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Airplane resting in the pond 
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Pilot is uninjured!
Airplane Rests on the Bottom of the Pond.

Dearest Readers,
Last year, I reported on an amazing miracle airplane crash. 
It was my first volunteer photo opportunity with the Fire Department.
Newsletter: Flying in on a Wing and a Prayer

Well, yesterday, we had a second wonderful ending, and it was shared on several Eugene news channels.
Here is KMTR, so you can see the story and view my photographs on air. 
The story will be posted until August 25th.

Airplane on its way back to the Airport
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Airplane out of the pond, on its
way back to the airport.
The pilot, was taking off from Cottage Grove's airport, when the Cessna 210L engine quit.

A 911 call was made by Saginaw residents, who saw him in trouble.

He crash landed, in a pond west of I-5, on Delight Valley School Road.

The pilot was ferrying the airplane for a friend, to Albany, Oregon with another friend driving up the freeway, to meet him.

The pilot could not remember his friend's phone number, to tell him to turn around, and his cell phone is at the bottom of the lagoon.

So, if you see his friend, be sure to tell him to turn around! LOL

Before the airplane crashed, it climbed to 900 feet, then the engine failed.

The pilot looked for areas to land, lowered the flaps, clipped some tall trees, put the plane into full right rudder, and the water helped absorb the impact.

The pond usually has depths of 20 feet, but with the hot summer, the water levels were down.

His door was blocked by the water, so he pushed open the passenger's door, climbed safely out, and swam to shore.

The owners of the property, who saw him crash, also called 911, and handed him a soft drink, along with a large towel.

The pilot said, "My 8,000 hours of flight time, helped me make the right decisions for a positive outcome.  Also, whatever is in that pond, made my hair super soft!"

He did not have a scratch on him. This definitely is a happy ending crash for him, and those that love him!
Angelic Blessings to you, and your loved ones,
Mary Ellen ^I^

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Emergency Numbers
New Jersey
I discovered Angel Scribe web site, after taking my girlfriend to the emergency room.
She had collapsed at a club, where she, our friend, and I were dancing.
We think a hallucinogen, was put into her drink.
Mixed with the Tylenol and liquor, already in her body, it caused a reaction that scared us all.
After she was admitted, we returned to my car, and my friend and I looked at the clock. It was 2:22 AM.

He declared, "All numbers have meaning!"
He explained what 444 meant, and asked out loud, "I wonder what 222 means?"
I answered, "Angels in Training."
So, when I arrived home, I typed 222 in my search engine, and Angel Scribe came up.
From reading other peoples' testimonials, it looks like I wasn't far off!
Our friend called the next day, she was OK, and she thanked us over, and over, for saving her life.
Bonnie in New Jersey
Angel in Training!

It's Time
I thought I was going crazy, because everyday, for a month, each time I looked at a clock, it read either; 1:11, 11:11 or 4:44.
Then finally, I realized someone was trying to tell me something.
I found your web page, on the meaning of numbers, explaining that when I see the numbers, to focus on my intentions in life, and that the Angels are with us.
Thank You, Ginger  in Bradenton, Florida

Newsletter Update 
Garage Sale Miracle    Garage Miracle
photos by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Before                                             After 
Garage Angel
We did not have time, to unpack the garage,
when we moved here six years ago.

My husband began taking Luyties #304, and 
single handedly tackled the garage.
Three pick-up truck loads of garbage,
went to the landfill, the good things where
donated to a Church, that feeds the homeless.

It took three days...and now a car fits in the garage!

Six years, and a week of Luyties...it feels and looks like a miracle!
Newsletter on Luyties
Hello Mary Ellen! 
I  loved your leaf blower tip, to clean pet hair out of your car!
I laughed so hard, because I have two Great Pyrenees Dogs; (giant white HAIRY dogs) and getting the hair out of my car is a chore. 
While I don't have  a leaf blower (yet), I have discovered my own easy method. 
I put on goggles, roll all the windows down, and drive down the interstate. 
I'll bet the leaf blower works better, but this worked pretty darn good. 
Love and  hugs, Brenda in Kentucky

John Holland
The Kind Hearted Medium
John Holland, an amazing Psychic, Medium, and Author is presenting workshops and lectures.
John Holland & Brian Weiss M.D., respected and world-renowned spiritual teachers, are exploring the 'consciousness of the soul' in an all-day workshop exploring and demonstrating mediumship and past life regression. 
Atira is going to see John in Seattle, and he is scheduled to many other cities and states. 

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