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Mary Ellen "AngelScribe"

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In This Edition
~ The Circle of Life
~ Photographic Memory

Dearest Readers,
These next two pet stories were sent to us on the
wings of Gizmo's story.
They illustrate how animals enrich our lives.
We can not focus on the last minutes of life, but on
the joy of the gift of that life.
Enjoy the beauty of the following cat and dog's lives.
Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^

The Circle of Life
By Cyndi in Longview, Washington
(45 miles north of Portland, Oregon)
The Angel Scribe newsletter stories on Gizmo today were inspiring.
I always enjoy the newsletters, but today, what touched me the most was Gizmo's picture.
Gizmo is the spitting image of our cat PK - Pooh Kat passed in 1996 at the age of thirteen.
Pooh Kat
Pooh Kitty cat-napping

Gizmo's stories gave me a chance to shed a tear of happiness for his heroic saving of Miss Wings...and for also allowing me to remember PK.
PK...the wonder kitty was a story unto himself!
Years ago, I lived far outside of town; the area is unpopulated - actually a logging area.
One dark and rainy night and as I was driving home, I couldn't believe my eyes!
Through the torrents of rain, I thought I saw...a tiny kitten beside the road.
You know how your eyes can play tricks on you - well, with the rain and the dark, I was sure I just saw something and turned it into a kitten.
But I couldn't get the image out of my mind, so I turned my small truck around and went back.
And yes - it was a tiny-tiny little kitten -too young to be out on his own.
An uncaring person must have dumped him, there wasn't a house within miles for him to have escaped from.
I stopped my truck, got out and walked over to see if I could catch him.
I figured if he was way out here, on his own, he would probably be a wild feral cat.
But...he appeared to be waiting for me...he just sat there, still as a mouse, and gave a little meow as if to say - what took you so long to get back here?
I picked him up and walked back to the truck.
He sat in my lap - all wet and cold - he snuggled down into my if he was home already.
When I carried him into my house, I was concerned because we had several cats and dogs and he was so tiny - but PK never acted as if he was a stranger, only that he had come home to his family.
He gently touched noses with everyone furry, found a warm spot and promptly went to sleep.
When he woke up...he ate like he was starving.
From that night on, he slept with me on my bed.
He was a treasure.
I knew he was sent to me for a reason - he was my own little Angel.
The reason became very clear a few months later.
My house caught on fire...and PK woke up my daughter and me.
He saved our lives that night!
We climbed out my bedroom window with PK and all our other pets - that little kitty saved ALL of us!
It is amazing how the favor of saving his life was returned to us!
As PK grew older, he was my listening post when I needed to talk things out, he licked many a tear from my cheeks....and he was always there when I needed a friend.
Now, don't get me wrong!
PK was not perfect!
He had a habit of leaving the remainders of his catches, or as he thought of them "gifts", in my path as I went to the bathroom at night....and because I don't usually turn on the lights, I
stepped in a number of 'squishy' things over the years!
I am Cherokee and believe that the spirit of a loved one can come back in another form, so I have waited nearly 10 years for him to come back to me in the form of another cat, but so
far he hasn't.
Perhaps he has other families to rescue and has gone on to other things - maybe that was his last time on earth...who knows?
But I'll never forget him. He was one very-very special cat.
I raise Desert Lynx cats and am always surrounded by cats....but PK was one of the 'special ones' who will always remain a favorite.
Mary Ellen, keep the inspiring stories coming - your work inspires and delights, it deserves to be honored.
Your newsletter and animal stories make us aware of the importance of connecting with our animal friends and our human friends and making the world a little bit closer and more
I have bundles of sage grass and light it to use in my prayer ceremonies.
I send up smoke for your dream of having your own column someday - it's a great ambition and it would be a good addition to any newspaper.
Much Love,

Photographic Memory
Ann in London, Ontario, Canada
I must say that when Angel Scribe newsletter arrives
at work, I open them first, because they are more
interesting than the policies and directives from
head office!
Good news always makes me feel good.
Our last Dalmation Dudley was twelve years old
and dying (the other, Arthur, passed three years
I wanted a photograph of him, but his health was
so bad, his legs had given out, he was also deaf
and incontinent.

When Dudley struggled to stand, our 5 and 7 year
old children, would hear him and run to help him
to his feet.
They loved each other.
I hugged Dudley and said, "We have to release you."
"We are keeping you here for us because we cannot
bear to give you up...we are being selfish."
"Let me photograph you one last time."
I carried Dudley to the front door and when I sat down in front of him with my camera, he struggled desperately, but he sat up, tall and straight, one last time and I got a wonderfully proud shot.
Animals are sent her to teach us about love.
Almost until his last breath Dudley was trying to show me how he loved to respond to pleasing "his" people.
Every time I look at his photograph, I am reminded how animals know more than people think they do.
When Dudley got to Heaven he probably said to Arthur, "Geez thanks for holding me up buddy, you know how she loves to photograph us.
Did you see the chocolate lab who moved in a little while ago - we better watch over him, he has lots to learn!"

Also, Mary Ellen, if you got a column and it was
syndicated ..... you'd have a fan club from the get go!

Readers Respond
Sherrie in Connecticut
Mary Ellen, the last newsletter... instead of sad, I felt inspired by Gizmo's stories.
We hurt sooo much with loss and you made it feel more in Divine Order!
How well I know the tears of letting go a precious loving animal.
Gizmo's story made me feel much better about those times in my life, as I reviewed them and thought about them from a different perspective....yours.
I will cross this path again in the future (we always have animals around us) and I will remember your story of Light, Peace and Angels for Gizmo and it will help.
Thank you my sweet angel....for your experiences in life give us all hope and help us to feel more at peace with that which we face.

Thank you.

Maraea in Auckland, New Zealand
I have been receiving Angel Scribe for several years.
I thoroughly enjoy reading yours and the many others fantastic stories.
You will have no idea how they have helped me, my family and friends in so many ways.
Each story has given us all proof and confirmation as well as insight.
Many Thanks

Kim and Chelsea
Thank you for the last newsletter!
I love cats!
It is comforting to know that my three "babies" are in heaven having a great time chasing Angel butterflies!
I have one cat now, Chelsea, I hope she lives forever, but it will be easier to release her after reading this newsletter.
I am forwarding this to my friend Nina, she had to "release" her dog a month ago, I am sure this will bring her comfort as well.
God Bless,

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