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Gamble - Pray
for Miracles
August 28, 2005
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Mary Ellen "AngelScribe" 

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In This Edition
- Gambling for Miracles
- Healing Music
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Dearest Readers,

Twenty years ago, between airline flights,

I watched people gambling at slot machines
in the airport.
To see folks standing hypnotically tossing
money into a bottomless machine, money
they had worked hard was
Last week, a family friend wanted company
when they went to a Casino, so I reluctantly
tagged along, feeling out of place.
They bought $10 worth of "tickets" to
put into the machine.
We walked through mazes of brightly-
circus colored electronic slot machines,
searching for "the winner."
Folks unsmilingly pushed buttons, as
the flashing machines madly gobbled
up their money.
My friend must have thought I was
good luck and wanted me to "play."
I hesitantly sat down, and thought,
this is so out of my league, how can
I gamble and stay comfortable in my
I watched the spinning animations on
the machine and thought, "look at all
that energy."
"Imagine, if every time a button was
pushed, it was a prayer could go out
into the world!"
We could hear folks yelling encouragingly
at their deaf machines.
Their addiction was paramount to the
Wanting to avoid falling into the same
addictive trap...I thought about sending
out a loving prayer, instead of a panicky
need to win thought every time I played.
This felt better with each push of the
computerized machine's button of false
Well we got hits and dings and bells and
whistles over and over.
The poor folks next to us got clunking
machines and they eventually left.
I sent prayers to my friend Atira,
and to her two cats that went missing,
(a coyote was seen in her neighborhood.)
I said prayers to all the mothers who
had lost children, and for folks in hospitals.
I sent love out to the world wrapped in
Angel Scribe newsletters as a prayer.
Every minute meant a new prayer
was winging its way around the world.
Then I sent a prayer to Atira's mother
for lovingly taking in 52 foster children,
then to Atira's father for loving her mother
enough and supporting her to take care
of children who needed love.

On and on the prayers went.

When I got bored, actually when I ran out
of things to pray for... we left...basically
with our money intact.
Because our machine was a penny machine,
we had over an hour of "play" time on $10,
then I glanced at the machine's credit points
and they read 1,111. ($11.11)
I knew the moment was worthy of a photo,
but had no camera handy.
Little did we know how soon our loving
prayers would be Divinely acknowledged!
That night at 1:11 am the phone woke
me up.

It was Atira. She was ecstatic!

Even though Atira has the gift to see and
hear folks on the other side, it is like a
dentist who can't work on themselves.
It is hard for Atira to tune into her parents,
and they have both been gone for over
thirty years.
Atira had being lying in bed, praying for
events in her life and asking for direction...
for signs.
AND...then...her father came in a dream...
more a vision than a dream.
(In the thirty years since his passing, he
has only appeared one other time!)
The experience was too clear for a dream
... she saw accurate details.
He wore a blue shirt and referred to the
contents of her prayers with, "Everything
will be all right."
This gave Atira a renewed confidence and
direction to carry on her work.
Atira has the enviable gift of hearing
Angels and one spoke to her and said,
"The reason your father came through
is because of the power of prayer."
"Prayers were sent out, by Mary Ellen,
with no motive other than love attached
and it gave your father the energy to
come to you."
So Dearest readers, are you in a job you

A relationship you are questioning?

Maybe it is time to look at it with a higher
Be like inspirational author and lecturer,
Marianne Williamson, who in her youth
worked as a cocktail waitress.
One day she realized that others thought
it was a bar, but she KNEW it was her church
and her mission to help inspire people was clear!
~ * ~
"...the miracle is a shift in our own thinking:
the willingness to keep our own heart open,
regardless of what's going on outside of us.
A miracle is always available in any situation,
because no one can decide for us how to
interpret our own experience."
~ Marianne Williamson~
"A Return to Love"
Change the energy you put into what you
do and maybe...maybe you can manifest
a miracle for someone you touch.

The pay off is out of this world!

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

Wisdom and ability flourish
through acts of love.
Fill your thoughts,
actions and words with love.
~ Juan Nakamori~
from "Angel Answers, A Celestial Oracle"
Published by Red Wheel Weiser

Angels and Miracles Prayer Team

200 members of all faiths!

They live all around the world,
and volunteer to pray for anyone
or any situation in need of prayer.
Send in your requests to their
wonderful team leader Cynthia
or join the team and add
your loving energy.
Prayer Team Leader, Cynthia:
Prayer Team's Webpage

Dear Angel Scribe!
Dear Angel Scribe,
I checked your website on triple numbers,
numerous times the last several weeks.
I work in broadcasting, and had begun to
notice some weeks ago, as my life has gone
into tremendous loss and turmoil, that I seem
to frequently turn to look at the countdown
clocks on the songs on our broadcast computer
exactly as they reach 1:11.
This morning, I turned to the clock that counts
up instead of down, which I hardly ever do,
and it read 1:11.
I have been in a period of tremendous grief,
loss and mourning.
I had thought that the 1:11 sightings were over
for now, having not had the experience for a
week or so, but today, it's back.
I've already had four experiences with it
this morning.
I've been very ill this week with an infection
from a cat bite.
Today , I stopped by Safeway for a replenishment
of my Excedrin PM.
The total? $11.11
I don't know what it means.
I only hope I have some divine help, because
I could certainly use it about now!
Candi in Santa Rosa, California

Dear Angel Scribe,
My experience with triple numbers started
when I awoke in the early morning and
looked at the clock.
It was 4:44.
This continued to happen for weeks.
Then, I began to see the numbers
I am not sure of the significance of the
numbers, however, I am now learning
that they show up when I am having
doubt in my life and somehow they
encourage me to see beyond that
I believe that the more I see them, the
closer I am to my spiritual destination.
Janet in Albany, New York

Dear Angel Scribe,
I found you again!

I lost you and your newsletters for a couple
of years (I moved a few times, worked at the
American Embassy in London, then lived in
California, Alaska and now Florida.)
But today....hoorah.....I found an old
newsletter of yours, that I had printed
out and saved.

So, now I am again on your mailing list!

I went into your archives, and loved
reading everything.
I missed your Angel stories, your beautiful
smile and your beautiful soul.

Thank you, for still being here!

I am so happy, I found you again.

Must be the Angels at work!

Constance in Pompano Beach, FL


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Be brave enough
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~ Juan Nakamori~
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Healing Music
It is with great pleasure to introduce
you to three inspirational musicians
who share their gifts with us.
The three women featured are
healers of the spirit - soul healers.
- Sammie helps those healing from grief.
- Demian supports those who have traveled
the difficult road of abuse.
- Shaina inspires all of us to recognize
that we are a unique and precious child
of God.

Harp Music
by Sammie Thompson
Light a Candle is like a walk through
the trials of life with rainbows appearing
at the end of each song!

Uplifting and inspiring words.

Dream Singer
by Demian Yumei
Meet and listen to the amazing Angelic
voice of Demain on her website.
Read the Dalai Lama's thank-you
letter to Demian!
Her voice's unique quality permeates
your mood, enters your heart and her
words talk to your soul.
Every time I listen to Dream Singer
the quality of Demian's voice stuns me!

Songs for the Inner Child
Shaina Noll
This has long being one of
Atira's and my favorite CDs.
It's gentle Lullabies calm
the chaos of life.
I have enjoyed Songs for the
Inner Child for years and apologize
for not sharing its beauty with you earlier.

Doreen Virtue, author and inspirational
Angelic teacher is on tour
Vancouver, BC
September 17th

Never doubt that a small group of
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can change the world;
it's the only thing that ever has.

~ Margaret Mead ~

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