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911 Phone Calls!
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Joys of a Childhood Summer Swim
Photo by Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
JOYs of Summer
Childhood Memories
Dearest Readers,
How fitting, the last newsletter was on phone calls.
Miracle Phone Call Newsletter
My life is so not normal!

Everyone knows that when company comes, you clean the house.

But, when the media is about to descend on your home, you clean like never before.

Already, this summer, Seattle's Evening Magazine TV crew arrived, and filmed my cat, Miss Wings, and 'her children' swimming.
Now Jeffery R. Werner, a professional photographer is on his way...sent by Barcroft Media, a features agency based in London, England. www.incrediblefeatures.com
Barcroft Media specialize in photo-based features, for the national press, and publications world-wide.
They read about my cats swimming, in Great Britain's, 'Your Cat' magazine, and wanted to put together their own feature, for publication.
This means, the cats' swimming photograph will be shown around the world!

It is a big deal...and FUN!

Like Cinderella possessed, and an 18th century Nun, I hand scrubbed floors, washed windows ... and down to the final hours, had a miracle cloth in hand wiping counters, furniture, and detailing the telephone.

Don't get the idea that this happens often!  (I am not a compulsive cleaner.)
It is a good thing the media shows up every now and then, to spur on a cleaning frenzy.

I admit, it would have been nice for some extra HELP. 
But what happened next is ridiculous!

The phone rings, and it is a friend at work!

Steve, our small town 911 operator, asked, "Is everything OK?"

"Why? I asked, "Did our house have smoke or steam rising, from the cleaning flurry?"

He said, "You dialed 911."

I was stunned, and told him, "I must have accidentally wiped a perfect 911 with the cloth!
All the fire department and police would find at our home, was a madwoman, her cleaning cloth, and an amazingly clean house!"

Steve laughed, and said, "This is my best call today!" And hung up, still laughing.

Maybe the message is to slow down a tad!
After all, who is going to see how clean my telephone is in a photograph!
Jeff arrived and filmed the cats swimming...it was a fun time.  Will let you know what he does with the photos!
Photos and Story of Jeff's visit with Mary Ellen!

Pat's Colorful
911 Cat Story
I am a short Caucasian Granny, and several months ago, I was working in our kitchen, when I heard a thump, from the bedroom.
My two cats, one black and one orange, were chasing each other, so I went to investigate.
They had knocked the telephone off the night stand, and it's receiver was on the floor.
I picked up the telephone, and went back to the kitchen and continued cleaning.
In short order, there was a knock at the front door.
When I answered the door, there stood a young, slender Deputy Sheriff, with a concerned look on his face.
I greeted him, and the first words out of his mouth were, "Is everything all right here?"
Surprised, I assured him that, "Yes, why do you ask?"
He said, "A 911 call was made from this address, and we wanted to make sure all was OK, because the caller hung up."
I started laughing, and told him, "I know what it is, two of my cats were playing, running through the house.  They knocked the telephone onto the floor.  One of them somehow, must have hit the right buttons to dial 911!"
The young Deputy looked at me in astonishment, with a look of disbelief, like something else was really wrong at our home."
He stepped into the house, followed me into the kitchen, and was talking while looking around. 
At a sound from the hallway, the Deputy turned and looked, his eyes got as big as silver dollars.
My husband, who is a very TALL, well built man, woke up from his nap, looking like a wild man, and came quietly walking down the hall.
Did I mention he is also a very Black man?
I introduced everyone, they shook hands, and the Deputy calmed down.
He finally left, and I'm not sure he ever did believe me about the cats.

Suicide is Dangerous
Newsletter Story
Dearest Readers,
Do you remember the newsletter where I "accidentally" phoned a friend, on the opposite side of the USA, and saved her life?
No one knew, she had decided to commit suicidal that day.
Well, never underestimate the gift of your life! 
One person can indeed touch, uplift and help others...and she has!
It was this woman, who discovered and shared about Lutyies #304, and she has changed hundreds of lives by sharing her story.
Following are a few reader's happy results.
Diane in Tennessee

Dear Mary Ellen,
I enjoy your articles and newsletter, they always bring a smile to my face.  Plus I learn so much! 
I've ordered the anxiety/depression formula #304 from 1800homeopathic.com  to give to my ex-husband, but my daughter (who has severe mood swings) saw it on the counter.  She picked it up, and took some.
Lo and behold, her whole disposition changed!

Now, she's easy to get along with, and laughs much more.
Thank you, for sharing this information, and educating us about Angels. 
I've always believed in them, but when you "grow up," you tend to set some beliefs aside. 
Have a blessed day, and thanks for all you do!!
Love & Light,
Diane in Tennessee

 Rich in Cottage Grove, Oregon

My dog, Allie has only had one true love, in her life, her buddy, a Corgi, named Charlie.
She misses him dearly, since he passed on, a few months ago.

Mary Ellen shared how Luyties #304 is good for both pets and people's grief.

Since starting Allie on it, it is apparent that her spirits have lifted.
For the first time, in a long time, some of her happy behaviors have come back."

Dear Mary Ellen,
Thanks for your uplifting newsletters.
I also am an inspirational writer and business writer. 
Sometimes, I feel like my writing is meaningless, but then someone tells me how much it helped them. 
That is why I wanted so much to share, how much your writing has touched me. 
You have such a beautiful gift, that wraps one's soul in God's pure love.  I love the photos too. 
Many blessings of God's love to you.

Norwegian Princess

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