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Angels Offering HOPE
September 9, 2005
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Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"

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In This Edition
Angelic Wisdom
Rainbow Angel Captured in Photo
How the World WORKS.
Prayer Team Address

Dearest Readers,

Reviewing the speed and number of opens
of the last newsletter, it became obvious
that readers are eager to read something
positive and uplifting during these difficult

Three hundred of you opened the last
ANGEL SCRIBE within moments of it being sent!

Here are the percentages of read newsletters;
the statistics also indicate the number of folks
who are rereading their previous newsletters!

Each day the percentages grow!

Date Mailed % ANGEL SCRIBE Read

09/07/05 82%
08/28/05 90%
08/14/05 94%
08/10/05 114%
07/26/05 112%
07/22/05 121%

It is in troubled times when we look at our personal
problems, then look to the Southern part of the
United States and rethink our struggles ... and
begin to count our blessings.

May this newsletter's message offer you
HOPE for a brighter future.

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

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Angelic Wisdom
Scribed by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"

And all of God's Angels rose up in a great greeting of Love...
And all of God's Angels reached out with their arms...
beckoning you forward...

And you hesitate ...


For why would the Angels be focusing on you ...
a mere mortal; an average normal person?

And the Angels' hearts cry.
And they say,

"Dearest Child of God.
Dearest Child of the Universe.
Dearest Child, you have forgotten yourself,
your home, and you have traveled far and
your memories have faded.

We are your home.
We LOVE you and support you.
We guide you and inspire you.

Your life beats to the rhythm of our heart.

Your tears are our tears...your joys our joy.

We reach out to you with a love so deep...
Our hearts swell at the mere thought of you.

We embrace the gift of you.

You may not experience a love like ours on earth,
but that does not mean we love you less.

Reach out your arms to us.

Open your heart to us.

Step forward and be embraced by us.

Let us fill your soul so that you may return filled,
renewed and regenerated for your life's mission.


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Rainbow Angel
Captured in Photo
rainbowangel1.jpg (5955 bytes)
Rainbow on the wall.

prismangel.jpg (5955 bytes)

Close Up of the Prism Angel below the Rainbow

I am excited to share the photo my niece took!

Eva, was walking through her dining room and
noticed a beautiful rainbow on her ceiling and
ran and grabbed her Mom's digital camera to
take a picture, so that everyone would believe
she saw it!

Well, after uploading it onto the computer, imagine
the shock and wonder they experienced to see the
beautiful Angel also in the photo!

I know some will think that is a fake picture, but
I know it is a real picture.

We do not know what caused the rainbow, on the wall,
as there are no crystals or beveled glass in the dining
room to cause such a thing happen.

Our family shares this amazing Angel photo and prays
that it offers hope to others too.

Photo by 14 year old Eva in Maple Lake, Minnesota
Auntie Mia Mikel in Buffalo, Minnesota

~ * ~

How the World WORKS

The last few Angel Scribe newsletters
had the loving assistance of a few on-line helpers;

~ Mary Ellen, a Canadian living in Oregon, USA
~ Ann, an Irish woman living in London, Ontario, Canada
~ Cyndi, a Cherokee Indian in Longview, Washington
~ Nina, an Anishinabe Indian in Minnesota
~ Kristie, a mix of many nationalities creating a beautiful
spirited woman living in Washington State.

This truly shows us...the world works better when folks
of all colors, ages, races and beliefs hold the vision
of love for each other!

Maybe the biggest blessing of the tragedy in
the South of the USA is that the rest of the world
is seeing folks of all colors helping, caring for
and supporting each other.

It is like when all the flowers in God's garden
bloom at once and the beautiful colors stun the
observer into an utter speechlessness of gratitude.

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I have been an Angels and Miracles Prayer team
member for years and want to say, "Better times are ahead."

We evacuated to Jackson, Mississippi as our first stop.

Traffic was bumper to bumper.

Along the way, we drove under overpasses, where people
had gathered and waved to the drivers and passengers below.

At one overpass, a large banner was hung which said,
"God Bless You and Keep You Safe".

A touching inspiration for those of us leaving our homes!

Then, as we got close to Jackson, there was the most
beautiful rainbow we ever have seen, stretching across
the horizon, vivid and bright, which lasted a long time,
and there had been no rain!

God is always present with us, and God's promises
are always sure.

Blessings my friend,

~ * ~

Dear Angel Scribe,

Your newsletters are like a shot in the arm for my spirit!

The positive stories help support my belief that we are
moving toward a better world mind set.

The Angel Scribe Newsletters keep my hopes UP!

Cyndi in Longview, Washington

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Dear Angel Scribe,

I am an Nurse who is organizing things to go to Louisiana;
taking supplies and helping the nurses down there.

Just as I am thinking about all this, I get on-line to check
a list - and what pops up, a new newsletter from you -
my skin got God-bumps and I decided to read it -
and what is it all about --- WATER!

I have both of Dr. Emoto's books - which are now
in my back pack to pass on to the nurses down in
New Orleans and Mississippi.

Thank you,
Brenda in Lexington, Kentucky

~ * ~

Dearest Angel Scribe,

I am working around the clock, on a way to help the animals
who are hurt and misplaced by the hurricane, and I needed
to read something to help me keep going.

This afternoon, I was so happy to see your newsletter!

You are a wonderful inspiration, and the newsletter
gave me the strength to continue ... with what you wrote.

Thank you so much. I consider it a privilege and an
honor that when you think of other people you also
include me in your prayers.

Please don't stop giving us these words of miracles
and love, please don't stop for two weeks, we NEED you.

You are the one who puts into words the things that I feel.

You are as necessary as the water we drink.

Mary in California

~ * ~

Proof Reader's Comment

I'm proofing the newsletter now and feel a lump
in my throat at "all of God's Angels rose up".....
then I read your mentions of your proofers and I
smiled humbly.

Now I am reading about the banners hanging for
the people to see and I am full blown tears, thus
far no errors.

I so love this issue that it is going in my
"feel good folder".

A folder where I go when I feel down,
there's always a funny joke to read or
a beautiful spiritual message.

The Angels must have been leaning
over your shoulder as you wrote,
because it is so perfect, so Angelic,
so filled with emotion that it would
bring a tear out of a stone!

Much Love,
Ann in London, Ontario

~ * ~

Wisdom and ability flourish
through acts of love.

Fill your thoughts,
actions and words with love.

~ Juan Nakamori~
from "Angel Answers, A Celestial Oracle"
Published by Red Wheel Weiser

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Angels and Miracles Prayer Team
200 members of all faiths!

They live all around the world,
and volunteer to pray for anyone
or any situation in need of prayer.

Send in your requests to their
wonderful team leader Cynthia
or join the team and add your
loving energy.

A few of our members like Bruce
above are in need of their own
prayers for their families and futures.

Prayer Team Leader Cynthia:

Prayer Team's Webpage

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Vancouver, BC

Atira and I are helping at Doreen Virtue's
Angel Medicine event in Vancouver, BC
Saturday September 17th

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Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world;
it's the only thing that ever has.

~ Margaret Mead ~

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Expect Miracles...
is more than the name of a really good book!
- it is a way of life for many of us!

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Creating miracle newspaper/magazine
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share miracles with folks who
do not have access to a computer.

If you can help manifest my dream.
I am open to the miracle of it!

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