside snow capped mountain.
A friend in Calgary said, "Each time toddler granddaughter and I drove to Vancouver, she never slept the entire trip, she was awed by the mountains."
photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Train tunnel covered in a landslide.  The slide slid down the mountain right up to the road we were on, on the opposite side of the valley! 
And JUST when you think you are small and the world is huge, or you think you are the center of the Universe, take a look at what happened when the Hubble Space Telescope is pointed at a seemingly blank patch of sky--a view from the edge of the universe!

Something in space you will never see again!
The Angels Cry
by Mary Ellen Angel Scribe and her Angels.
And all of God's Angels rose up in a great greeting of Love...
And all of God's Angels reached out their arms...
beckoning you forward...

And you hesitate--
For why would the Angels be focusing on you--
a mere mortal, an average normal person?

And the Angels' hearts cry.
And they say,

"Dearest Child of God.
Dearest Child of the Universe.
Dearest Child, you have forgotten your self,
your home, and you have traveled far and your memories have faded.

We are your home.
We LOVE you and support you.
We guide you and inspire you.

Your life beats to the rhythm of our hearts.
Your tears are our tears...your joys our joys.

We reach out to you with a love so deep,

Our hearts swell at the mere thought of you.
We embrace the gift of you.

You may not experience a love like ours on earth,
but that does not mean we love you less.

Reach out your arms to us.
Open your heart to us.
Step forward and be embraced by us.

Let us fill your soul so that you may return filled,
renewed and regenerated for your life's mission.
Thank you!
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