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Unexpected Miracle!
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Mary Ellen enjoys the beautiful scenery at Spirit Falls, 40 minutes west of Cottage Grove, Oregon
Angelic Flu Health Tips!
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Dearest Readers,

The last Angel Scribe newsletter illustrates Divine Timing leading to the "accidental" saving  of Theo's life. It was a 90 degree day, the air was heavily saturated with acrid-gray forest fire smoke, and it was only by Divine Guidance that I "decided" to go to Theo's home. There was no other way that I was motivated to leave the house other than Divinely nudged.

Theo's story teaches us to ASK to be a vehicle for God/Spirit/Angels to work through us, to create miracles in our lives, and in the lives of others.

Divine timing is as miraculous as the miracle itself. It is so precise, there is no way-- even if you planned for a life time -- that you could duplicate what God/Spirit and the Angels create.

Be part of their magic! Every day, pray to be a Divine vehicle for the Angels to work through you.  They listen!  Some times too closely!  Here is another example of how they can work in your life.

Recently, after an afternoon appointment, I had returned home, and was not planning on leaving the house the rest of the day.

My daughter phoned, she was out walking with the young twins she is Nannying, (until a paramedic job manifests).

"Hi, the children are tired from playing in the park. Can you please come and pick us up." Ariel requested.

So, I unexpectedly left the house and drove to them. Before the twins even jumped in the car they both excitedly began sharing their story of a puppy they had met on their walking adventure. It took several minutes for them to quiet down, buckle their seat belts, and finally finish their "thrilling" story.  Everything is Divine Timing. I did not become upset at the happy children who were slowly getting settled in the car.

On looking back - this delay in driving home is an important aspect of the miracle.  A miracle is often when someone else prays for something...and help arrives. Or YOU show up!

If the children had immediately hopped in the car and buckled up immediatley, then the miracle would have been totally missed!   Divine intervention often purposefully guides us. In this case, we would have arrived home earlier, and not had the opportunity to participate.

While, the twins were sharing their puppy story, a lovely granny and grandpa couple who live on our street started their daily walk.  

As we were approaching our street, the 85-year-old woman's flimsy gray two-wheeled walker suddenly went one way, while she the other, causing her to plummet with great force onto her black asphalt driveway.

The woman's 92-year-old fragile and deaf husband frantically and  desperately was trying to help her stand. He was attempting to rescue her, but he did not have the needed muscle strength.

As we entered our street, I glanced at their driveway out of the corner of my eye and saw something that took a moment to absorb.

Something was wrong. At first glance it appeared the woman was on the ground picking flowers with the help of her bent over husband-except they were in the middle of their driveway.

Another car drove down the street right behind us, but the driver did not see the couple under stress, neither did Ariel, or the children in the back seat.

The woman was on the pavement in an Eastern prayer position straining to stand. It was obvious that she was in trouble.  Her frail husband was desperately trying to help her up, but he did not have the strength to assist her by himself. The look of frustration and pain of seeing a loved one in trouble was etched on his face.
The woman could not manage to sit or stand in the position her hurting body was in.  Neither of them, so focused on their immediate crisis, saw or heard us drive up and stop.

Ariel and I leapt from the car and ran to help. Ariel, a paramedic, asked all the right questions, "Did you hit your head?" "Do you hurt any where?" etc. as we helped her to stand.  Ariel  helped the husband help his wife to stand, while I retrieved the wayward walker.

"Where did you come from?" asked the stunned woman.

"I saw you praying on the pavement. So, we came to help you," I responded softly, lightly touching her left hand, that was now safely resting on her walker.

The gentle woman lifted her head. Her light-blue eyes looked deeply into my eyes, and with a look of relief and gratitude, she spoke slowly and distinctly from her heart, "God... Bless...you..." As she spoke, she reached over and gently patted my hand with her right hand. Then she placed both hands securely on her walker, turned, and very carefully walked into her home.

Being the answer to someone's prayers is better than being handed a $1000 bill! Your heart lifts, your face smiles, your spirit is light and happy. NO MONEY can buy this feeling.  The memory of it lasts for days! May you be the answer to someone's prayer. Even in these difficult financial times, you can be rich in spirit!

Your age, gender, financial position, or religion. do not matter...God/Spirit/and the Angels can work miracles through your very presence!

On looking back at that moment now, we can see how the Divine intervenes and sends us out into the world.  I had not planned on leaving the house after lunch and the delay of the children settling down in the car in their "puppy excitement" all had us arriving in time to help. 
This experience/miracle was a fabulous lesson for the children to learn that they can help someone in need, and to recognize the need.  If I had not seen the man and woman in their plight, out of the corner of my eye, who knows how long they may have been in their desperate situation.

Be aware when you ask to be a vehicle for God to work through you. Don't miss the opportunities to be the answer to someone's prayers. And most of all....may your life be blessed with many miracles!

Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Angelic Flu Health Tips!
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Beautiful Angelic Music
- Eyes of Your Heart -
Frederic Delarue and Mary Ellen
Dearest Readers,
Oh, my!  What beautiful music!  Frederic Delarue has created and gifted us with yet another CD that is Angelically inspired by the Angels.  Eyes of Your Heart is not music you hear with your ears, but instead this uplifting, sweet, joyful music tickles your heart and lifts your spirit.
Go to his Web site and listen to his free music clips and you will agree....Frederic does indeed channel the music he hears from the Angels!  Lucky us to be able to hear it also!
Mary Ellen ^I^
***NOTE from Frederick
Dear Angel Scribe,
Much Love and Gratitude for the good vibes that you send to the World and the difference that you make in the world.
Frederic Delarue

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