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Scott's Gardening Angel!
Scott's Gardening-Guardian Angel
Dear Angel Scribe,
I recently discovered your web site, and want to share this photograph with you, and your readers.
To keep the story short, my son had a medical problem, and the afternoon before his surgery, he was at his girlfriend's home.
They were gardening, and her family was in the house saying a prayer, for my son's recovery.
At that same time, his girlfriend's mother took this picture.
Also, my son's operation went well, and he was fine after the surgery.
I hope your readers enjoy this photograph and it helps give them a reason to believe again.
Thank you for sharing it with them.
Scott, in Rockford, Michigan

Ariel Loves her Chickens!
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Ariel holding Iris 

Hang onto Your Halo!

Dearest Readers,
For those in the Northern Hemisphere, hope you had a fun end of the summer!  Our family's ended with a bang, and a bark!

Life is never dull!  Some days, I feel my life is like author and humorist Erma Bombeck's!
And, because I did not have the camera handy for a photograph, you will have to use your imagination.

A neighbor's orange cat came into our backyard, to stalk our five, six-month-old chickens. (The chickens are nearly as big as the cat.)

The cat ran into the middle of the flock, the chickens screamed and scattered. 
One chicken, Heather, was so scared, she flew up, into the air, and over the six foot fence, into the other neighbor's yard.

Three years ago, the neighbors had purchased two cute puppies.  The puppies, both males, grew and grew. 
Visualize, two full grown, bored German Shepherds, happily discovering a chicken flying into their yard!

Both dogs and the chicken, sped around their back yard, barking, lunging, squawking, and feathers flying.  The chicken was running for its life.

My daughter, Ariel, loves her beautiful pet chickens, like most people love their cats, and dogs.

At the first terrified squawk for help, from Heather, Ariel ran outside into the backyard, screaming for help too. 
Her father followed, yelling at the dogs. 
They passed the orange cat, as it fled the yard.

I took one look, between the slats of the fence, at the noisy situation, and ran barefoot to the end of the yard. 
There was no time to unlock the gate. 
I adjusted my halo, and deployed my Angel wings! 
I reached up, grabbed the top of the six-foot fence, and used my toes to climb up and over, on the crossbars on the cedar fence. 
I felt like a wild monkey!
Thinking that at 56 years of age, this is the last thing I ever thought of doing!

Ariel, who knew the gate was locked, came running full tilt, through the house, and around the corner.

She was shocked to see me scaling the fence, and with a big surprised smile, said, "Go! Mama!"

Luckily, before turning the corner, to run to the dogs' gate, their owners emerged, from their house.

The dogs ignored them, and excitedly continued barking and chasing the chicken. 
Terrified, Heather was flapping, running and screaming. 
The neighbors finally caught their huge dogs. 
The entire scene was reminiscent of the Keystone Cops.

Then the neighbors called my husband, into their yard, to pick up the chicken. 
All was quiet.
You could have heard a dandelion seed fly by.

The dogs had cornered Heather, in the back of their chain link cage, and the rear of their dog house. 
We all assumed the worst.

Miraculously, we were amazed, when he triumphantly carried out a live chicken. 
We were all speechless!
Most of Heather's tail feathers were missing.

Maybe, Heather's name needs to be changed to Lucky! ends another summer-family-bonding experience!

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