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Epitaph to a Heroic Cat!
August 9, 2005
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In This Edition
- Angels Visit Gizmo
- To the Rescue
Dearest Readers,
Little did our family know that when the newsletter
"Miracle Dog Stories of Summer" was sent out...that
soon we too would be in the throws of our own
Last week, we had Miss Wings' valiant hero Gizmo
put to sleep.
We rescued Gizmo eleven years ago...a tiny four-week
old black and white fur ball from Tacoma's Humane Society.
And because he was the cutest gizmo or gadget in
the house...Gizmo became his name.
While enjoying the lovely summer weather, Gizmo
became suddenly ill and appeared to be suffering
the effects of exposure to some kind of poison.
I looked into Gizmo's once sparkly-clear yellow
eyes and could intuitively tell that his body was
shutting down.
The Veterinary doctor agreed that there was no
sound reason to put his now damaged body through
extensive medical treatments.
The Vet. understood it was love, mixed with our river
of tears, that was allowing us to release his ailing body.
Atira, my friend who can see Angels, was visiting our
family and agreed to drive with us to the Vet. Clinic. 
Atira kept her arm around me as I cried, and she helped
stroke Gizmo between the Vet's visits as they checked
for what was consuming his life.
Gizmo was exhausted.
The previous Monday, I looked at him, thinking
how healthy he was; his eyes were bright, his
coat shiny-silky and now here he lay on a hard-
steel-grey examining table...all but a shadow of
his Monday debonair self.
Atira heard an Angel say, "Gizmo, look over here
and come with me."
Gizmo picked his head up off the table, looked
alert and seemed to be listening intently to someone.
I followed his eyes, looked in the same direction,
but saw nothing.
Atira described how an Angel was present talking
to Gizmo.
The Angel explained to Gizmo what was about to
happen when he left his earthly body.
The Angel said, "Before you take a breath you will
be out of your body, it will be faster than a human
can sigh."
Gizmo was the shyest cat we were privileged to be
the guardians of, he hid under the bed most of his
life, but as soon as the bedroom lights went out, he
would hop onto the bed...march up to me and begin
kneading my long hair like his favorite childhood
As the vet was preparing to release Gizmo from his
hurting body, I untwirled my hair from its bun, and
held it up to Gizmo's let him sniff his favorite
comfort connection...until he arrived in Heaven.
My husband buried Gizmo beside the rose garden,
his favorite place, where he enjoyed resting on the
lush green grass waiting for bugs and butterflies to
Dr. Agnes Thomas, the pet psychic, called on Sunday
to see if she could connect with Gizmo in the after life.
Dr. Thomas giggled in surprise as the cat's first words
to her were, "There really ARE Angels!"
"The Angels here are the size of butterflies and we
are allowed to chase them."
"We don't hurt them, but we can chase them."
Gizmo thanked our family for giving him a wonderful
life and for releasing him when we did.
Dr. Thomas has an educational animal communication
book, "Pets Tell The Truth."
I had the privilege of reviewing it and the information
and stories are fascinating!
Also, another book I ran across this week ,
"Animals and the Afterlife" by Kim Sheridan. 
Below is the story of how Gizmo became Miss Wings
valiant hero.
Animal stories can often be as inspiring as human ones.
May you and your pets and family be safe this summer.

Angelic Blessings,
Mary Ellen ^I^


To The Rescue
Author Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"
Repeat story from three years ago....
Watching the TV show "Lassie," even years after its still touches our hearts.
The show teaches how animals have a sweet spirit
and think.
Remember how Lassie ran up to people and alerted
them of the danger someone was in, and then guided
them to help?
Our family experienced its own version of a Lassie
episode three
years ago.
It unfolded when I stepped outside into the backyard
for a minute.
Unbeknownst to me, I was not the only one to leave
the house, I was unaware that someone else tagged
Two minutes later, back in the house, I notice my
little furry-white shadow Miss Wings, (the "cutest
six month old kitten in the world") is missing.
She had 'escaped'.
I ran back, opened the door, and called her name.
Our backyard is fenced on all sides.
The back fence is five feet high and the two side
fences are six feet high.
I looked up just in time to see our SPCA rescue cat,
Gizmo... who loves to survey the neighborhood,
leap clear over the five foot back fence like a
Super-Cat minus the cape into our yard.
He has NEVER leaped the fence!
This was not a good sign!
Gizmo rushed over to me "talking." (He is usually
a quiet cat and not a talker.)
He meowed incessantly.
I looked into his face and his soft yellow eyes
looked directly up into mine reflecting panic.
His actions were alarming, so I ran around the
back yard calling "MISSSS WINGSSSS."
Immediately she called back, in a little scared
high-pitch mew.
It sounded exactly like, "Help. Help."
Apparently Miss Wings had crawled under our
neighbor's six foot side fence and 'lost' her way home.
I ran back into the house, through it, and out the
front door over to the neighbor's gate.
I looked down their fence line and was startled to see
Gizmo walking shoulder to shoulder with Miss Wings.
He held his head high as he walked beside her and
back to me.
I have no idea how he reached her side so fast!
The only way he could have arrived in that short time,
to rescue her, is to "fly" over the six foot fence!
The fence is built on a concrete base, there is no
way he could have burrowed under it.
He is too big to crawl under the small gap that
Miss Wings wiggled through.
Gizmo had to vault over the fence, in his desperation,
to comfort and guide Miss Wings.
As soon as Miss Wings rested safely in my arms ...
she purred.
Nothing miraculous, nothing startling.
Something warm and fuzzy to remind us of the
intelligence of animals and the powerful ways
they communicate; and for us to stay open to
the possibilities presented before us.
And as for Gizmo, he is our Hero now and raised
in status to super-cat in our eyes...and will always
remain there!
It is a great legacy for man or beast to have.
Miss Wings resting with her Hero Gizmo

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